20 Creative DIY Staircase Makeover Ideas to Elevate Your Home

Add personality and character to your home with a fun staircase. Update your outdated staircase with one of these 20 creative DIY staircase makeover ideas.

Image collage of eight staircase makeover ideas

Stairs are more than just a path from one floor to another—they’re a chance to show off your style and add a special touch to your home.

Many homes have staircases as soon as you enter the front door. It is the first thing you see when you enter the home.

Making the staircase eye-catching is easier than you think! I have collected ideas to help you brighten up your stairs with paint and add lights, textures, fabric, and much more! Here are a few of my favorites.

Easy DIY Staircase Makeover Ideas

1. Easy DIY Staircase Makeover Using Vinyl Plank Flooring

Staircase makeover ideas with wood plank flooring

This stair makeover used vinyl plank flooring and thin plywood. I used a table saw to rip the flooring to the needed size, but you could also use a utility knife or jigsaw. The risers had many holes, so I used thin plywood to cover them, painting the pieces before installing them. This project made a huge difference in the appearance of our staircase!

Tutorial to makeover your staircase here.

2. Stair Makeover With Stain From Madness and Method

Staircase makeover using stain

If your stairs’ wood is in good shape, you can stain them for a makeover. Staining to match flooring can be tricky, but you can get a close match with a little patience. The final result was done in several steps, but it turned out great. Vinyl flooring is attached to the risers to complete this project.

See the tutorial here.

3. Staircase Renovation From Love Create Celebrate

Staircase makeover with lightening in treads

A staircase makeover that includes in-tread lighting—now that’s an amazing makeover! This DIY project used vinyl flooring, and the lighting was added for safety. It looks amazing with the modern iron rail.

See how they did it here.

4. Fresh Stain for Old Stairs From Homemade Heather

Fresh stain on staircase

When your stairs are in good shape but need a touch-up, sanding, and staining can make them look brand new. This may seem time-consuming, but the result is worth it! This is also a great way to update the color of stain that may make your stairs look dated.

See the tutorial here.

Staircase Makeover With Runners

5. Update With Stain and Runner From Birdz of a Feather

staircase with dark stain and rug runner

If you have an outdated 80’s golden oak staircase, you can update it! Although it’s a big project, this staircase makeover looks amazing, and the dark stain gave it the update it needed. Opting to replace the old runner with a new one was for safety reasons, but it looks beautiful.

See how they did it here.

6. Painted Stair Runner From Heathered Nest

staircase with a painted rug runner

Painting on a runner is a simple DIY that looks great and is budget-friendly. There is no need to purchase a carpet or rug, and you can change it anytime you want. Simply start at the top and work your way down. Be sure it’s completely dry before walking on it.

See the detailed tutorial here.

7. Painted Stairs Makeover From Thrift Diving

White painted stairs with Ikea rugs as a rug runner

I love these rugs from IKEA! They’re cheap and add color and texture to this stair makeover. Carpet padding is laid underneath for extra cushion and to help reduce the wear on the rugs. Carpet tacks and staples are used to help keep them in place.

See the complete makeover here.

8. Painted Staircase Makeover With Seagrass Runner From Sand and Sisal

White painted stairs with seagrass runner

I love the texture of this seagrass runner! It looks amazing against the white-painted stairs. The black trim coordinates with the black banister and handrail for a modern look on this staircase. You’ll need an air stapler to attach the runner to ensure it stays in place.

See the tutorial for this makeover here.

9. Colorful Rug Runner From Centsational Girl

Colorful rug runner on painted stairs

Makeover your staircase with a colorful rug runner to add color to your space. I absolutely adore the bright colors on this one. Light blue painted stairs are the perfect backdrop for this runner. A runner is a great way to cover stairs that aren’t in the best of shape without having to replace them completely.

See the tutorial here.

10. Stair Runner With Vintage Rugs From Wit and Delight

Staircase makeover idea using vintage rugs as a runner

How beautiful is this rug runner staircase makeover?! Vintage rugs in different patterns are pieced together to create a unique and fun design. Using the same rugs with the same main color creates a cohesive look.

See the tutorial here.

11. Rug Runner With Painted Risers From Abbotts at Home

rug runner on stained stairs with painted risers

Another great look with a rug runner is to paint the risers and leave the stair tread stained. This runner is placed over carpet padding to help keep the wear on the runner to a minimum. Stephanie also has some great tips for disguising staples if they stand out against the rug runner.

See the tutorial here.

12. Custom Stair Runner Using Carpet From Designed Decor

Staircase runner made from carpet

Custom-made stair runners are expensive, but you can make your own and save money by customizing them from carpets. This staircase makeover costs a fraction of the cost of purchasing a stair runner for the space.

Learn how to do it yourself here.

13. Stair Makeover From Grillo Designs

Staircase makeover with carpet and paint

The treads and risers got a makeover in this staircase update. Carpeting just the treads and painting the risers gives a modern look to this entryway. Noisey stairs are no more with carpet.

See how to do it here.

Stair Riser Makeover Ideas

The most impact on any stairs comes from the stair risers! There are so many fun ways to add personality to them!

14. Stair Risers With Wallpaper Murals From DIY Beautify

Stair risers with wallpaper murals

Wallpaper is an easy way to add a special detail to your stair risers. It’s a simple DIY project that anyone can do and will greatly impact your space. This pattern is great for farmhouse style, but you can choose any wallpaper to fit your design style.

See more details here.

15. Rainbow Staircase From at Home With Ashley

Stair risers painted in rainbow colors

If you know me, you know I love this staircase makeover! It’s a rainbow of colors that makes me happy. Pinks, yellows, and greens in varying shades bring this staircase to life. You could get this look with any colors you choose.

See the tutorial here.

16. Paint and Stencil Risers From Designer Trapped

stair risers painted with stenciled numbers

Paint is the easiest way to change things up! Painted risers with the added number stencil are a fun, modern touch for updating your stairs. Anyone can do this simple DIY project to elevate a space.

See the tutorial here.

17. Ombre Painted Stair Risers From a Kailo Chic Life

Blue ombre painted stair risers

Another great way to add color and detail to a staircase is to give the risers an ombre-painted makeover. I love the different shades of blue used on this staircase. Add a pop of color to your space in a color you choose

See the tutorial here.

18. Wallpapered Stair Risers From Pillar Box Blue

Marimekko Wallpapered Stair risers

Wallpaper is another fun way to add pattern and color to the stair risers! Wallpaper comes in so many patterns and colors. I love the brightly colored flower pattern that makes these stairs a stand-out feature.

See the tutorial here.

19. Mix and Match Wallpaper

Mix and match wall paper ideas for your staircase
Image Credit: Lonny

Want a more eclectic look to your staircase? Mix and match wallpaper patterns to achieve this fun look. Keep it cohesive by staying in the same color family when choosing your wallpaper.

20. Wallpapered Stair Risers Using Fabric From Plaster and Disaster

bright colored pattern wallpaper on stair risers

If you can’t find the perfect wallpaper, use fabric to makeover your stair risers! Head to your fabric store and pick your favorite fabric pattern. It’s a fraction of the cost of wallpaper and easy to adhere to your risers using Modge Podge.

See the tutorial here.

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    I can’t believe your stair treads are done in vinyl, it looks fabulous!!

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