Painting Stripes On A Wall – My Garage Accent Wall Reveal

Learn how to create a gorgeous DIY accent wall with paint and wood by painting stripes on the wall. Plus see what my garage accent wall looks like now!

Full garage accent wall with stripes painted and with wood boards


You have no idea how excited I am for this project!

Ever since we moved into this house 2 years ago, I have wanted to create a nice organized backdrop in my garage for pictures and YouTube videos.

Not just that, in general, the garage – although had a lot of cabinets and “storage”, it was really poorly put together and inefficient. Some cabinets were so greasy, I didn’t want to touch them. Some were falling apart. Some had shelves with really narrow spacing making them essentially useless.

This is the main wall. The wall you see in most of my videos and pictures.

accent wall before - messy garage with cabinets and pegboard

The upper cabinets – they are empty because they are falling off the wall. The cabinets are nailed into the old dark paneling which is already pretty damaged in many places.

We removed all the cabinets and pegboards, added new thin panels and primed and painted them for a nice clean slate to start with! I will have another post with all the details about it on the blog soon.

DIY Painted Accent Wall

Now let’s talk about this accent wall.

I wanted a simple wall but wanted to add some color.

I opted for a simple pattern. It reflects some of my favorite colors and the wood brings in much-needed warmth. 

close up look at the accent wall with paint and wood


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Materials needed for DIY striped accent wall

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How to paint the stripes on the accent wall

As always, I have a full detailed video showing you exactly how to I painted the wall.

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A full written step by step tutorial along with a lot of tips follows.

Tutorial for creating the accent wall

Please note – this tutorial is great for painting the stripes on a smooth wall. If you have textured walls, always apply a layer of the base color over the tape before painting the accent color.

Time needed: 1 day.

Learn how to create a gorgeous DIY accent wall with paint and wood by painting stripes on the wall. Plus see what my garage accent wall looks like now!

  1. Pick colors

    Pick your favorite colors for the wall.
    The main color I picked for the wall was a dark color and the stripes were going to be lighter hence, I painted the stripes before the rest of the wall.

    Note: If you pick colors the other way round, you can definitely paint the base wall color first.

  2. Mark the stripes

    To make things easier, you can choose thicknesses for the stripes based on boards you have available.

    I used a 4″ wide poplar board and a 1 x 2 board to create 1-1/2″ and 3/4″ wide stripes.

    Cut one end of the poplar board at 20 degrees and use that to start the pattern.
    Use the 1 x 2 board to finishing drawing out the rest of the pattern. Woman Marking lines to paint a striped wall

  3. Tape and paint first stripe

    For the first few lines, you can use the green FrogTape to tape off the lines.

    Paint a couple of coats, then with the paint still wet, remove the tape slowly away from the wall.

    TIP: Be sure to burnish the edge of the tape with a fingernail or a hard edge like a credit card to seal it. Burnishing edge of tape to paint accent wall

  4. Tape and paint the next set of lines

    Once the painted strip is dry to touch (in my case, about 30 minutes later), you can tape with yellow delicate surface FrogTape and paint the next set of stripes.

    NOTE: It is very important that the tape follows the previously painted edge. To be ultra sure, I like to keep a very small offset between the tape and paint line. That way, you don’t get white spaces between the two colors. Alternatively, you could paint the teal over the tape to make sure there are no white spots.  Painting stripes on wall

  5. Paint the main wall color

    Finally, tape the stripes with yellow FrogTape since its fresh paint and paint the main wall color. Woman painting dark grap color on the remaining wall

  6. Add wood board

    Stain the wood board in color of your choice. I used gel stain in nutmeg.
    Attach the wood board to the wall using a staple gun. Woman attaching wood board to wall for accent wall


That is it!

Here is my pretty striped accent wall!

I already added some awesome tool storage on one end of the wall.

Striped accent wall after

There are many projects left for this wall… like adding shelving and some decor.

But I am VERY excited about this new beginning!

And now I can’t wait to get building in my “new” workshop!

woman standing in workshop with painted accent wall

And a workbench is on the list too!


Be sure to join my mailing list because I have many more projects and posts coming soon as I build stuff to make this workshop more efficient and fun!

I used Behr Marquee for all the paint. The paint colors used are –

  • Battleship Gray
  • Dragonfly
  • Bubble Shell
  • Weathered Moss

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