30 Easy DIY Wood Projects for Beginners

Here are 30 amazingly simple and easy DIY wood projects for beginners to build today. Woodworking does not need to be intimidating. All of these small wood projects don’t need fancy workshop or tools. Start building today!

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Woodworking doesn’t need to be difficult and complicated. You also don’t need a ton of tools! Anyone can start at any time! 

What Tools Does a Beginner Woodworker Need

Collection of essential woodworking tools for beginners on workshop floor

The best thing about woodworking is that you don’t need a fancy woodshop to get started. All you need are some basic power tools. I have you covered with the list of beginner woodworking tools. 

The truth is I didn’t even have all of these when I started building…

I built quite a few projects with just a couple of those tools.

I am now adding tools to my arsenal simply because it increases my efficiency or capability but for basic simple builds, you only need very basic tools!

Beginner Woodworking Projects

I am sharing easy beginner woodworking projects below that will help you get started building lots of amazing pieces of furniture. The projects range from simple scrap wood projects to small furniture. All of these are simple enough for a beginner to make. 

I have printable woodworking plans available for most of these projects too! Just click on the title of the project that appeals to you to go to the project tutorial and links. 


Small Woodworking Projects

These small easy woodworking projects are perfect for beginners!

Most of these projects can be made without power tools using basic tools needed for cutting and joining – aka a saw and a hammer and nail. But if you want to make things a little faster, a power saw and a Kreg Jig would be perfect! 

1. DIY Mail Organizer 

Green DIY Mail Organizer on Wall

This DIY Mail organizer is super easy to make and the perfect starting point for a beginner woodworker. Yes – no power tools needed but if you have some – all you need is a miter saw and a nail gun.

2. DIY Wall Folder Organizer 

DIY Desk organizer with paper and buckets of pens and supplies

This was one of my first projects. It makes the perfect wall mounted organizer to hold files, books and pens/ markers. I use it for my daughter’s homework station but it works for anyone! All you need to build it is a miter saw and a power drill!

3. DIY Divided Storage Bin

Simple DIY divided produce storage bin on kitchen counter

This DIY divided storage bin a versatile project! Use it store toys, books, vegetables – whatever you need! Made from scrap plywood, all you need is a Jig Saw, Circular saw and a Brad Nailer. I have you covered with the plans too! 

4. DIY Jewelry Holder 

Simple table top jewelry holder on desk with jewelry

This is a simple project – using scrap wood and a few other materials. Makes a great organizer and display jewelry. Makes a great handmade gift too! 

5. DIY Entryway Shelf With Hooks 

closeup of DIY Entryway shelf with hooks

This entryway shelf is really easy to build and looks amazing!! It is literally the easiest beginner woodworking project!

6. DIY Dinosaur Shelf

DIY Dinosaur shelf with dinosaur hooks on the wall with backpack hanging

Another shelf – this time for the kids! Simple project using a jigsaw and power drill – and of course, dinosaurs.

7. Easy DIY Magnetic Chalkboard for the Kitchen

Magnetic chalkboard shaped like a cutting board on wall with note and towel hanging.

An easy DIY magnetic chalkboard for the kitchen with basic tools. This multifunctional board is perfect to write inspirational quotes, add reminders and also for meal planning! Plus it holds your kitchen towel and apron or keys!

8. DIY Phone Stand for desk

DIY phone holder in brown with phone charging, an inspirational quote, pens and a little plant on a desk

Learn how to make a DIY phone stand with space to add a quote or photograph using scrap wood. It’s a great DIY gift idea and the perfect desk accessory.

9. DIY Lap Desk

Simple DIY lap desk with legs on bed with computer on top

This project is simple yet makes for a very functional surface to work from the bed or couch. I added a fun and colorful finish to it! Check out how!


10. DIY Corner Vegetable Storage Bin

DIY corner vegetable bin with fruits and vegetables.

Learn how to build a DIY corner vegetable storage bin. It is perfect for root vegetables, other veggies or fruits and makes a great quick kitchen organization project!

11. DIY Spice Rack Or Craft Paint Organizer 

DIY spice rack hanging on the wall filled with craft paint bottles

Create the perfect craft paint storage or spice rack with this simple project is built using a few boards. All you need is a miter saw and a blade runner or scroll saw. 

12. DIY Under Bed Shoe Organizer 

close of the plexiglass lid and dividers inside the DIY under bed shoe organizer

It is a simple box and all you need is a miter saw and a Kreg Jig. If you want to build the dividers, you might need a scroll saw or Jigsaw. It makes the perfect under bed storage and shoe organizer.

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Simple Wood Furniture Projects for Beginners

I think a simple table makes the perfect beginner furniture project. All you need is a Kreg Jig and a power saw.

You might even be able to get your boards cut up at the home store. That is exactly what I did for my first project.

It really amazing how many simple woodworking projects you can make once you make a simple table.

13. DIY Kids Table and Chair Set

This was my very first project!!! It is really easy to build! All you need is a miter saw and a Kreg Jig – which is all I had when I built this kids’ table and chair set. It is still working great 8 years later! 

14. DIY Kids Table with Hidden Storage

DIY Kids table with storage under the top

A child’s table with hidden storage is the answer to the challenge of keeping the desk clean! A simple modification of the kids’ table above, it has been working great for the last 5 years in our home! 

15. DIY kids bedside table with book storage

Colorful kids bedside table with book storage and toys

Another simple project using a miter saw and the Kreg Jig! It has solved all our bedtime book storage problems! I have free plans for you! 

16. Modern Dog Bowl Stand

Another view of the simple dog bowl stand made from 2x2 boards

A simple and modern place for your pups to eat in style! This is a quick and easy project!

17. DIY Sand and Water Table for Toddlers

DIY water table in balcony

This is a simple modification of the DIY table I showed above and it packs hours of fun for any toddler!


18. DIY upholstered 2×4 Bench

DIY upholstered X-leg bench made with 2x4 boards as an end of the bed bench.

This is one of the most popular projects on the blog! If you want to create something fancy but at the same time keep it easy, this project is for you! All you need is a miter saw, pocket hole jig and power drill!

19. DIY Floating Ladder Shelf

Floating ladder shelf mounted on bathroom wall with flower pot, towels and toileteries

A DIY floating ladder shelf that fits in perfectly with any decor or room. Combine DIY floating shelves and DIY ladder shelves to create this unique open shelf.  

15. Simple Industrial Farmhouse Bench

Easy DIY industrial farmhouse bench with throw pillow

This is a simple bench with a few cuts using a circular saw and jigsaw.  Add a slight industrial accent using the chain links.

16. Ballard Designs Inspired Console Table

DIY console table based on Ballard designs.

Don’t let all the angles fool you! This console table is super easy to build and looks great in any entryway! 

17. X-leg Console table 

Easy DIY X-leg console table with plans!

Speaking of console tables, this simple X-leg console table makes a great eye catcher! 

18. DIY C-Table with Mirror Accents

DIY sofa table next to a couch. Easy C-table with book on top.

This C-table or sofa table is very easy to make and is very useful! It has become one of the most used pieces in our living room – from working on it to eating meals to even a ramp for trucks and toys! You need a circular saw, miter saw, and Kreg Jig to build this very useful piece of furniture. I have you covered with the plans. 


19. DIY Modern BookShelf 

DIY Modern Bookshelf with decor items and text overlay

This shelf is simple to build and yet looks absolutely amazing with its unusual lines – plus all it takes is 5 steps! 

20. Easy DIY Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim 

DIY upholstered headboard with nailhead trim and colorful pillows

Build and upholster an easy DIY upholstered headboard with nailhead trim for under $60 and in an afternoon! I can’t believe how easy it was!

Outdoor  Wood projects for beginners

21. DIY Lattice Planter Box

Navy blue lattice planter box in patio with plants

Full tutorial and plans for a DIY lattice planter box using vinyl lattice and a few boards. This makes the perfect planter box for indoors or outdoors.

22. Easy $20 DIY Outdoor Table

A Simple DIY outdoor dininh table in patio with 4 chairs

This simple yet gorgeous outdoor table is built with only $20 of lumber and one afternoon! 

23. $10 DIY Tiered Planter Box 

DIY Tiered planter box with flowers in entryway

This is the perfect little planter to start off your woodworking journey! All you need is a miter saw and a nail gun! 

24. DIY Patio Table with Fire Pit

DIY patio table with fire pit open with grill attachment to cook on.

If you can build a table, you can build this DIY fire pit table too! All you need to add is a jigsaw and a small portable grill! I have the printable plans for you! 

25. DIY Raised Tiered Garden Beds 

DIY Tiered raised vegetable bed with legs and trellis in backyard with vegetable plants

This project looks huge but it is really simple and straight forward! Just a Kreg Jig and a few screws! 

So there you have it!

A whole bunch of simple easy woodworking projects for you and any beginner woodworker. 


I would love to know which of these you can’t wait to attempt. 

Which was your first woodworking project?

Beginner Woodworking Resources

I have a lot of information and articles throughout the site to help beginner woodworkers understand and use tools and to finish their projects. I add a new article every month too! 

More Beginner Woodworking Project Ideas –

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