23 Amazing Projects Using Marble Contact Paper

Get inspired by these unique projects using marble contact paper and add marble without the marble price tag!

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Contact paper is an adhesive backed plastic sheet which can be easily applied to various surfaces to instantly change the look of that surface. Contact paper project ideas make great easy, budget-friendly DIY projects

One of the most common types of contact papers is marble contact paper. Marble contact paper is a great way to add an instant chic look to your home. It is very often used to upgrade countertops without the price tag.

But that is just a small fraction of the possibilities that contact paper brings. There are a lot of easy small and big projects you can make using contact paper.

Here are a few ideas to help you use up the extra marble contact paper or if you just want to create an unique project without the marble price tag –

DIY Projects using Marble Contact Paper for the Home

1. DIY Faux Marble Contact Paper Countertop from Anika’s DIY Life

marble contact paper on a counter top

Being a renter means you are at the mercy of your landlord and you can’t normally make permanent changes to the home you are renting. When you have ugly countertops using marble contact paper is a great way to give it a fresh new look. This marble contact paper countertop makeover is easy to do and you can easily remove it when you move!

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2. DIY Craft Closet Organizer With Drawers from Anika’s DIY Life

faux marble countertop in craft closet made with marble contact paper

This craft closet has lots of great storage and it’s big on style. The storage unit is made with plywood and the top is covered in marble contact paper. The shine of the contact paper makes it look even more like a real marble countertop. This marble contact paper DIY will make you want to create new projects every day!


3. Wire Shelving Hack from My Home and Travels

Using foam core board and marble contact paper, you can take those builder-grade wire shelves from ugly to gorgeous for just around $12! Simply measure your shelves, cut out the foam core board and tape it together. Cover in marble contact paper and slide it in place. The faux marble shelves will look great and function much better!

4. Kitchen Cabinet Doors from B4 and Afters

A great way to transition from outdated cabinets while you’re waiting to replace them is to add an interesting accent to the inlay. Cover up bad prior paint jobs or give a new fresher look to outdated cabinets with this simple and quick fix. It will hold you over until you can get new cabinets or paint the old ones.

5. DIY Cabinet Mat from Harbour Breeze Home

Keeping the cabinet under your sink organized and clean can be a real chore. You could just put down shelf liner and change it out when it gets dirty, OR you could make a faux marble cabinet mat with marble contact paper. It’s a quick and easy DIY project that will make keeping the under the sink cabinet clean a lot less of a chore.

6. Ikea Ekby Shelves Hack from Blue I Style

I love a good Ikea hack and when you pair it with marble contact paper it’s a win, win. You could leave the Ikea Ekby shelves just as you bought them, they are pretty on their own, or you can take them up a notch and turn them into high-end marble shelves using marble contact paper. No one will ever know they aren’t real marble!

7. Marble Backsplash from A Joyful Riot

Let’s be real, marble is pricey. A slab big enough to be a backsplash would probably make your head spin, I know it would mine. DIY it instead using marble contact paper. This DIY marble backsplash looks like a slab of real marble and will give your kitchen a high-end look without the high-end price tag.

DIY Furniture Projects using Marble Contact Paper

8. DIY Sawhorse Desk from Handmade Haven

Making your own desk gives you such a sense of accomplishment and this DIY sawhorse desk is an easy beginner woodworking project with a modern twist. Covering the plywood top with marble contact paper is an inexpensive way to get the look of marble without the price tag of real marble.

9. Round Marble Side Table from Jen Woodhouse

If I didn’t tell you, you would never know that this tabletop is covered in marble contact paper! The modern design of this round marble side table will look great in any room in your home and the marble contact paper cleans up well and looks and feels natural. Get out your hair dryer to make adding this to your tabletop even easier!

10. Antique Vanity Makeover from At Lane and High

What was once a vanity, turned nightstands is now remade back into a vanity. The top is made using a simple pine board covered with marble contact paper. Paint and marble contact paper did wonders for this antique vanity makeover and made it into a modern furniture piece anyone would love to have.

11. Night Stand Makeover from Songbird

Change the look of any nightstand with paint and marble contact paper. This mismatched pair of nightstands now look more like sisters than cousins thanks to matching paint and the look of marble on the top. One is given a faux marble inlay and the other a complete faux marble top. It’s a quick and easy marble contact paper DIY you can do in a day!

12. Marble Coffee Table from Poppytalk

An Ikea Klubbo coffee table hack perfect for modern decor lovers. This faux marble coffee table is super easy to do because of the square edges. If you’re looking for a high-end look without the high-end price then this DIY marble contact paper project is for you!

13. Large Dog Food Station from Jen Woodhouse

This pet feeding station has it all. From a marble top and custom nameplate to a large drawer for food storage, your pup will be eating in style. Dogs can be messy eaters and the DIY marble contact paper top makes clean up a breeze. It also protects the dog food station from moisture.

DIY Marble Contact Paper Project Ideas

14. DIY Marble and Gold Coasters from Anikas DIY Life

DIY coasters with marble contact paper

These DIY hexagonal marble and gold coasters have a secret! Did you guess it yet? I had some scrap wood and leftover marble contact paper and couldn’t let it go to waste, so I brainstormed and came up with the idea of marble and gold coasters. With this marble contact paper DIY you get the look of marble without the hassle of cutting it. They are a fun DIY project and make great gifts!


15. Ikea Moppe Makeover from Anika’s DIY Life

Ikea Moppe made over with paint and marble contact paper

The Ikea Moppe is such a versatile piece. It can be a jewelry box, used to store office supplies or craft supplies, the possibilities are endless. Paint and marble contact paper give this Ikea Moppe the look of a custom inlay. It’s an easy DIY marble contact paper project idea that you can do in an afternoon!

16. Easy DIY Charcuterie Board from Our Southern Home

Any board can be made into this DIY charcuterie board. Real marble ones are pricy, but you can make your own for just the price of a roll of marble contact paper. Choose a board, cover it in contact paper and lay out your spread. It’s great to use for family night or small gatherings or holidays.

17. Marble Contact Paper Clock from Making Manzanita

Add this high end clock to your home decor without breaking the bank. All you need is a wood round, clock movement kit and numbers, and marble contact paper. A real marble clock would need a drywall anchor or the screw to screwed into a stud, but this DIY marble contact paper project idea can be hung up using a simple command strip.

18. Notebook Covers from The Lovely Drawer

Remember when you used to cover your text books with paper? Well this is the same concept only a whole lot more modern. Cut your marble contact paper a little larger than your notebook and carefully apply it. It’s a creative way to make those ugly notebook covers look fresh.

19. DIY Hexagonal Marble Tray from Anika’s DIY Life

Faux marble tray using marble contact paper

I have seen a bunch of DIY marble trays that use a marble tile but in that case you are restricted to the shape of the marble tile. I wanted a hexagon so I came up with this technique to make this faux marble tray. Since it is not real marble, it is very lightweight too. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift!

20. Marble Lamp from Homey Oh My

Add marble contact paper to an inexpensive lamp and instantly turn it into a high end modern piece of home decor. This marble lamp is easy to make and the marble contact paper is easy to apply if you take your time. Simply pull it off and restick it if it doesn’t cooperate the first time.

21. Marble Kitchen Utensils from A Joyful Riot

Color blocking and marble contact paper are a match made in heaven! Use painters tape to block off the section to paint and then apply marble contact paper in between. These adorable marble kitchen utensils are a super easy marble contact paper DIY that make cooking more fun and they are great to give as gifts!

22. DIY Marble Planters from Fall for DIY

For just the price of a roll of marble contact paper, you can create these high-end marble planters. All you need are empty food cans in different sizes. Wrap the empty food cans in marble contact paper and you have marble planters that know one will guess aren’t real marble.

23. Marble Photo Frame from Plateful of Love

What’s a more perfect way to frame a black and white photo than with marble contact paper. This simple marble contact paper DIY will add instant modern style to any frame you use it on. Cut the strips of marble contact paper and apply to the frame. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


Did these projects get your creative wheels spinning? Where will you use contact paper?

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