DIY Chalkboard Favor Bags

See how to make your own chalkboard favor bags to write your own personalized message! These make excellent treat bags for any occasion!

COllage of DIY chalkboard favor bags with text.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be so fun! 

My son turns 3 next week, and per tradition we need to give little favors to all the kids in his preschool class – that is 25 kids!

I am big proponent of non-candy favors so we decided on these fun colorful chalk.

Now how to wrap them up?

So I came up with these easy to personalize chalkboard favor bags! They can be personalized and re-used!

Easy chalkboard favor bags with hefty slider bags

Just wipe off the chalk and write a new message! 

I think they will also make awesome reusable bags to give for school with a message on them.

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We decided to use  Hefty® slider bags because they would be so easy for the kids to use.

So we headed to Walmart and loaded them up! 

Making chalkboard favor bags using Hefty slider bags

Supplies needed for the chalkboard favor and treat bags –

How to make these DIY favor and treat bags –

Step 1 – Lay out your bags on a cardboard surface and tape them to create a pattern to paint using the masking tape.

The bags are also taped to the cardboard to keep them from moving.

Make chalkbopard labelled favor and treat bags

Step 2 – Paint the first layer of chalkboard paint.

The first layer will look splotchy but don’t worry let it dry. 

Making chalkboard favor and treat bags

Step 3 – Paint the 2nd layer of chalkboard paint.

While the paint is still wet, slowly and carefully peel off the masking tapes.

How to make chalkboard favor and treat bags

Make sure not to move the bags too much or touch the paint. It is important to peel off the tape while the paint is still wet or the tape will lift off the paint with it when dry – ask me how I know! 

Step 4 – Once it is dry, just use chalk or chalkboard marker to write your message.

It can be treated like a regular chalkboard – erased and re-used.

It is so easy to make these chalkboard favor and treat bags!

Here are a bunch of the favor bags ready!

Make these fun re-usable snack bags for kids! yopu can write a new message everyday!

It is fun to write little messages to the kids with their snacks too. 

There are so many uses for these bags I can think of!

From just plain labeling the contents to giving out halloween and holiday treat! The options are endless!  


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