27 Creative Cricut Wood Project Ideas

Cricut wood project ideas to inspire you to make something amazing with your Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3 and the knife blade.

Wood being cut on Cricut Maker using a knife blade - with text overlay.


The one thing I was most excited about when I got my Cricut Maker was the fact that I could use a knife blade and cut thick materials like wood, chipboard, and more!

Being able to use a knife blade is the key advantage that Cricut Maker and Cricut Maker 3 have over the other machines.

The number of projects you can make with your Cricut increases exponentially with the knife blade.

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What Wood Can I Use With Cricut Maker?

A Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3 can cut basswood, balsa wood, or wood veneers. You can also cut chipboard with the help of a knife blade.

  • BasswoodThis is a great option for painting or staining. It is available in 1/32″ and 1/16″ thicknesses.
  • Balsa Wood:  This is great for painting or leaving natural. It doesn’t take stain well. It comes in 1/32″, 1/16″, and 3/32″ thick.
  • Wood VeneerIt is a very thin sheet of material – like the veneer of plywood. It is available in maple, walnut, and cherry. It is great for layering and creating beautiful wood designs. You can actually cut wood veneer with a deep point blade and can also be cut on Cricut Explore.

Where Do You Get Wood for Cricut Projects?

It is important that the wood used in the projects be flat and even and contain little or no knots.

You can pick up wood from craft stores but you may not be able to find what you need in a lumber yard. Remember – even, flat boards and no knots.

If you do have knots, you will have to make sure that the designs do not overlap with them or it will damage the blade.

The best place to get your wood is from Cricut. The wood is tested and is compatible with the Cricut Maker.

How Thick of Wood Can the Cricut Maker Cut?

The Cricut Maker can cut wood up to 3/32″ thick with ease and precision using a knife blade.

Can Cricut Cut Wood Veneer?

No, you can’t cut wood veneer with a Cricut Maker, but you can cut veneer sheets using the deep point blade – which can also be used on the Cricut Explore.

Hence, you can cut wood veneer sheets on the Cricut Maker, Maker 3, and Cricut Explore.

Cricut has a great selection of veneer sheets to choose from. I have used the walnut and I love it!

Can Cricut Cut 1/8″ Or 1/4 ” Wood?

No, the Cricut is able to cut wood that is 1/32″, 1/16″, and 3/32″. It can also cut chipboard up to 2mm thick.

Tips for Cutting Wood on Cricut

There are a few things you always want to keep in mind when cutting wood on the Cricut machine –

  • Always use the StrongGrip cutting mat. This is the purple one. Make sure that it is sticky and clean.
  • Use masking tape to tape around all four edges of your material before cutting. This will keep the material from moving during the cut.
  • Be sure to move the white star wheels all the way to the right near the rubber rollers.
  • Don’t pick very intricate designs as this may damage the material and the blade. Designs thicker than 1/4″ is a good guideline.
  • Whenever possible, do a test cut before cutting the full project. If the edges are rugged, replace blade prior to the final cut.
  • When cutting thicker material like basswood, it is normal to need 20-25 passes. This will take time to cut so bring your patience.
  • As the machine is cutting, check on it intermittently and clean up any splinters or small pieces that are no longer held down. You can pause the machine to do this.


What Can I Make With Wood With Cricut?

The number of Cricut wood project ideas is endless. From coasters to signs, place settings to drawer fronts, wall decor to organizing projects, you can make almost anything you can think of with wood using a Cricut.

I have a huge list of ideas for you right here!

Cricut Maker Wood Projects Ideas

1. DIY Dresser with Veneer Drawer Fronts

The overall design of this DIY dresser is simple and minimalistic but I decided to give it a little twist with the patterned walnut veneer! I have wanted to do this ever since I got my Cricut Maker and I found out that it could cut veneer. Imagine the possibilities. I used the deep-point blade to cut the Cricut wood veneers. I love how this turned out!

2. 3D Floating Decorative Letters

The 3D design of this floating sign uses basswood, chipboard, and veneer to give it the 3D effect. I made this “Cheers” sign, but you could write whatever word or words you like! Think names, quotes, signs, art…. so many ways to use it! Make your own floating word sign with my tutorial.

3. DIY Wooden Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas tree shaped wooden ornaments hanging from branch

I used basswood to make these festive wooden Christmas ornaments. Basswood needs multiple passes with the Cricut knife blade to completely cut through the wood, but the result is totally worth the wait. I’m in love with the holographic Premium vinyl, so I used it to decorate one of the trees. You can paint them or stain them with any color design you want. They are a fun addition to your Christmas tree. See the tutorial for this project to download the SVG file to make your own!

Cricut Maker Bass Wood Projects

4. Mixed Media Art from 100 Directions

Wooden flower art made with Cricut Maker

Mixed media art is so fun to do with the Cricut Maker! This work of art uses a bunch of different materials, from basswood to iron-on vinyl. The flower backs are made from basswood then decorated with various other materials to bring them to life. The other materials are easily applied using the Cricut Easypress.

5. Table Setting Placecard from Love Create Celebrate

Cricut wood project idea name place setting

Add style and character to your tablescape using DIY wooden place settings. Choose your font in Cricut Design Space and cut it using basswood. Your Cricut Maker machine does all the hard work for you. The great thing about basswood is that if you end up with any cracks, you can easily fix them using multipurpose glue.

6. DIY Name Puzzle from Angie Holden

Cricut wood project idea making a name puzzle

What a great gift idea for kids or as a baby shower gift for an expectant mom! This DIY name puzzle is made using chipboard and basswood. You can paint the letters in any color for a custom look. Create your design in Cricut Design Space, load your material onto a strong grip mat and let the machine do all the work. See the full tutorial to make your own.


7. Cricut Coasters With Resin from Crafting in the Rain

Wooden geometric coasters made with Cricut

I love these geometric coasters made using basswood! Cut your shapes using the Cricut Maker, glue them together and then add resin to seal them and make them waterproof. They look so modern and the wood tones really show through the resin. I know water won’t hurt them, but I wouldn’t want anyone using these little works of art! This is an easy Cricut project. Make sure to check out the tutorial to make your own.

8. Hello Sign from Lydi Out Loud

Shiplap sign with basswood

Orchard patterned vinyl and basswood are used to make this cute and colorful “hello” sign. Attached to shiplap wood inside the frame, the basswood gives it a 3D effect that takes sign making crafts to a whole new level. You can even change it out with each season by using different words or different vinyl.

9. DIY Bookmarks from Moms and Crafters

Cricut wood project idea making a bookmark

This Cricut wood project idea has your Cricut Maker doing two things at once. It will cut the basswood using the knife blade, then it will draw your design using the Cricut pen right on the wood! Color in your design when it’s done and you have an awesome bookmark!

10. Scrabble Wood Tiles from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!

Scrabble tiles spelling FUN laying on coloful background

Making your own Scrabble wood wall art is easy to do using your Cricut Maker. Cut your tiles from basswood, then cut your letters from iron-on vinyl. Attach your vinyl using your iron or a Cricut Easypress and you’re done! Get the Scrabble SVG file and make your own Scrabble wood wall art.

11. DIY Garden Signs from Home Made by Carmona

Cricut wood project idea herb garden sign

Cricut wood project ideas are limitless. Make your own DIY wood garden signs using your Cricut Maker. This herb gets a call out with a sign made using basswood. Hanging it up on a pole is the finishing touch for a great garden sign.

12. Monogram Wood Coasters from Sew Much Ado

monogram letter A on a coaster made using basswood

Cut your monogram letters from basswood, making sure to secure it to your mat using masking tape. Fun fabric is added to the backs of these DIY wooden coasters to add color and pattern to the letter. Monogram coasters make a great gift idea and you can make them easily with your Cricut Maker.

13. Engraved Wood Earrings from Angie Holden

four pairs of wooden earrings in different shapes

Not only can you cut wood with your Cricut Maker, you can also engrave it using the engraving tip. Your machine will cut the shape and engrave it using the QuickSwap Housing. These DIY wooden earrings are super cute and you can make them one of kind using different shapes and designs.


Cricut Maker Chipboard Projects

14. DIY Cake Topper from Printable Crush

Cake with cake toppers made from chipboard with a Cricut Maker

Don’t buy those cheesy cake toppers anymore, make your own using a Cricut Maker and chipboard. Cut your shapes out of chipboard then decorate them with your favorite Cricut materials and patterns for a truly unique one-of-a-kind DIY cake topper.

15. DIY Picture Puzzle from Angie Holden

Heart shaped picture puzzle made from chipboard

Turn those wonderful family photos into puzzles using chipboard. You can search a ton of different designs in Cricut Design Space for puzzles to use to make your DIY puzzle. You’ll use Cricut adhesive vinyl for this project to print your picture on. See the full tutorial to make your own photo puzzle.

16. Chipboard Wall Pockets from Dream A Little Bigger

Fun and colorful wall pockets for organizing made from chipboard

Wall pocket organizers, what is this magic?! They are so handy to have and you can attach them to the wall using mounting tabs. That will make it easier to move them later. These fun wall pocket organizers are made using chipboard and patterned cardstock. Score your chipboard shapes, apply glue, and add your colored paper for an organizer that will help you keep track of all those little things that go missing.

17. DIY Wood Sign from The Simply Crafted Life

wood sign with flowered background and wooden camera

Cutting wood shapes with your Cricut Maker is a great way to add a 3D effect to wall decor. This DIY wood sign has a camera shape that is cut from chipboard, then a leather version is also cut on the machine to be applied to the chipboard. It gives it a great look!

18. Hanging Closet Dividers from The Homes I Have Made

Cricut wood project idea for hanging closet dividers

Hanging closet dividers aren’t just for baby clothes. They are harder to find for the rest of us, so we most likely will have to make our own. Cricut and chipboard to the rescue! Cut your dividers, cover them in the vinyl of your choice and add your labels. All done with your Cricut!

19. Birthday Banner from Pretty Providence

blue and white ballon garland with happy birthday banner made from chipwood using a Cricut Maker

Make a happy birthday banner you can use over and over using chipboard. Painting chipboard can be difficult and time consuming, so why not just cut the letters with permanent vinyl attached to the chipboard. Yes, you can do that! It’s the perfect solution for this DIY Happy Birthday Banner and it will last for many birthday celebrations to come.

20. DIY Desk Organizers from Happiness is Homemade

Three pink desk organizers made using chipboard

These wooden desktop organizers are put together like pieces of a puzzle. Tabs on all four sides, cut with your Cricut machine, hold them together. Add some pretty paper in the color of your choice and you have perfect organizing cubes for all your small office supplies.

21. DIY “Bear” Bank from Toolbox Divas

Pink and blue piggy bank Cricut wood project idea

The body of this “bear bank” is made using chipboard, the face shape is basswood, and blue details are vinyl. Yes! Your Cricut Maker can do all of this. This DIY bank even has the slot in the top for money to go in, and a hole in the bottom so you can get it back out. Make your own piggy “bear bank” by following the detailed tutorial.

22. Product Tags from Sustain My Craft Habit

Wooden product tag hanging on a tree branch display

Do you own a creative small business? These DIY product tags will add a professional touch to your creations. These chipboard product tags are made using the find debossing tip and wavy blade. Your design will be debossed into the chipboard making for a great way to create tags that are on-brand for your products.

23. Organization Tags from The Homes I have Made

Tablecloth organizing tag on a basket

Printed labels are fine, but why not make a longer lasting organization tag using chipboard and your Cricut Maker? You can make them using all different shapes then customize them with patterned vinyl in your choice of color and pattern. I love that these labels will last longer and look nicer than regular printed labels.

24. Llama Desk Buddy from Damask Love

image of desk top with chipboard llama, succulent in a yellow pot and stationary

I think a desk buddy is a wonderful idea! This guy made from chipboard is the perfect companion for you while you work. Felt and cardstock are used to give him the finished look and I have to say, he would put a smile on my face every time I saw him. Make your own adorable llama desk buddy by following the tutorial

25. DIY Kumihimo Disk from Dream a Little Bigger

Image of DIY kumihimo diks and friendship bracelets

Are you or your kids into making friendship bracelets? This Cricut wood project idea will make the process so much easier! The DIY kimuhimo chipboard disk is made with slots that are exactly the same depth in for cords made with great tension for perfect bracelets every time.

26. Wedding Table Numbers from Sustain My Craft Habit

table number made from chipboard with seashells at the base

Any formal gathering where you have multiple tables with assigned seating works better with table numbers. These cute beachy wedding table numbers are made from chipboard cut into shell designs with glitter vinyl numbers. This cute Cricut wood project idea will definitely take your table settings to a whole new level.

27. DIY Sheep Coasters from Toolbox Divas

Coasters in a coaster holder shaped like a sheep

Made with chipboard and patterned construction paper, these DIY sheep coasters are easy to make with your Cricut Maker. Cut your design from chipboard then use Mod Podge to adhere your construction paper to the cutout shapes. They are almost too cute to use!


Aren’t all of these projects amazing?

I hope you are feeling inspired to tackle your next project on your Cricut using wood!

I can’t wait to see it!

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