37 DIY Nightstand Ideas to Build

The perfect nightstand helps keep your bedside organized! Here are some unique and easy DIY nightstand ideas for your to build. Most of these can be built on a weekend!

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Also known as bedside tables, nightstands can serve a number of purposes, but their true value is convenience.

They don’t have to be very fancy, a simple table will work as well but if you would like to make things a little bit organized, it is important to think through what you might need during the night to design the perfect DIY nightstand.

Plus, a great nightstand enhances the look of any bedroom and makes it complete.

Why Build Your Own Nightstand?

Yes, you can easily purchase nightstands for a pretty affordable price. Building your own can help you customize it so it works perfectly for you! Here is why you should build your own –

  • Customize the storage – easily build 1, 2 or more drawers. Add shelves if that’s your thing.
  • Custom height – nightstands should be the height of the mattress. You can’t always get the design, color and look you want in the height you need.
  • Custom features – need a hidden charger, charging ports, or even a hidden reading light? You can easily build a nightstand to work for you.
  • Custom look – get the exact color and look you want to match your decor.
  • Built with real wood – not the manufactured wood like available in many big box stores.

The Ideal Nightstand Design

The design of a nightstand depends on the person using it and their needs. A few things you might need to accommodate in a design are:

  • Drawers (to store things out of sight)
  • Shelves (great for books etc)
  • Electrical connections/chargers – to charge your devices.
  • Light – space on top for a reading lamp

How Tall Should a Nightstand Be?

The typical rule for the height of a nightstand is that it should be the same height as your mattress making it easy for you to reach the nightstand from your bed.

Nightstands available in the market typically range from 20″ to 24″ high.

How Do You Make an Easy Nightstand?

A DIY nightstand is a great woodworking project for anyone. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like.

There are many nightstand projects and plans available and you can find one that works well for your lifestyle.

Most simple nightstand projects are perfect for beginner woodworkers and can be built with basic power tools.

I have gathered some of my favorites from around the internet to help you find the perfect nightstand to make!


DIY Nightstand Project Ideas

1. Easy DIY Nightstand with Drawers

This DIY nightstand with drawers is a great beginner build. It is a simple box with “boxes” for drawers. The slightly angled legs give it a nice character.

It looks like it is made from pallet wood, but it isn’t. Don’t be intimidated by building drawers, I have you covered with a full tutorial, video, and plans!

Learn how to build a perfect drawer every time!

2. Nightstand with Hidden Compartment

nightstand with one drawer and books and elephant on shelf

This is a simple nightstand with a drawer and a shelf for books. But guess what? It also has a secret hidden compartment underneath the top!

It is also a slim design that works well for small bedrooms.

3. DIY PB Inspired Night Stand

yellow painted night stand with drawer and two shelves

I fell in love with a nightstand from Pottery Barn, but I didn’t love the price tag. I saved big $$$ by building my own nightstand with a drawer and shelves.

The X detail on this nightstand is one of my favorite things and the two shelves give us loads of extra bedside storage.

4. Nightstand with Charging Table

dark green painted end table with drawer

Say goodbye to wire clutter with this DIY nightstand with a hidden charging station.

I built this as an end table to go between our couches in the living room to corral all the wires from our devices, but it would work great as a nightstand also.

5. X-Leg Accent table

Yellow DIY X-leg accent table nightstand next to bed

My X-leg nightstand was one of the first builds I did when I first started. The drawer doesn’t use drawer slides and is very forgiving making it a great beginner drawer project.

You can paint this nightstand any color you want or use a stain for a more natural finish.

6. DIY kids bedside table with book storage

This DIY Kids bedside table combines function and style. This kids furniture has book storage for easy access to bedtime reading. Add organization to the kids' room with this easy beginner woodworking project!

Kids need nightstands too and they need to incorporate storage for all the bedtime reading!

This kid’s nightstand with book storage is a very simple and easy project perfect for beginner woodworkers. All you need to know is to make the cuts and then assemble using pocket holes.

7. DIY Tall Nightstand from Houseful of Handmade

two drawer nightstand with shelf in natural finish

This DIY nightstand is designed to be 28 3/4″ tall which gives you plenty of room to add drawers and a shelf.

8. Nightstand with Notched Drawer from The Handyman’s Daughter

white nightstand with natural colored drawer

This modern DIY nightstand features a two-toned look by painting the body white and leaving the drawer natural. The notched drawer adds interest and brings attention to the maple drawer front.

9. Mid Century Modern Nightstand from Woodshop Diaries

two DIY nightstands with white vases sitting on top with greenery

Make a DIY mid-century nightstand using one piece of plywood and some scrap wood. These nightstands feature a deep drawer, shelf, and lovely mid-century modern legs!

10. Floating Beside Table from Harbour Breeze Home

floating nightstand on wall next to bed

Made from tongue and groove board and MDF, these simple floating nightstands can be made for just $10.

Floating nightstands are a great option in a small bedroom. Mounting them on the wall leaves the floor underneath open and free making the space look larger than it really is.

11. DIY Nightstand with Drawer from Angela Marie Made

DIY nightstand with one drawer and bottom shelf

You can make this DIY nightstand using premium wood or use knotty pine for a more budget-friendly version. This is the perfect upgrade if you are looking for solid wood nightstands. The drawer and shelf make for great extra storage in your bedroom.

12. Simple DIY Nightstand from Charleston Crafted

DIY nightstand with drawer and two shelves

Build this DIY nightstand from plywood and simple lumber in three easy steps. Build the base, build the drawer and connect them. A drawer and two shelves are great for adding extra storage to your bedroom.

13. Live Edge Floating Nightstands from DIY Huntress

Floating DIY nightstands using a live edge for drawer

The frame of this DIY floating nightstand is made from walnut and poplar with a piece of live edge wood for the drawer front. I love how the live edge makes a natural drawer pull.

14. Hexagon Nightstand from Love Create Celebrate

hexagon shaped DIY nightstand

This hexagon table is made using just one board. The copper pipe connects the two pieces for a modern detail on the DIY end table. Gluing the hexagon shape together is easy and using a ratchet strap will hold it in place as the glue dries.

15. Two Drawer Nightstand from Woodshop Diaries

two drawer DIY nightstand

A mid century modern nightstand with two drawers left unfinished for a modern look. Rough-hewn poplar was used to make this build more budget-friendly, but you can use structural lumber for about the same cost.

16. Chunky Nightstand from Saws on Skates for Remodelaholic

chunky style nightstand with angled legs

This wood nightstand is made from solid wood, featuring a drawer, a shelf, and angled legs. Molding is used to frame the front to give it the chunky look.

17. Farmhouse Nightstand from Shades of Blue Interiors

white painted farmhouse DIY nightstand

Building your own nightstands means you can customize the size to fit your space. This farmhouse style nightstand features two drawers, an arched apron bottom, and long legs to make it tall enough for the bed. Vintage drawer pulls add to the farmhouse charm.

18. Craftsman Nightstand from Her Toolbelt

NIghtstand with three drawers

Craftsman style is classic and this nightstand doesn’t disappoint. Three drawers make it a must-have storage solution for the bedroom. It’s another one on the tall side at 28″ and is great to pair with a taller bed.

19. Rustic Nightstand from Rogue Engineer

rustic nightstand with drawer and X detail on side panels

If you’re looking for a nightstand with a rustic industrial look then this is the one for you. This nightstand is made using plywood, underlayment and kiln-dried 2X8 lumber so that it won’t warp. Metal brackets add an industrial touch.

20. DIY Farmhouse Nightstands from Handmade Haven

set of two farmhouse style DIY nightstands

The two toned finish and X detail of these nightstands are classic farmhouse style. You will get plenty of practice with pocket holes when you make this pair of DIY farmhouse nightstands.

21. Nightstands with Pull Out Ledge from Jaime Costiglio

set of two DIY nightstands with pull out shelf

Made from plywood and pine boards, these nightstands are built to last. They feature a pull-out ledge that is great for writing, a deep drawer for hiding away all the things, and a shelf for extra storage.

22. DIY Nightstand from Lily Ardor

DIY nightstand with cut out handle

Hairpin legs are fantastic, but they can be pricey. Tapered 2X3s for legs keep the minimal Scandinavian look of this nightstand without the hairpin leg price. Pine plywood left unfinished gives this nightstand a clean, fresh, modern look.

23. DIY Rustic Modern Nightstand from Shanty 2 Chic

Made from hardwood plywood this farmhouse-style nightstand is built to last. You will get plenty of pocket hole practice with this build and you will add stylish extra storage to your bedroom.

24. Extra Wide DIY Nightstands from Love and Renovations

dark stained nightstand with turned feet

This extra wide nightstand features plenty of room on the table top and the extra width makes the 2 shelves and drawer perfect for storing all the things you need at your bedside.

25. Bookshelf Nightstand from Andreas Notebook

Bookcase nightstand with toy bin int he bottom

Every kid’s room needs this bookcase nightstand! A shelf for books and a large bin on the bottom for toy storage make this the perfect nightstand for your child’s bedside. It makes a great weekend project.

26. DIY Parsons Nightstand from A Beautiful Mess

parsons sytle nightstand painted white

When you’re short on space, these DIY parsons nightstands are a perfect choice. This beginner-friendly DIY uses a 2X10 board and pocket hole joinery to add a bit of storage and a space to lay your glasses and book at night in your small bedroom.

27. Shelf Nightstand from The Merry Thought

shelf nightstand with lamp and phone holder

Minimal and modern, this wall mounted nightstand takes up hardly any space and has a phone holder built in. Clip a task light to the side and you have everything you need right by your beside. These space saving nightsand shelves can be painted or stained in the color of your choice.

28. Easy DIY Floating Nightstands from Crafted by the Hunts

floating DIY nightstand with sconce above it

Make these easy DIY floating nighstands with a 1X10 and just four tools. They are and easy beginner woodworking project that you can do in a day. This simple design gives you enough storage bedside along with a custom built in look.

29. Nightstands with Hidden Charging Station from Jen Woodhouse

3 drawer nightstand with pull out shelf

This 3-drawer nightstand comes complete with three drawers, a writing tray and a hidden charging station. I think everyone should have a hidden charging station in the bedroom, put away those devices for a good night’s sleep!

30. Ashley Nightstand from Her Toolbelt

white painted nightstand with open shelf

This nightstand is built to not block the heating and air vent. It is 3/4″ taller than the mattress making it the perfect height next to this bed. This nightstand was built using scrap wood, but you can build it using 1X6 boards if you don’t have enough scrap wood in your pile.

31. DIY Floating Nightstands from Awesome Orange

This DIY floating nightstand is made using a pine project panel that is already put together and milled. This one features a drawer and two shelves with a modern vibe. The slots for the drawer bottom are made using a table saw and it is the width of the kerf which was exactly the size needed for the hardwood bottom to slide right in.

Related: What is Saw Kerf – Why it is Important When Cutting Wood

32. Reclaimed Pallet Wood Nightstand from DIY Huntress

modern nightstand made from pallet wood

The panels for this reclaimed pallet nightstand were all joined together then ran through a planer to give them a uniform thickness of 3/4″. The planer cleaned up the pallet wood and really brought out the unique pattern in the wood. Sitting on top of a modern-looking base, this DIY nightstand has a great rustic modern vibe.

33. Super Easy Nightstand by Shark Tails for Remodelaholic

white painted nightstand with open shelf

This nightstand was made with scrap knotty pine, making the cuts easier to make for the top and bottom. If you don’t have enough scrap wood you can also use plywood for this project. The legs are cut from a 1X8 from corner to corner to make a right triangle then cut off to the height needed. It really gives them a cool mid century modern vibe.

34. Bedside Table by Jen Woodhouse

single drawer nightstand with two shelves

This DIY nightstand has a classic silhouette with two open shelves and a drawer. It’s wide enough to accommodate a lamp and anything else you need to have at bedside. Made using 1X12s, 1X2s, and plywood, this nightstand is an easy beginner woodworking project.

35. DIY Primitive Nightstands from Jaime Costiglio

distressed pair of DIY nightstands

The rustic worn look of this set of nightstands is classic primitive style. The wooden door latch adds to the old feel of this pair and you really wouldn’t know they are a new build. They feature a simple door with plenty of storage inside and a removable shelf.

36. Wood Nightstand with Drawer from The Merry Thought

Made from ambrosia maple and plywood, this modern minimalist nightstand is customized in height and width for the space. The drawer has the half-circle cut out instead of a drawer pull to keep with the nightstand’s minimalist style.

37. White Oak Nightstands from Jen Woodhouse

nightstand with fluted detail

Can we talk about the fluted drawer fronts on this Gustavian style nightstand?! These were made using a CNC machine for a quicker more uniform look, but you could absolutely do it using your router. It will just take more time and you will have to be patient if you choose to use white oak as it is hardwood and not as pliable as softwoods.


And there you have it!

A nightstand design for you to build for every decor, storage, or size. Which one will you build?

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