20 DIY Gifts for Plant Lovers

Do you have a plant lover in your life? Give them a gift they will love by making one of these DIY gifts for plant lovers.

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What do you give someone that has everything? If they’re a plant lover, you give them plants. But, if they have a ton of plants already, give them a DIY gift they can use with their plants instead.

What should I get someone who loves plants?

You could give them gardening tools, gloves, a cute watering can, or even books about plants. But they will love a DIY gift you make yourself even more.

What is the best DIY gift to give to a plant lover?

There are so many things you could DIY as a gift for your favorite plant parent. Check out this list of 20 DIY gifts for plant lovers. I know you’ll find one or two that will be perfect.

DIY Plant Stands

1. Tiered Plant Stand

White tiered plant stand with two plants in terra cotta plants makes a great DIY gift for plant lovers

Your plant lover will love this DIY gift idea. You can make this plant stand free using scrap wood, but they will never know! It’s perfect for small plant pots and they can use it indoors or out! It’s an easy beginner project that makes a great gift for any occasion.

Get the plans

2. Tiered Metal Plant Stand

Tiered metal plant stand with spaces for five plant makes a great DIY gift for plant lovers

This DIY plant stand is a little more advanced, but don’t let aluminum brazing intimidate you into not making this for your plant lover. It’s easier than you think, I promise.

The modern design has two shelves they can sit houseplants on and three levels that clay pots will sit inside. I have the full written tutorial and a video tutorial to help you make this plant lover gift idea.

Plans and video tutorial here.

3. Fluted Plant Stands from A Beautiful Mess

Two different style of DIY fluted mini plant stands

Made from foam wreath rings, they are easy to put together with glue and spray paint. Make the plant stand in an arch or make it horizontal. Either way, your plant lover will love this unique gift idea.

See the tutorial here.

DIY Planters

4. Tiered Planter Box

DIY three tiered planter box with flowers

Anyone with a green thumb will love this tiered planter box. It’s an easy beginner project that can be built in less than an hour and for around $10. It’s the perfect gift if they love having flowers bloom in their outdoor living space.

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5. Concrete Planter with Wooden Accents

Small concrete planter with wood feet makes a great DIY gift for plant lovers

This DIY concrete planter is my fun take on the ubiquitous DIY concrete planters you see everywhere. Yes, I added wood feet!

Concrete is easy to work with and this is the perfect first project to try. Your favorite plant parent will love adding this planter to their decor!

See the tutorial here.

6. Tiered Concrete Planter

Two tiered concrete planter with copper accents makes a great DIY gift for plant lovers

The perfect gift for their plant babies, you won’t need expensive molds to make this DIY gift for your plant lover. You can easily make it using cardboard and plastic containers.

The copper tube creates the second tier for a planter they will love. It’s the perfect gift for any gift-giving occasion.

See the tutorial here.

7. DIY Hanging Concrete Planter

Hanging concrete planter with blue ombre painted effect makes the perfect DIY gift for plant lovers

You can make this hanging concrete planter using plastic bowls from your kitchen that will end up being an amazing planter for your plant lover.

Choose paint in their favorite color and customize it just for them with an ombre paint effect that will truly be a one-of-a-kind gift for their favorite indoor plants.

See the tutorial here.

8. DIY Terrazo Planter From Never Skip Brunch

DIY terrazo planter gift idea for plant lovers

Another great planter idea for plant people, this DIY terrazo planter is made using a recycled carton and polymer clay. It’s such a fun and easy project you could even get the kids to help.

See the video tutorial here.

9. Glass Mug Planters from Lemon Thistle Blog

Glass mug with plant inside and custom wording that says

I love these cute glass mugs customized for plant lovers! Do you know a “Crazy Plant Lady”? How about a “Plant Parent”? You can customize this plant lover gift idea using your Cricut. Include a new plant and you have the perfect gift for any occasion.

See the full tutorial here.

More DIY Gifts for Plant Lovers

10. Garden Tool Organizer From The Handyman’s Daughter

Garden tool organizer with tool graphics on pockets

Whether they are planting outside in the garden or tending to their houseplants, having the tools they use organized in one place is a huge help.

This DIY garden tool organizer is easy to make and you can customize the pockets with vinyl so all their tools have a home and they know where to put them.

See the full tutorial here.

11. Test Tube Propagation Station from By Brittany Goldwyn

Test tube propagation station as a DIY gift for plant lovers

Any die-hard plant lover propagates their own plants. It’s the easiest way to get more of their favorite plants without having to buy them.

Give them a gift that will allow them to propagate to their heart’s content with this easy-to-make test tube propagation station. It holds ten test tubes and will even fit on a window sill.

See the full tutorial here.

12. Embroidery Plants Wall Art from Lia Griffith

Three DIY embroidery hoops with plants pictured in felt

Make this cute set of embroidery plants wall art using felt and an embroidery hoop. No worries if you don’t know how to embroider, there is very little sewing involved with this great gift idea for plant lovers. You may even want to make a set to keep for yourself!

See the tutorial here.

13. Simple Macrame Plant Hanger from Macra-Made

Macrame plant hanger as a DIY gift for plant lovers

Macrame plant hangers are a great gift for plant lovers. They can hang their plants up and keep them safe from nosey cats or little hands.

A macrame plant hanger is easy to make and even if you have never done macrame before you’ll be able to make this DIY gift for any plant lover on your gift-giving list.

See the tutorial here.

14. DIY Pressed Plant Photo Frame from A Beautiful Mess

Two pressed plant DIY photo frames

Make your plant lover a custom picture frame using pressed plants. It’s such a unique gift idea I had to include it on this list. This gift idea uses a plant press, but you could totally do it the old fashioned way with the thickest heaviest book you can find.

See the full tutorial here.

15. DIY Plant Markers from Amber Oliver

Plant markers made out of clay with herb name stamped into them

Plant markers are a great gift idea for the plant lover and they’re easy to make with oven baked clay. Customize them with their favorite herbs like mint, oregano, rosemary, or basil to use in their herb garden. They will love this easy to make gift set!

See the full tutorial here.

16. Wine Cork Succulent Magnets from Crafts by Amanda

Five cork magnets with succulents makes a cute DIY gift for plant lovers

I love these creative wine cork succulent magnets! Succulents are all the rage and how cute will these look on the fridge of your favorite plant mom?! Paint them in fun bright colors and add the succulents for a unique gift idea they will love.

See the full tutorial here.

17. Air Plant Vase Magnet from Lia Griffith

Three air plant magnets made from clay

Air plants are really trendy right now and they are so easy to care for. They can literally live anywhere. Make your plant lover a set of these air plant vase magnets using Sculpey clay. Add the air plants and wrap up this unique gift idea for any gift giving occasion.

See the full tutorial here.

18. DIY Air Plant Holder from The Handyman’s Daughter

DIY air plant holder wall hanging made from wood

They will love displaying their air plants on the wall with this quick and easy DIY project. Make it in minutes using a piece of scrap wood, plant hanger hooks, and a hanging glass terrarium.

See the tutorial here.

19. Modern DIY Terrariums from Delineate Your Dwelling

Three terrariums with wooden bases

Remember terrariums from school when you were a kid? They are still a thing and this set of three is fresh and modern. They will make the best gifts for the plant lover on your gift-giving list. Customize the base with the design of your choice and just add plants!

See the tutorial here.

20. Plant Propagation Station from By Brittany Goldwyn

DIY propagation station with five bottles

Give the gift of propagation to your plant lover with this DIY plant propagation station. It’s smaller than the one I’ve already shared, holding five glass jars for propagating any plants they choose in water.

It’s an easy beginner woodworking project anyone can make. You may even want to make one for yourself!

See the full tutorial here.

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