25 Easy DIY Fire Pit Ideas for Your Yard

Create a cozy backyard spot with these easy, cheap, and simple-to-build DIY Fire Pit ideas you can build in your yard this weekend!

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Nothing says cozy outdoor night like sitting around the warmth of a fire pit, roasting smores, hanging out with your favorite people and having conversations that warm your heart.

A DIY Fire pit is one of the best ways to create a welcoming and cozy outdoor oasis. And guess what! They are not hard to build yourself at all! Plus they can be pretty budget-friendly.

Most of them will cost you around $50- $200 depending on the type of material you use plus a little bit of elbow grease. And the satisfaction of making it your own – to fit exactly your space is unparalleled!

What Can You Use for a DIY Fire Pit?

DIY Firepits can be built very simply using pavers, rocks, concrete, plus a fire ring. Most of these materials are pretty inexpensive and can be found in your backyard or at a home improvement store.

What Do You Put on the Ground of a Fire Pit?

There are many different types of materials you can put on the ground of a fire pit. The key is to make sure that the material is not flammable.

  • Sand (probably the most commonly used)
  • Pea gravel
  • Crushed stone
  • Brick pavers
  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • Lava rock or river rock

I have gathered all types of DIY outdoor Fire pit ideas that come with complete tutorials from around the web – from tabletop to in-ground so you can find the perfect one for your backyard!

Tabletop Fire Pit Ideas

1. DIY Patio Table with Fire Pit

DIY patio table with fire pit open with grill attachment to cook on.

When you don’t have a place in your outdoor space for a large fire pit area, a tabletop fire pit is a perfect solution.

This DIY project can be made on a weekend and uses an old grill to create a fire pit on its very own table! Get ready for cozy evenings by the fire with family and friends on your patio or deck.

Full tutorial and plans here.

2. Tabletop Fire Bowl from In My Own Style

cement fire bowl with lava rock

This modern fire bowl is a concrete planter repurposed using river rock and a tikki torch in the middle. It’s super easy to put together, you could even use lava rock in this simple fire pit for your porch, patio, or deck.

Full tutorial here.

3. Simple Tabletop Fire Bowl from Today’s Creative Life

DIY tabletop fire bowl with fire glass rock

Another tabletop fire pit idea that’s easy to put together and uses a can of clean-burning gel as the fire source. You can use any terra cotta pot to make this homemade fire pit idea. Add colored fire rocks or regular rocks for a custom look.

Full tutorial here.

4. DIY Adirondack Fire Bowl Table from interior FRUGALISTA

Table with built-in fire pit

Create a custom table for your outdoor fire pit. This fire pit design can be customized for your fire pit and as a bonus, it’s on wheels so you can move it around in your outdoor living space. I love that it mimics the style of the Adirondack chairs.

Full tutorial here.

5. Tabletop Fire Pit Bowl from Diva of DIY

DIY fire pit bowl made from concrete

Need a tabletop firepit in a certain size? Grab a plastic bowl in the size you need, some Quikcrete cement, and stones of your choice, and make your own! Working with cement is an easy DIY and you can have your own fire pit done in a weekend!

Full tutorial here.

6. Tabletop S’mores Fire Pit from The Crafting Chicks

tin pail fire pit for tabletop

Even without a backyard fire pit, you can still roast marshmallows when you make one of these easy little bucket fire pits. Fill your metal bucket with river rock or other stones and add a can of clean burning gel that is food safe and you’re ready for s’mores!

Full tutorial here.

7. Mini Fire Pit from Artsy Fartsy Mama

terra cotta pot mini fire pit

Ready for marshmallow roasting? These cute little mini fire pits are easy to make using a small terra cotta pot and some charcoal! Clean-up is easy too when you use aluminum foil.

Full tutorial here.

8. DIY Wood and Concrete Fire Pit from DIY Huntress

DIY fire pit made from wood and concrete

This modern DIY fire pit features a concrete top and wood base. I would consider it a more advanced DIY project, but with the instructions, anyone could make this for their patio or deck.

Full tutorial here.

9. DIY Fire Pit Table from Love Create Celebrate

You don’t have to buy a brand new fire pit, take an old one and give it new life. This fire pit tabletop makeover is sleek and modern with new tile. It’s the perfect place to cozy up for an evening with family and friends.

Full tutorial here.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

10. DIY Fire Pit with Landscape Bricks from Average But Inspired

landscape brick DIY fire pit idea with bench seating

A metal fire ring and landscape bricks make this DIY fire pit easy to set up. Pea gravel inside the ring is the perfect material for burning safely in this backyard space.

Full tutorial

11. DIY Fire Pit Kit from Thrift Diving

DIY fire pit idea using a kit with pea gravel seating area

DIY fire pit kits are a great way to get everything you need to build your own fire pit. Fire pit kits take the guesswork out of sizing and layout with a fire ring and stones included for exactly the size you want.

Full tutorial here.

12. Stone Firepit from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

stone fire pit built in the ground

Create a fire pit for your backyard using retaining wall blocks and crushed granite for the seating area. DIY fire pits are easy to build, but prepping the area can take some time. Be sure to check your local codes when it comes to building and having a fire pit in your backyard.

Full tutorial here.

13. Stacked Stone Fire Pit from The DIY Village

DIY fire pit using stacked stone

Layers of stone retain their natural shape to make this DIY fire pit idea look like an extension of your backyard. I love the organic look of this outdoor living space that is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Full tutorial here.

14. Large Fire Pit from Ugly Duckling House

large fire pit in the backyard with two adirondack chairs

Landscaping stones and masonry adhesive is all you need to build this DIY fire pit. You can make it as large or as small as you want, but if you make it larger you will have more room to burn yard debris when you need to.

Full tutorial here.

15. DIY Fire Pit with Benches from Houseful of Handmade

Fire pit ring in the ground with wood bench with concrete block base

This in-ground fire pit idea is as easy as putting a fire ring in the ground and surrounding it with gravel. It’s the seating area for this outdoor space that really makes it stand out. Concrete blocks are used as a base for wooden benches that are an easy DIY woodworking project.

Full tutorial here.

16. In-Ground Fire Pit from Pretty Handy Girl

DIY fire pit idea made using stones and pavers

Instead of a fire ring, consider using large rocks to create your backyard fire pit. Slate stone and sand are used for the area around the fire pit for safety as well as a natural looking setting.

Full tutorial here.

17. DIY Fire Pit with Pavers from Making Manzanita

DIY fire pit idea using pavers on a stone patio

Take your paver patio to the next level with a DIY paver fire pit. Build your fire pit first to give it that built-in look, then complete your paver patio for an amazing outdoor living space.

Full tutorial here.

18. DIY Fire Pit in 4 Steps from A Beautiful Mess

DIY fire pit with bench seating

Build a fire pit in four easy steps? Sign me up! This easy fire pit DIY includes a fire ring and retaining wall blocks stacked together to create a fun area to sit and visit with family and friends and make s’mores.

Full tutorial here.

19. Smokeless Fire Pit from By Brittany Goldwyn

in-ground fire pit with rock surround

Keep your neighbors happy with this DIY smokeless fire pit. It’s a bit more labor-intensive than other fire pits, but you won’t have to keep moving your chair away from the smoke as the wind changes directions.

Full tutorial here.

20. Modern Fire Pit from Charleston Crafted

modern DIY fire pit idea with stone planter benches

Modern stone planters create bench seating around this DIY fire pit. This fire pit hardscape is created using a kit so that the pattern and stone all match in this outdoor living space.

Full tutorial here.

21. Easy Outdoor Fire Pit from My Family Thyme

Stone fire pit with seating

Concrete blocks are used to build this DIY fire pit with the seating area filled with pea gravel. This simple fire pit design can be done in a day and have you roasting marshmallows in the evening.

Full tutorial here.

22. DIY Paver Fire Pit from Keeping it Simple Crafts

DIY fire pit with stone bottom

Square and triangle paver stones are used in the bottom of this fire pit for a safe burning surface. Sand is added to help keep them in place. This fire pit design is easy to do and will have you roasting marshmallows in no time.

Full tutorial here.

23. DIY Fire Pit with Grill from Her Toolbelt

DIY fire pit idea with grill

Don’t just roast marshmallows on your fire pit, add a grill grate and you can cook hamburgers and hotdogs too! Stonewall blocks and wall caps are built around the fire ring of this fire pit, then the grilling grate is added to the fire ring.

Full tutorial here.

24. Roman Paver DIY Fire Pit from interior FRUGALISTA

DIY stone fire pit with paver seating area

Sand and Roman pavers turn this DIY fire pit into a backyard destination. Digging and leveling out the ground is labor intensive, but the hard work is worth the reward.

Full tutorial here.

25. Built-In Fire Pit with Benches from Pretty Handy Girl

organic looking fire pit with benches

I love this rustic fire pit idea! Made using large natural stones for the fire pit and built-in rustic benches for seating, you’ll be ready for fun family times around the fire.

Full tutorial here.

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