Must-Have Kreg Tools Accessories for Beginners

A full list of my favorite must-have Kreg Accessories that make it easy to build furniture. Read all about them – what they do and why you need them!

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It is no secret that the Kreg Jig is one of my all-time favorite tools!

It was the first tool I bought when I started woodworking.

Kreg Tool Company not just makes the most popular pocket hole jig, they also have a long list of other little accessories that help to make furniture-building easier and accurate.

Over the years, some of the accessories by Kreg Tool Company have become staples in my workshop.

In every build, I used at least a few of them!

My Favorite Kreg Accessories

Here is a list of my favorites.

In addition to these – I have my Kreg Jig K4 system and the Kreg 320.

Plus, I always have the following screws in my workshop as they are the most used –

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Now let’s talk more about what each of them does, how to use them and why I love them.

Kreg Clamps

How to use a Kreg face clamp and Kreg right angle clamp

You could totally use any other clamps in the market.

But I love the two kinds of clamps that Kreg makes specifically intended to be used for their pocket hole joinery.

They are like having an extra set of hands and make your joints more precise.

How to Use Kreg Face Clamp

How to use a kreg face clamp

The Kreg face clamp can be used as any regular clamp but they are specially meant to hold two boards that are being joined in the same plane.

The clamp holds the boards evenly while you attach the screws.

This helps remove any uncertainty or “twisting” of boards as you drive the screws.

How to Use the Kreg Right Angle Clamp

How to use a Kreg right angle clamp

As the name suggests, the Kreg right angle clamp holds boards at right angles as you join them.

I love this clamp!! Before I had this, I was always struggling to balance boards as I screwed them together at right angles.

They would almost always be a little bit off causing problems with squaring. These right angle clamps hold the boards in place exactly where you want them and do not move at all!

Kreg also makes the Automaxx clamps which are even easier to use because they automatically adjust to the thickness of your boards.

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How to Use the Kreg Corner Clamps

The newest addition to the Kreg family of clamps is this 90-degree corner clamp that helps hold boards at a right angle as you make the joints.

No more worrying about the build being square as you join them!

Using corner clamps to assemble a box for the nightstand

This is especially helpful when building drawers!

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Multi-Mark Measuring and Marking Tool

This little but powerful tool is something I use almost every day.

Using Kreg Multi mark tool to measure

This little multi-purpose multi-mark tool can do so many things!

My favorite application to transfer measurements. Measure the thickness and then transfer it to another part of your project.

You can also use it as a right angle marker

Plus it has a built-in level

There are so many other ways to use it! Be sure to check it out!

Drawer Slide Jig

I love this drawer slide jig! It makes installing drawer slides so easy! 

First, you clamp them to the cabinet frame and install the slides. Then, rest the drawer on the jig on both sides, extend the slide and attach it to the drawer. That is it!! 

Installing drawer slides to the cabinet frame.

The only measuring you need to do is where to install the slide on the cabinet. No levels needed either!

Take a look at my guide to building drawers for info on how to use it!


Shelf Pin Drilling Jig

When you need to make adjustable shelves in your cabinet, this little jig is extremely useful!

This shelf pin drilling jig is a simple guide that helps to make evenly spaced shelf pin holes super quick and fail-proof!

MAking shelf pin holes in the DIY craft organizer

Cabinet Hardware Jig

Have you ever struggled with finding the exact location and spacing to attach hardware to the cabinet – especially pulls where the holes have to be at exactly the right spacing.

This cabinet hardware jig has simple settings that help make it super easy to install!

using kreg hardware jig to predrill holes for the handles

All you have to do it find the center of your drawer or door where you want to attach the hardware and drill your holes.

Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

I use this at every opportunity I get with my circular saw.

The Rip-cut circular saw guide helps making the crosscuts up to 24″ wide super easy! No need to measure and attach circular saw guides etc.

Cutting plywood with a Kreg rip cut circular saw guide

The only requirement, however, is that the reference edge is a factory edge or a known straight edge.

It is limited to 24″ but you can also buy a circular saw track made by Kreg if you like – although I haven’t used this one.

And there you have it. If you are a beginner woodworker just starting out, I would highly recommend getting these little helpers if your project needs it.

collection of Kreg tools for beginners


Do we need all of the above accessories? Absolutely not. But all of them help make for more efficient and accurate projects – saving time and frustration and I think they are totally worth it!

Which one is your favorite Kreg accessory and why?

Is there anything that isn’t listed above? Leave a comment and let me know!

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