How To: Colorful Accent Wall for Kids Room

How to paint a colorful accent wall. Step by step tutorial to easily paint a DIY geometric accent wall in under 6 hours. Perfect idea for the kids’ room!

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Shared boy girl room colorful accent wall idea

This colorful accent wall idea has been brewing in my mind for a very very long time (think years!)

I am so excited to finally put it on a wall and share it with you!

The most exciting thing about having our own house was that I could paint walls and this geometric accent wall just HAD to be the first super fun wall to get painted.

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Shared Girl-Boy Room Accent Wall Idea

My kids have always shared a room and love to at least until my daughter hits tweens and realizes she has a choice. 😉

A shared boy-girl room comes with its challenges for decor. I could pick a neutral color – a gray or beige or green…

But you know me… that was NOT going to happen.

So here we are…. one side of the room for my flowers and all things pink-loving gentle girl and the other for my ferocious naughty dinosaur loving boy.

A quick video to show you more about how I did it!

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Easy DIY Geometric Wall Pattern

You might think it took a LONG time to paint this wall… give me your best guess… and read to the end to see exactly how long it took me and how easy it is to create this!

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Supplies Needed for the Colorful Geometric Accent Wall

How to Paint Geometric Shapes on the Wall –

I started by having the kids pick 5 colors each. They both picked very similar orange, green and yellow so that made my job so much easier! There were also a navy blue, light blue and teal that are not shown here.Creating a colorful kids room accent wall

Decide how far in the main colors overlap and the size of diamonds. I decided on 2′ for the overlap and 1′ for the diamonds. The wall is exactly 12′ so using 1′ increments made it simple.

Use a level along with a yardstick to mark the grid.Easy way to create a geometric diamond wall

I marked corners of all the diamonds down and across. See below on exactly how I did it.

Start by taping the first pattern down on both sides. I went down 2′ before I started taping the 1′ diamonds.

How to create a geometric diamond pattern on the wall

Paint the main wall colors – teal and light pink in our case. I used Multi-surface FrogTape® for this because the base paint had been painted almost 2 weeks before.How to start painting a geometric colorful accent wall

Time to start painting the diamonds. Tape alternate diamonds using FrogTape® Delicate Surface  and paint.

 Tip : Make sure to press down the edge of the tape with your nails or a hard edge. This ensures perfect sharp lines. Painting a colorful accent wall using FrogTape

The only thing to really pay attention is to carefully align the edge of the tape to the previously painted line. It isn’t hard at all because you are always following the corners you marked for the diamonds.

Remove the tape as soon as you paint each diamond.

I love how clean the lines are!How to create clean lines while painting walls

Continue painting alternate diamonds in random colors. I simply went about in my favorite pattern to pick colors – random.

I love that you can use FrogTape® Delicate Surface on paint less than 24 hours old. The paint would take about 30 minutes to dry to touch and I could tape over it.  

I would paint diamonds on one side, go to the other side – tape and paint then come back to the first side and tape and paint more diamonds.How to create a preftect accent wall with geometrical diamonds

As I went inwards, I mixed each color with white paint to fade them out as they met in the to paint diamonds on the wall for a kids room

Overall it took me about 3 hours a day across 2 days to finish this wall… that’s a total of only 6 hours  – not bad at all for this complicated geometric pattern!how to paint geometric shapes on wall

We have the boy side of the room…Colorful boys room accent wall

and the girl side of the room…colorful girls accent wall idea

And because we all love a good before and after, here is a look at how this room started out about 3 months ago… Old room- pink carpet - before

That big brown built-in has been replaced by the coolest wall in the house for the two coolest people in the house! (who can just never stand still for a picture)how to create a fun colorful geometric accent wall

Update – After 2 years of enjoying their colorful room together, it was time for them to get their own rooms. This room was transformed into a nature themed (aka all about dinosaurs room). Take a look! 

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  4. Suryasmiles says:

    What a wonderful idea for a shared kids room! I just love it. The colors are so bright and cheery. I’m a quilter and the colors would be fitting for creating quilts to match each wall. Just love the idea!

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