DIY Hexagonal Marble Tray – Using Contact Paper

The season of giving is upon us! I love to create and give meaningful gifts that not only create lasting memories but are also useful long after the season. In collaboration with Thymes, I bring you a simple and easy DIY hexagonal marble tray which serves as the perfect companion to create a centerpiece using the amazing Frasier Fir Candles!

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She made this DIY hexagonal marble tray out of wood! What a perfect centerpiece or serving tray!

About 10 years ago we moved from Upstate NY to Southern California. Living in Southern California has its perks like being able to spend Thanksgiving playing on the beach… but I miss the sights of streets and trees covered with a fresh dusting of white powder, holiday lights twinkling through a flurry of snow and the feeling of sitting next to a crackling fire and a beautiful Christmas tree!She shows you how to make this beautiful centerpiece with a DIY marble tray!

When Thymes sent me their Frasier Fir series to try out, I expected a pretty holiday scent but to my surprise, the scent of the Frasier Fir trees was so well packed into the candle! When I opened the package, the entire room filled with amazing fragrance of a fresh cut pine trees and hints of cedarwood and sandalwood. Lighting the candle was like magic! It felt like the holidays were here! The Northwood candle even has a wooden wick and crackles when you light it up!Can you believe this is a DIY Marble tray made from wood! It is the perfect gift!

If you have been a reader for a while, you know I love all things made of wood, these candles are so beautifully packaged – the lids are made of  natural cherry and walnut, the Northwood candle and diffuser are wrapped in natural cherry veneer, the gift sets are placed in a beautiful wooden box. These make such perfect gifts! That is not even the best part! Thymes has created the Buy one, Plant one campaign – they plant a tree for every product you buy from them. Every product even comes with little certificate with the coordinates of the tree you helped plant! Now that makes the best gift ever! There is a special offer from Thymes exclusively for you at the end of this post, so keep reading! They plant a tree for every product you buy! I love this company!

Let me wrap up all my feelings about Frasier Fir and the idea of creating homemade gifts and memories in a video!

DIY Faux Marble Tray –

Lets get back to the DIY hexagonal Marble tray. I have seen a bunch of DIY Marble trays that use a marble tile but in that case you are restricted to the shape of the marble tile. I wanted a hexagon so I came up with this technique to make this faux marble tray. Since it is not real marble, it is very lightweight too. You can package it up with a few of the amazing Frasier Fir candles and make an amazing gift!

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Materials Needed to Make the Hexagonal Marble Tray –

How to Make the DIY Hexagonal Marble Tray –

Step 1 – Start by cutting out the hexagonal shape from the 1″ x 12″ board using a Jig saw. Sand down all surfaces and edges of the hexagon. How to make a DIY hexagonal marble tray... this is a faux marble tray that is cut out of wood!

Step 2 – Paint the back and edges of the hexagon with white paint. She created a faux marble tray out of a painted piece of wood!

Step 3 – Slowly apply the marble contact paper to the front of the hexagon. Use a credit card to smooth out any bubbles as you go along.You wont believe the beautiful hexagonal marble tray she makes!

Step 4 – Use an exacto knife to cut out the extra contact paper along the edges. how to make a DIY hexagonal marble tray from wood!

Step 5 – Spray paint the doll pin stands with Silver spray paint and glue to t he bottom of the tray. I used white gorilla glue. She made this amazing DIY hexagonal marble tray from wood!

Step 6 – Attach knobs to serve as handles and the tray is ready!

This hexagonal marble tray is so easy to make! And its made out of wood!

This tray is very versatile – you can use it in your centerpiece, to organize your jewelry or even to serve appetizers! You can wrap this tray up with some pretty Frasier Fir candles and create the perfect gift! Wow!! She made this hexagonal DIY marble tray using wood! Seriously?!

I just can’t get over how beautiful these candles are… I wish I could send you their amazing aroma! I leave you with one of my favorite candles – the 4-wick large candle -when lit, not only the scent, the beauty is breathtaking! Get Christnas to your home with the beautiful smells of Frasier Fir (ad)

Subscribe buttonpin it buttonWow! She made this DIY Hexagonal marble tray using wood! I can't believe how easy it is!

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  1. The candles sound heavenly Anika, I can just imagine those beautiful scents imbuing the house with a sense of calm and serenity and they look so lovely on your hexagonal tray too.

    1. Thanks Michelle. Yes, these candles are just amazing! I am addicted to them 🙂

  2. Anika, if I hadn’t seen it the way you made it, I would not have believed it was contact paper. It looks that pretty! You are quite a wiz with contact paper. I had also seen your video and was very impressed.

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