TubShroom Review – Easy Chemical-free Clear Drains

I gave the kids’ bathroom a really quick update with a small project and, most importantly, clog-free drains forever! Take a look at my TubShroom review to see what I think of the device and why I think you should get it, too!

 Woman standing in tub with water flowing through TubShroom .

***This post is sponsored by TubShroom but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.***

We have a hall bathroom, which is not only used by guests and visitors but also the kids’ bathroom.

Plus, I use it sometimes, too because it’s the only tub in the house 🙂

The bathroom itself isn’t too bad…

Although, I think the cabinet over the toilet will be replaced by open shelving one day …I do like the character of the cabinet doors. The blue tile is nice, too.

The bathroom used to be a pink-beige color when we moved in, and we repainted it to my favorite SW Alabaster last year.

Since then, I haven’t touched this bathroom!

It was high time it got a quick makeover to get ready for guest season!

Necessities of a bathroom –

  1. Well stocked toiletries
  2. Extra toilet paper, which is easily accessible
  3. A place to hang towels
  4. Most important of all… drains that aren’t clogged!

The first two are no-brainers! The other two are simple, quick updates you can make today!

Quick Bathroom Updates

Update #1 – DIY towel hooks

Old towel rod with towel on it

The bathroom came with a towel rod, which I really don’t care for…

So I knocked out a quick little project to replace it with functional hooks that also match the bath rug and add a bit more color to this bathroom.  (Watch the full video tutorial here.)

Colorful hooks on wood plaques in bathroom

Update #2 – No clog drains

Now let’s get to the most important and often overlooked part – a clean drain!

Guess how embarrassing it can be when the guests go in for a shower, and the tub doesn’t drain! Eww!

My hair sheds a lot, and pretty much 2-3 showers/ baths later, the drain needs a good cleaning. We have tried various drain protectors that go over the drain, but none of them have worked very well.

Can you imagine how much drain cleaner we use in this house?

Tubshroom and Sinksroom in their packaging ready for Tubshroom review

Which is why I was super excited when I discovered TubShroom.

My TubShroom Review

TubShroom is a drain protection device that can be placed inside any standard tub drain.

TubShroom installed in bathtub drain.

It has a silicone tube designed in such a way that it will collect hair and other items that have no business going down the drain.

Plus, its unique design keeps the water flowing through like nothing happened!

It is easy to clean, too… just pick it out and wipe it clean!

How to use a TubShroom - wiping hair off of the TubShroom

And nope, I will not show you the disgusting picture of my hair stuck on it… you are just going to have to trust me on that!

Of course, not having clogged drains is awesome, but its even better that this is a totally environmentally friendly and chemical-free alternative to those dangerous chemicals. No more costly plumber bills, either!

TubShroom Colors and Styles

I love that it comes in a chrome and a few different assortments of colors… so it fits in with any style!

TubShroom in chrome and blue silicone.

I think we will be using the blue for the kids’ bathroom. But we are still waiting for the kids to agree on that!

Oh, and don’t forget the sink!

Installing SinkShroom in the sink

They also have a SinkShroom.

Did I mention it is also the sink where I clean my paintbrushes I am pretty sure I have seen dried-up paint go into the drain by accident.

That is not going to happen anymore, either!

They also have a ShowerShroom which I plan to use in the master bathroom shower. I will update you on when I have that!

Where to buy TubShroom

TubShroom can be purchased online here or in-store at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.

My honest TubShroom Review

We have been using TubShroom for almost a week now, and it sure is catching a lot more hair than I even thought we were all losing… so that’s another thing to think about…

But I absolutely love having a clog-free drain without chemicals! 

To learn more and purchase TubShroom, visit https://ooh.li/561c2bf

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  1. Anika, great information! Nothing worse than clogged drains and expensive plumbing bills! #HappinessIsHomemade

  2. I love the cute hooks in your bathroom. I haven’t tried one of those tubshrooms. I may need to add one to my daughter’s shower. She has really long hair and I am scared of just how much hair it will catch, lol.
 Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! We hope you will join us again next week!

  3. I love the colorful hooks. That is such a great idea for adding hanging space and color at the same time. I have a tiny bathroom I might just do that to.

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