33 Personalized Gifts To Make With Cricut

Find the perfect handmade and personalized gifts to make using a Cricut machine for anyone in your life from this specially curated list of gorgeous ideas.

Image collage of twelve Cricut crafts with text overlay "33 Personalized gifts to make with Cricut"

There are two types of gifts that are always extremely appreciated – personalized gifts and handmade gifts.

It’s even better when you put them together.

And the Cricut is the best way to make personalized handmade gifts.

Guess what, not only can you make personalized gifts, but you can also make gift tags and the cards to go with them.

It truly is the one-stop “shop” for gift giving.

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What do you need to make personalized gifts with Cricut

Making personalized projects with a Cricut machine is very easy. Once you decide which project to make, you will have to pick your materials.

See more about Cricut accessories here.

DIY Gift ideas using Cricut

I have curated some of the best custom gift ideas using a Cricut machine that you can find on the internet. I promise you will find something for everyone in your life.

1. Engraved LED Nightlight

Learn all about engraving acrylic with the Cricut Maker and how to make a personalized gift - an LED night lamp!

Did you know the Cricut Maker can engrave acrylic? I knew I had to try a project right away when I found out! The Cricut Maker can engrave acrylic up to 2mm thick.

I purchased a sheet of acrylic from Home Depot and cut it to the size I wanted. I added a base and LED lights for this cute engraved LED nightlight.

I think it makes an amazing personalized gift for anyone! Especially for kids as a night lamp. Plus, you can make multiple designs and easily switch them out!

See the full tutorial here.

2. Personalized Infusible Ink Coasters

Learn how to make professional-looking ceramic coasters with your Cricut. Here's the detailed tutorial and tips for making Cricut Infusible Ink Coasters.

Cricut infusible ink is like magic! Everything you make with it looks so professional. I made these coasters using my Cricut Maker 3, but you can use any Cricut cutting machine.

I love color and these monogram coasters are so fun to make! Cricut infusible ink sheets come in all sorts of colors and patterns, making choosing which ones to use the hardest part of this handmade gift idea.

Your Cricut cutting machine does all the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is apply the monogram to the coaster blank and you have the perfect handmade gift to give to anyone on your gift-giving list.

See the full tutorial here.

3. Personalized Cork Coasters

Learn how to make personalized cork coasters using iron on or heat transfer vinyl. This is a quick and easy DIY hostess gift idea using a Cricut machine.

Iron-on heat transfer vinyl and cork work amazingly together! The vinyl just sort of melts into the cork for a transfer that looks great and lasts. You can’t even feel the edges of the vinyl except for the difference in textures.

I used my Cricut Maker and the Easy Press 2 to make these cute personalized cork coasters. Pick a theme that you know the person will love, search for it in Design Space and then let your Cricut do all the work. These make great hostess gifts for the holidays!

See the full tutorial here.

4. Personalized Hats with Cricut

various types of hats with heat transfer designs on table with hat press in the background

Hats are like coffee mugs, you can never have too many and they make the perfect gift to give to someone that has everything. Cricut introduced the new HatPress this year and it takes making hats to the next level.

You can personalize any hat type to be the perfect gift for anyone on your gift-giving list. Teachers, friends, or a family member will all love a hat designed just for them. Unless you tell them, they will never know you made it yourself but I would definitely brag about it.

Learn how to make hats with Cricut here

5. Personalized Wood Slice Cake Stand

Learn how to make an easy customized DIY wood slice cake stand. The hairpin legs add rustic farmhouse charm to the gorgeous wooden cake stand. Perfect for any occasion.

This is a wonderful gift idea for your favorite baker or hostess. Hairpin legs, a wood slice, and cake, does it get any better than that? It does when you personalize it using your Cricut machine.

Iron on sticks to wood amazingly well, I couldn’t get it off without scraping it using a box cutter. Personalize this wood slice cake stand with a cute saying or even the family name. The possibilities are endless.

See the full tutorial here.

6. Personalized Mugs

A beginner-friendly tutorial to show you everything you need to know about how to personalize mugs with Cricut using Vinyl or MugPress.

Coffee mugs, we all have them, we can always use more cute personalized mugs! Cricut gives us two different ways to make custom mugs using permanent vinyl or using infusible ink and the Cricut Mug Press.

Permanent vinyl if applied correctly is dishwasher safe and infusible ink will infuse into the mug for a permanent custom design using the Cricut Mug Press.

This is a great gift idea for grandparents or your entire family, your boss, or a teacher. They will this gift when they know you made it yourself.

See the full tutorial here.

7. DIY Jewelry Stand

Any jewelry lover will be head over heels after receiving this personalized Cricut gift idea. It’s perfect for all ages from little girls and teens to moms or grandmothers.

Customize it using your Cricut machine using an inspiring quote or their name. Use premium vinyl and transfer tape for a jewelry stand they will always treasure.

See the full tutorial here.

8. DIY Custom Backpacks with Cricut

Learn how to make DIY custom backpacks using Iron-on vinyl and Cricut. This is a great way to make special designs and personalize any backpack! We made these to donate to the wonderful cause - Backpacks of Love.

Everyone loves backpacks! Kids love them for school or overnights with friends, your co-worker that loves to hike would certainly love a custom backpack made by you. They even make great diaper bags for a busy mom.

Cricut Design space has so many options for designs you’re sure to find the perfect one to use on this Cricut gift idea. All you need is your Cricut cutting machine, an Easy press 2, cotton or polyester backpack, and some iron-on vinyl.

See the full tutorial here.

9. Personalized T-shirts from Lovely Indeed

Personalized t-shirt made with Cricut for personalized gift idea

T-shirts are a great gift-giving idea. You can’t go wrong with a personalized t-shirt made with your Cricut machine.

Infusible ink becomes part of the t-shirt so it won’t peel off when washed. The design will be professional looking and last forever. You can use your Cricut Maker to make your t-shirts, but the Cricut Explore Machines will work too.

Customize with it a design you know they will love. They’ll never know you made it yourself unless you tell them and I sure would! Homemade gifts are the best!

See the full tutorial here.

10. Faux Leather Keychains from The Homes I Have Made

flat lay photo of faux leather keychains in blue and green, different shapes and patterns for gift-giving idea made with Cricut

Keychains. YES! Everyone needs keychains and when they are personalized just for them they will treasure them forever. You can make a keychain for everyone in the whole family in a matter of an hour or so. Oh my, think of the possibilities with these cute custom keychains!

You will need a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore to cut the faux leather and an Easy Press or Easy Press mini for applying your custom iron-on design. Add their name, a favorite quote, or a monogram.

See the full tutorial here.

11. Personalized Lunch Kit from My Poppet

Lunch bag and personalized thermos personalized gift ideas with Cricut

Who’s your favorite student or co-worker? They would love these Cricut gift ideas! A personalized thermos and lunch bag aren’t just fun, but they will also ensure no one else will mistake this lunch as their own.

Customize the fonts, use fun glitter iron-on heat resistant vinyl, use permanent vinyl, whichever supplies you choose it’s a gift idea they will love.

See the full tutorial here.

12. BBQ Gift Set from Lydia Out Loud

BBQ mit, spatula and seasoning jar as a gift personalized using Cricut

Fire up the grill and equip your favorite barbecue expert with their own personalized grilling set. I love the custom spatula handle and mitt, but the custom seasoning jar, that’s where it’s at!

You can make these custom gifts using a Cricut Joy or Maker or Explore Air 2. You’ll want to have permanent smart vinyl, smart iron-on vinyl, and smart label writing vinyl on hand to make this project. This creator has included the SVG cut files for you to make yours just like this set or you could customize it yourself.

See the full tutorial here.

13. Custom Tumblers from Pretty Providence

White tumblers with straws and custom decals made with Cricut

Add a monogram, a nickname, or maybe a favorite sports team to a drink tumbler for a great personalized gift using a Cricut. They are great as a Christmas gift, birthday, or any other gift-giving occasion.

Cricut permanent vinyl is used to make these custom tumblers. It holds up well to daily use and can be washed in a dishwasher. Customize a drink tumbler using fun fonts and different colors.

See the full tutorial here.

14. Custom Koozies from Angie Holden

Yoga mat personalized for gift giving using a Cricut

Customize drink koozies using Cricut heat transfer vinyl or infusible ink for a great gift idea for any gift-giving occasion. You will need a Cricut machine, an Easy Press, and HTV or infusible ink sheets to make these easy DIY drink koozies.

Add a meaningful quote, a favorite sports team, or a monogram. The possibilities are endless!

See the full tutorial here.

15. Custom Yoga Mat from Clean and Scentsible

Yoga mat personalized for gift giving using a Cricut

Self care has become so important in the last few years. Here’s a practical and thoughtful gift to give to the yoga lover in your life. Add a meaningful quote to inspire them every time they unroll their personalized yoga mat.

You can make this DIY gift using a Cricut Joy, but you can also make it using a Maker or a Cricut Explore Air. You will also need an Easy Press and Cricut smart vinyl. I really love this design and the quote that reminds us to breathe in calm and breathe out stress.

See the full tutorial here.

16. Personalized Doormat from The Soccer Mom Blog

Door mat with custom saying made with Cricut

Doormats have turned into statement pieces welcoming guests into your home. There are so many cut ones out there, why not make your own to give as a gift? It’s easy to do using your Cricut machine.

Create your stencil using Cricut premium vinyl then use spray paint to apply the stencil to the doormat. Add a custom quote, a family name, or a monogram. There are so many ways to make this Cricut gift idea personalized for those on your gift-giving list.

See the full tutorial here.

17. Personalized Pillow Cases from 100 Directions with Jane Goode

Custom pillow case that says "Sweet Dreams" made with a Cricut

Custom pillowcase sets or sheet sets are expensive. Customize your own using your Cricut. This design is great for young children. You could add an expensive-looking monogram to a set as a gift that anyone would love to receive.

You will need the Cricut Maker 3 and its smart materials to make this DIY gift idea. It has the capability to make larger-scale designs. You can create this custom pillow case in as little as an hour.

See the full tutorial here.

18. Personalized Hats for Dad from Anna Latta Creations

Four ball caps personalized for Dad using a Cricut

I love this “Dad Jokes Loading” design. What a fun way to celebrate dad on any gift-giving occasion! You can customize any ball cap using your Cricut machine and the Cricut Hat Press.

Smart Iron-on was used to make these personalized hats and they are quick and easy projects that you can make in less than an hour. No one will know you didn’t buy them, but I would definitely make sure they know you made them with your own two hands.

See the full tutorial here.

19. Personalized Etched Glasses from Must Have Mom

Set of glasses as a gift idea using a Cricut

Have you ever tried etching glass? They have a product that makes it really easy, but it’s even easier when you make a stencil to make these custom-etched glasses as a gift.

Use your Cricut Maker, Explore Air 2, or Cricut Joy to create a custom stencil to and add a personal touch to these glasses for anyone on your gift-giving list.

See the full tutorial here.

20. Personalized Kid’s Chair from Let’s Craft Instead

Kids chair personalized using a Cricut

It’s a known fact, kids love seeing their Name. On. Everything. What better gift idea than to give your child their own little chair with their name on it?

You can make this easy Cricut gift idea using a Cricut Joy, smart vinyl in the color of your choice, and transfer tape. It’s a quick project you do in about 15 minutes.

See the full tutorial here.

21. 3D Sign from The DIY Mommy

Gallery wall with 3D sign made using Cricut. Great gift idea!

Memorialize important dates in a family’s history by making this DIY 3D sign as a gift. What a great gift to give for any occasion.

With Cricut’s Maker 3 and knife blade it’s possible to cut wood! To make this personalized Cricut gift idea you will need chipboard to create the custom dates to make this home decor gift truly unique.

See the full tutorial here.

22. Personalized Tote Bag from The Crafted Sparrow

Tote bag with HOLA Bonita printed on it using a Cricut machine.

This personalized Cricut gift idea includes a custom bag, coasters, and you can even throw in their favorite bottle of wine and a set of wine glasses for the full experience.

To make this cute tote bag you will need Cricut infusible ink sheets, your Cricut machine, and an Easy Press 2. Your custom quote will be infused into the canvas bag and look amazing!

See the full tutorial here.

23. Engraved Metal Bracelet from Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Metal engrave bracelet pictured with the Cricut engraving tool

Did you ever think it would be this easy to make engraved jewelry? Well, it is with the Cricut Maker 3 and the Cricut engraving tool!

Customize this Cricut gift idea with a meaningful quote, a memorable date, or their name. There is really no end to the things you could add to this bracelet. It will quickly become one of their favorite things when they know it was handmade by you.

See the full tutorial here.

24. Personalized Wood Signs from Terry Whiteaker

Simple family name sign split into two frames one black and one white

I love this modern gift idea customized with the family name! All you need is a Cricut machine and your favorite font to personalize these for anyone on your gift-giving list.

The opposite black and white gives this set a modern look, but you could use any color you want to paint your stencil once you make it.

See the full tutorial here.

25. Personalized Gift for Grandpa from Sustain My Craft Habit

Custom pillow as a gift with the saying "Hands off! Djeda's pillow"

Not sure what to get Grandpa? How about a custom pillow you made using your Cricut? A personalized gift that’s handmade is always better than store bought and Grandpa will love that you made it yourself just for him.

You will need the Cricut Maker 3 and an Easy Press 2 to make this fun gift-giving idea. Using the Cricut wavy blade allows you to cut custom designs that really make this gift a one-of-a-kind.

See the tutorial here.

26. Magnetic Felt Letters from Angie Holden

Felt magnetic letters a great gift idea for toddlers

Little hands need soft things to learn with and these personalized letters made with the Explore Air 2 and Cricut felt are easy to grip. They will be happy to practice their spelling with these all day long on the fridge!

Customize the letters with fun designs using mosaic iron-on. Heck, make them the whole alphabet if you want to!

See the full tutorial here.

27. Color Your Own Gift Bag from Kara Creates

Custom tote bag that becomes part of the Cricut gift idea when you add fabric makers to the gift bag

Making wrapping gifts easy with this custom monogrammed tote bag. All you need is your Explore Air 2 and everyday iron-on vinyl to make a gift bag that becomes part of the gift.

Pick out the monogram design of your choice, make sure it’s a good one to color in, and then include fabric markers. The tote bag becomes part of the gift as they color in the monogram.

See the full tutorial here.

28. Engraved Charm Bracelet from Laura’s Craft Life

Charm bracelet pictured with the Cricut engraving too.

Mom and Grandma love jewelry with their kids’ names on them. A charm bracelet is the best gift you can give them.

This personalized Cricut gift idea is a fun project. You need a Cricut Maker 3 and the Cricut engraving tool to make these fun charm bracelets.

Add a birthstone to each charm for added personalization. This great gift idea with be treasured forever.

See the full tutorial here.

29. Personalized Gift Baskets from Average But Inspired

Gift basket with monogrammed towel and soap personalized with Cricut

This fun gift idea is made by customizing simple dollar store items. It’s easy to do and budget-friendly way to make a custom gift basket.

You will need a Cricut Joy or any other Cricut cutting machine and the Easy Press 2. Apply a fun decal to the soap dish and a monogram to the towel, put it in a basket and it’s ready for anyone on your gift-giving list.

See the full tutorial here.

30. Papercraft Card from Anna Latta Creations

Handmade card made with a Cricut machine.

Cards are part of every gift-giving occasion. If you don’t give a card, you should, and you can make it on your Cricut for custom card they will love.

You will need a Cricut Maker 3 and the Cricut scoring tool to make this fun card. You could even customize it hold a gift card!

See the full tutorial here.

31. Personalized Socks from The DIY Mommy

Gift basket with socks that say "if you can read this" on one sock and "bring me some coffee" on the other sock.

There are two things that you always need, coffee and socks. Use your Cricut cutting machine, heat transfer vinyl, and the Easy Press 2 to make these adorable and fun socks as part of a gift basket for the coffee lover in your life.

The Easy Press 2 will transfer the vinyl so that it is permanent and will hold up to many washes in the washing machine.

See the full tutorial here.

32. Cricut Foil Gift Tags from Moms and Crafters

Gift tags made with Cricut using leather, foil, and card stock.

Making gift tags with your Cricut is quick and easy and you can customize them with great designs and sayings for any occasion. Cricut foil is an awesome way to really jazz them up.

You can use any Cricut cutting machine to make your gift tags, just make sure your base material is compatible with your machine.

See the full tutorial here.

33. Scandinavian Inspired Gift Tags from Lia Griffith

Four style off gift tags made with Cricut for your Cricut gift ideas

I love the simple detail of these DIY gift tags made with Cricut. They make a fun and unique addition to your gift wrapping for the holidays.

You will need a Cricut Explore Air 2 and Barc paper to make these lovely gift tags for your gift-giving this year. Won’t they look great under the tree?

See the full tutorial here.

Which one was your favorite? Which one will you make?

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