30 DIY Jewelry Organizers

These creative DIY Jewelry Organizer ideas are perfect to display your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets like beautiful art on your wall or tabletop!

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If you are looking for a way to organize all those necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, you are in the right place!

I love jewelry and know exactly how important it is to organize it – not just so it isn’t a tangled mess – but also to display it so it’s all in front of your eyes. PLUS, your jewelry is so beautiful! You don’t want it all hidden in a drawer.

A DIY jewelry organizer is the perfect way to display all the jewelry and making one is super easy and can be done in many ways! I have a whole bunch of ideas for creating organizers from some very talented makers to inspire you below.

 DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Simply click on the picture or the link to go to the complete tutorial for any of the below jewelry organizers!

1. Decorative DIY Wall Jewelry Organizer

DIY decorative wall jewelry holder

This is a simple project using a corkboard and metal grill. Keep all of your jewelry in one place with this DIY hanging jewelry wall organizer.

It’s an earring holder, bracelet holder, and necklace holder! I can’t ever imagine having to go without it!

Tutorial to make your own.

2. Little Girls Accessory Holder

Jewelry and accessory holder painted pink

Even little girls need to organize their jewelry and accessories. This is the perfect simple organizer and it’s super easy to make! It features hooks for necklaces, fabric to clip hair bows to, and a dowel for bracelets.

Tutorial to make your own.

3. DIY Table Top Jewelry Organizer from Scrap Wood.

Easy scrap wood project ideas. easy woodworking projects for beginners

Looking for a simple jewelry holder that will look great sitting on your dresser or vanity top? This scrap wood DIY will replace your traditional jewelry box and put all that jewelry on display! It’s an easy woodworking DIY that anyone can make.

See how to make your own!

4. DIY Jewelry Organizer

Learn how to make a gorgeous DIY jewelry display that can be easily customized to make a perfect gift for yourself or the woman in your life.

This customizable jewelry organizer features an earring display, ring holder, and necklace and bracelet holders. Customize it with a monogram or quote. It’s a great gift idea for any occasion!

Instructions to make your own.

5. DIY Jewelry Organizer from The Homes I Have Made

blue and gold 1x2s with cup hooks for DIY wall jewelry organization

1x2s and cup hooks are all you need to make this modern hanging jewelry organizer. Cup hooks hold earrings and necklaces and a rod attached to one of the sections is perfect for bracelets. It makes a modern piece of home decor to hang in your bedroom.

Make your own!

6. Magnetic Jewelry Organizer from Ugly Duckling House

Wood wall hanging jewelry organizer with shelf with necklaces, earrings and bracelets

This organizer uses magnets and brass to create a modern and beautiful-to-look-at organizer with tons of earring storage! Jewelry items have their designated spots to keep them all organized and easy to access.

Tutorial to make your own.

7. DIY Chicken Wire Jewelry Organizer from Lydi Out Loud

DIY jewelry organizer made using chicken wire

Using a large picture frame and chicken wire, you can create a home decor display to store jewelry. Add a small shelf for a place to drop frequently worn jewelry and cup hooks and knobs to keep your necklaces from becoming a tangled mess.

See how to create your own!

8. DIY Necklace Holder from Houseful of Homemade

DIY necklace holder made from wood scraps

I love this tabletop necklace holder! It’s made using brass rods, but you can use dowel rods. You will have a two-tiered bracelet and necklace holder, with a piece of wood used to make the base, that you can sit anywhere! It also makes a great gift!

Tutorial to make it here.


9. DIY Industrial Jewelry Organizer from Cherished Bliss 

Hanging DIY jewelry organizer with three sections

3 are better than 1!! I also love the black and white combination of this DIY wall jewelry organizer. Each section is attached to the one below using cup hooks and turnbuckles for an industrial touch. Cup hooks are great to use because you easily screw them in by hand.

See how to make your own.

10. DIY Simple Wall Jewelry Organizer from Dream A Little Bigger

Modern wall jewelry holder made from wood

Avoid a tangle of necklaces with this simple wall jewelry organizer. It’s easy to make with a piece of scrap wood and dowels. I love this simple and modern jewelry hanger that makes a beautiful piece of wall home decor

Tutorial to make your own here.

11. Upcycled Jewelry Organizers from Thrifty Rebel Vintage

Jewelry organizer made from upcycled grill sheets

Upcycled vintage cooking grills make perfect jewelry organization. The holes in the grill are perfect for earrings and s-hooks to hang necklaces. Spray paint them in the color of your choice!

Tutorial here.

12. DIY Necklace Holder with Copper Pipes from A Crafted Passion

Tabletop necklace holer made from copper pipes and painted black

I love working with copper pipes to make home decor. If you’re looking for a jewelry holder that has an industrial style this one is for you. Spray paint it black for a clean modern look.

Tutorial here.

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13. DIY Wall Jewelry Organizer From Houseful of Handmade

wooden jewelry organizer hanging on wall with door open

The wood sign on the outside is cute, but the magic happens inside! This jewelry cabinet is a great storage solution made using several size boards and plywood. It’s an easy DIY woodworking project anyone can make!

Make your own!

14. DIY Jewelry Organizer With Farmhouse Charm from Live Laugh Rowe

Jewelry organizer with hooks and a dowel

You can make this DIY jewelry holder using a 1×4 board and just a few simple tools. Hooks are great for hanging necklaces and a dowel rod creates a handle to hold all of your bracelets.

Tutorial to make your own here.


15. DIY Wood Jewelry Organizer from A Bubbly Life

modern wood hanging jewelry organizer with mirror

This modern easy DIY wood jewelry organizer can be made for just $20! It features a modern natural wood look with necklace, bracelet, and ring storage. The best part is the mirror! The mirror is great for putting on earrings and checking that your necklace is sitting just right.

Make your own!

16. DIY Wooden Dowel Teepee Jewelry Holder from Dwell Beautiful

Jewelry holder made from dowels to look like a teepee

How cute is this simple wooden dowel necklace and bracelet holder?! Made from dowels and leather cord that you pick up at your local craft store. Create a color dipped look on the bottom of each dowel for a modern touch.

Tutorial here.

17. DIY Cabinet Hardware Jewelry Organizer from The Happy Housie

Cabinet hardware on patterned background to hang jewelry

Cabinet hardware is a great way to hang up jewelry. Add knobs and drawer pulls to an MDF board covered in wallpaper for a unique piece of home decor.

Tutorial here.

18. Jewelry Holder With Secret Compartment from Shades Of Blue Interiors

hanging jewelry cabinet with secret compartment

I love anything with a secret compartment! This DIY jewelry cabinet is easy to make yourself and the mosaic metal sheet elevates the look as well as provides earring storage.

Tutorial to make your own.

19. DIY Jewelry Organizer from Diva Of DIY

tabletop picture frame jewelry organizer

Add aluminum sheeting to a picture frame for easy DIY earring storage that you can sit on an easel or hang on the wall.

See how to make your own here.

20. DIY Jewelry Organizer from Landee See Landee Do

teal painted frame with sheeting and knobs to hold jewelry

I just love the color of this DIY hanging jewelry holder! It’s perfect for jewelry storage in a closet. Metal sheeting is used for earring storage and cute vintage knobs for necklaces.

Make your own!


21. Pegboard Jewelry Organizer from The Inspired Hive

Pegboard used as a jewelry organizer

Pegboard is an easy and practical way to organize your jewelry. Make it look pretty by spray painting it a color to match your decor and add a frame using wood and wood glue. Pegboard hooks are perfect for organizing all of your jewelry.

Full tutorial here.

22. Framed Jewelry & Earring Organizer from Marty’s Musings

vintage picture frame as a jewelry organizer

Don’t pass up those frames at a garage sale, look what it can become! An old picture frame is one of the easiest DIY projects you can make to use as a wall jewelry holder. You can add chicken wire or decorative sheets to the back to make an earring holder for all of your earrings.

Tutorial to make your own.

23. Brass Earring Pyramid DIY from A Beautiful Mess

DIY pyramid made from brass tubes to hold earrings

This awesome earring holder is made using brass tubes and floral wire to create a pyramid shape. It’s a great piece of home decor that you can sit anywhere!

Tutorial here.

24. Wall Mounted DIY Jewelry Organizer from The Kim Six Fix

DIY jewelry holder made from wood

This jewelry organizer is a great beginner woodworking project that you can make in a day! It features a hanging rod and hooks for necklaces and bracelets, and wire mesh for earrings. It even has a shelf that gives you a place to take off jewelry and lay it for easy access the next day.

Full tutorial here.

25. DIY Necklace Organizer from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

necklace holder made from scrap wood

Organization is more fun when there is scrap wood involved! Wood floor samples are used to make this fun necklace holder. Click them together and add knobs to hang your necklaces.

Tutorial here.

26. DIY Copper and Marble Jewelry Stand from Lovely Indeed

Jewelry stand made from copper pipe with marble base

This is such an easy and fun jewelry tree you can make in a day. It’s perfect for necklaces and bracelets. The copper pipe and marble base give it a high end look that you can sit anywhere!

Full tutorial here.

27. Jewelry Organizer from Sparkles Of Sunshine

scroll work picture frame jewelry holder

This is a simple and quick project and any little girl would love this DIY hanging jewelry organizer. Pre-cut frame pieces and decorative sheet metal is layered together to give this jewelry organizer a unique look.

Full tutorial here.

28. Hanging DIY Hidden Jewelry Organizer From H2OBungalow

DIY jewelry holder with picture frame door

Frame your favorite photo or piece of art and add it as a door to a wall jewelry cabinet. A simple picture frame that hides all the jewelry behind it! A nice hiding spot your precious jewels!

Full tutorial here.

29. Simple Jewelry Holder by Sugar Bee Crafts

4 rows of jewelry hanging on the wall

An entire wall full of pretty and colorful jewelry – what’s not to love about that? Trim boards and cup hooks are all you need to create your own jewelry wall.

Full tutorial here!

30. Repurposed Printers Tray from Tonya Staab

Vintage printer tray used as a jewelry organizer

You don’t have to build something new if you can luck out in finding an old printer’s tray. I love this idea! Add cup hooks for necklaces and eye hooks for earrings. Paint it in the color of your choice or leave it in all of it’s vintage finish glory.

See how to make your own!


SO which one is your favorite DIY jewelry organizer?

Apart from the one I have hanging on my bedroom wall, I love the wooden ones… they are so simple and modern!

Have you made yourself a jewelry holder? Share a picture! I can’t wait to see!

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