What Can You Do With a Cricut Maker?

That’s right! A Cricut machine makes a great Holiday gift for the makers and woodworkers in your life! I have all the details on the why and the what for you.

Cricut Maker with accessories and text overlay


If you have been thinking of buying it as a gift for someone or yourself, allow me to convince you why you need it right away!

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What’s a Cricut?

A Cricut machine is an electronic cutting machine – kind of like a printer but instead of simply printing, it can cut materials like paper and vinyl as well.

What Cricut to Gift a Woodworker?

The powerhouse of Cricut machines – the Cricut Maker! It is capable of cutting hundreds of materials and is great for crafters, quilters, sewers, DIYers, and even woodworkers. Apart from paper and vinyl, it can cut felt, fabric, wood veneer, bass/balsa wood, leather, thicker chipboard, corrugated cardboard, and more! You can see the full list here.

It has an adaptive tool system that allows you to switch between blades and accessories so you can do any type of project.

Cricut Maker on desk with everything included in the box

Is Cricut Useful for Diyers and Woodworkers?

YES! A Cricut Maker and the Maker 3 actually make a great addition to a woodworker’s workshop. If you look at the list of materials it can cut – which includes not only paper and vinyl, but also the likes of wood veneer, basswood, balsa wood, leather, and thick chipboard, you will see that it opens up a whole world of possibilities in the life of a maker.

Not only cuts, but it can also engrave materials like aluminum and acrylic with the engraving tip.

Cricut maker with all its accessories on the table

I am still experimenting and trying various materials and projects and their combinations! And I love it every single time I use it! I have so many ideas of things to make and not enough time!


Here are some examples of the things I have tried to date to give you an idea of the possibilities –

1. Basswood Projects

Being able to cut thin basswood and balsa wood in various shapes opens up a whole world of possibilities for a maker. These ornaments were made using basswood and the knife blade.

DIY Christmas tree shaped wooden ornaments hanging from branch

2. Leather Projects

The Cricut deep point can cut leather and faux leather! That means being able to make custom pulls for furniture, decor items and even earrings! These leather leaves were cut out using the deep point blade and embellished with the foil transfer system for a modern fall wreath

DIY minimal and modern fall hoop wreath on wall

3. Acrylic Projects

The engraving tool opens up many new possibilities! It can engrave acrylic and aluminum which can be used for many projects like art, decor, and signs. I used the engraving tip to engrave acrylic and make a cool custom nightlight.

DIY nightlight using acrylic engraved on Cricut

4. Wood Veneer/Chipboard Projects

Being able to cut veneers into intricate shapes can mean many new ways to use them and create beautiful art. Plus, you can make identical cuts on multiple materials and create some lots of fun projects. These simple 3-D letters are made using a combination of card stock, chipboard and veneer using the fine point blade and a knife blade.


5. Custom DIY Stencil Projects

Stenciling projects take them to the next level. The Cricut allows for infinite possibilities in creating your own stencils – not just for signs but also for walls or to embellish furniture. I made custom feather stencils to create this accent wall in our coat closet.

colorful Stenciled wall closet

6. Heat Transfer Vinyl Projects for Home and Gifts

Heat transfer vinyl makes easy custom projects. Not just on t-shirts, but can also be used to make personalized gifts like coasters, cake stand or custom backpacks.

DIY wood slice cake stand on table with cake

7. Custom Unique Home Decor

Creatives usually have an idea in mind of what they would like a project or space to look like and it is not always possible to find that in the store. Cricut it makes it super easy to design and make your own! I made these one of a kind pillows for my living room using Cricut Infusible Ink.

Pillow made with colorful influsible ink on couch

In addition to all this, there are a multitude of paper crafts and sewing projects that are possible!

All of the above doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the possibilities with the Cricut Maker.

What to Bundle With the Cricut Maker?

When you buy a Cricut Maker – for yourself or as a gift, you can add accessories to it and make it the “perfect holiday gift bundle”! Here are my recommendations –

Another option is the Cricut Access – the monthly subscription service .

The  Cricut Design Space is an essential part of using the Cricut. It is free to sign up and get access to a LOT of free images and fonts. However, there are many images and fonts that are available for a nominal fee. You do have the option to sign up for the membership which gives you access to over 100,000 images and 400 fonts!


The Cricut Joy (A Smaller Alternative)

The Cricut Joy is the newest Cricut machine. It is also the lowest priced Cricut machine and a great starting point for someone looking to try out a Cricut machine. It is tiny and can be easily stored away in a drawer making it a great choice for smaller homes without a craft/office room.

Even though it is tiny, it cuts 50+ materials and can cut and write. The best part is that it can cut up to 20 feet of vinyl in one go!!

Did I convince you to buy a Cricut for the DIYer/ Woodworker in your life yet? Trust me, they will be excited to receive it!

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