21 Best DIY Workbenches With Step-By-Step Plans

Need a workbench? Here are 21 of the best DIY workbenches with detailed plans for any small or large workshop.

Woman with workbench with drawers and storage in workshop

When you start building projects, you quickly realize that having a workbench is essential to efficiently and comfortably build projects. You can only build things on the floor for so long… not to mention that using many of the power tools on the floor is a safety risk.

When I decided to get a miter saw and start building more projects, I first built a small, simple workbench. It sat in a corner of our garage, taking up a small amount of space but it was the best thing I ever did!

Key Workbench Design Features

When building a workbench, several key design considerations should be considered to ensure it meets your needs and functions effectively. The main features you need to look for in a workbench design are:

  1. Size and dimensions: Maximize the available space, so you have a good-sized surface to build on.
  2. Height: The workbench height should be comfortable for your working posture. Typically, it should align with your waist or slightly below to reduce strain on your back and arms.
  3. Work Surface Material: Choose a durable, flat work surface material, such as hardwood plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard).
  4. Storage and Organization: If possible, incorporate storage options like drawers, shelves, pegboards, or tool racks to keep your tools and materials organized and within easy reach.
  5. Mobility: I highly recommend adding wheels or casters to your workbench so you can move it around as necessary.

If you are ready to level up your building game or add functionality to your workshop, I have curated 21 DIY Workbenches with proven step-by-step plans to inspire you to build one for your garage or workshop today!

1. Easy 2X4 DIY Workbench by Anika’s DIY Life

Every workshop needs a workbench. This is an easy beginner project you can make with 2X4s and plywood—no need for fancy tools. You can build it with a pocket hole jig and a handsaw if you don’t have any power tools yet.

Get the plans and tutorial to build your own.

2. Easy DIY Workbench with Storage by Anika’s DIY Life

Build a DIY workbench with storage, including drawers and shelves, with this detailed step-by-step tutorial, video, and plans.

Ready for an upgraded workbench for your shop or garage? I was, and I built this DIY workbench with storage drawers. It’s a simple build that features drawers for storage, a shelf underneath for storing lumber or larger power tools, and push-up caster wheels that allow you to move it around wherever you need it.

Get the plans and tutorial here.

3. DIY Mobile Workbench from Woodshop Diaries

Large DIY mobile workbench

Made from construction lumber and plywood, this DIY mobile workbench is budget-friendly. It features a large work surface and multiple shelves for storage. Adding wheels to this workbench allows you to move it around wherever you need it and then store it out of the way when you’re done.

Get the plans and see the tutorial here.

4. DIY Simple Workbench from The Handyman’s Daughter

simple DIY workbench

Two storage sections underneath with shelves and one for taller items make this simple workbench project perfect for your workshop or garage. You can make this workbench with 2X4s, 2X2s, plywood, and basic tools. Pocket hole joinery ensures that it will be solid and sturdy for many years.

Plans to build the workbench here.

5. Flip-Top Workbench from Pneumatic Addict

DIY workbench with flip top

Want a workbench that can be a work surface and house your large power tools? This flip-top workbench is the answer! 2X2s, 2X4s, and plywood are all you need to make your own. The sturdy construction will hold your heavy tools when you flip them over.

Plans and tutorial here.

6. Garage Workbench with Storage from Fix This Build That

workbench desk with storage

Perfect for a small garage, this workbench with storage has plenty of room for your small hand tools and woodworking supplies. With drawers and pegboard storage, everything will be easily accessible when needed.

Get the plans to build your own.

7. Mobile Tool Storage Workbench from Sawdust Girl

DIY workbench with tool storage

Having all your tools in one place is great. When the storage is on your workbench, it’s even better! This easy DIY workbench has hanging storage for your cordless and larger tools. A magnetic strip keeps screwdrivers within easy reach. At 24″ wide, it will fit through most doorways, making renovating your home so much easier.

Plans and tutorial here.

8. DIY Workbench from Love and Renovations

stationary workbench in garage

This simple workbench is built with 2X4s and 2X6s. Its sturdy construction will last for years, and you can put it on any wall in your workshop. It can be customized to the size and height you need.

Tutorial to build your own here.

9. Small Portable Workbench from Create and Babble

Portable workbench with storage

A small portable workbench is a great idea, even for an experienced woodworker. It’s easy to move around and store away. This simple design is made from 2X4s and plywood. Notice the top is double plywood for an even sturdier work surface.

See how to build your own here.

10. DIY Rolling Workbench from DIY Huntress

rolling workbench with storage underneath

Made entirely of 2X4s, this rolling workbench features drop-down casters. The casters allow you to keep it stationary while using it, and it’s easy to roll out of the way when you’re done. It’s a great beginner project you can make in a weekend.

Plans and tutorial to build your own here.

11. Large Rolling Workbench from A Crafted Passion

Large rolling workbench

The great thing about DIYing your workbench is that you can customize the size and storage that suit you and your workshop. This large rolling workbench has plenty of storage for tools and wood underneath, and the large work surface gives you plenty of space for building large projects.

Build your own!

12. DIY Workbench with Storage Drawers from TylynnM

Large DIY workbench with drawers

You will be able to do a lot of projects on this DIY workbench. It features a large work surface, three drawers, and a bottom shelf perfect for storing scrap wood. It’s an easy beginner project that anyone can build.

Plans and tutorial here.

13. Easy Mobile Workbench from Charleston Crafted

Mobile workbench with slatted bottom shelf

The design of this mobile workbench features a slatted shelf for temporary storage, a large work surface, and side shelves for tools that are used often. Constructed from 2X4s and plywood, it’s a beginner-friendly project that anyone can build.

Plans and tutorial here.

14. Workbench with Shelves from Jen Woodhouse

Workbench with shelves

Large work surface, tons of storage, what could be better? This easy workbench with shelves will be a great addition to your workshop or garage. You can easily roll it outside to work on large projects, and there is plenty of space for frequently used tools or finishing products for your projects.

Build your own!

15. Simple Rolling Workbench from Angela Marie Made

workbench on wheels painted white

This easy DIY workbench is great for small workshops but still large enough for projects. It features an overhang perfect for clamping projects to the work surface. Made with plywood and construction lumber, it’s an easy, beginner-friendly build.

Plans and tutorial here

16. Ultimate Mobile Workbench from Woodshop Mike

Close up of DIY workbench

The ultimate workbench for your garage or workshop, this build is a bit more advanced but worth the extra effort. The work surface is great for large projects and their isn’t anything you can’t store in this workbench.

Get the plans.

17. DIY Workbench with Drawers from Woodshop Diaries

DIY workbench with storage drawers

Access the middle shelf from the top of this workbench with its flip-top design. This medium-sized workbench is great for an added work surface plus extra storage in your workshop or garage.

Get the plans here.

18. DIY Folding Workbench from Addicted 2 DIY

Workbench folded up against the wall

This folding workbench is the perfect solution when you don’t have room for a workbench. Made from 2X4s and plywood, the top folds down, and the sides fold in for easy storage. It’s great for working in the driveway or in a small garage.

Build your own.

19. Wall-Mounted Folding Workbench from Just Measuring Up

Wall-mounted folding workbench

The stationary design of the folding workbench makes it perfect for the garage. The top lifts up, and the shelves are placed underneath using a French cleat system. When you’re done, take out the shelves and fold down the top. Once your project is done, you’ll still have room for your car.

Learn how to build your own here.

20. Easy Folding Workbench from Saws On Skates

Man carrying a folding workbench

Build a workbench that you can take anywhere. This folding workbench design features a base that folds up and fits inside the top for easy storage. The lightweight design is easy to carry but still sturdy to work on. Store it against a wall or even in a storage room in your garage or workshop.

Get the plans here.

21. Folding Workbench on Wheels from Ana White

DIY folding workbench on wheels

Narrow enough to fit against the wall and still walk around, this folding workbench is on wheels and features storage. The top comes up, and the legs fold down when working on projects. Fold it back down for easy storage. It’s perfect for small garages and workshops.

Build your own.

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