25 DIY Console Tables With Plans

Build your own DIY console tables with these beginner-friendly woodworking plans. From entryways to the living room, you will find one you love!

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Console tables are one of my favorite types of tables! Its no wonder I have built 3 of them and they are some of my favorite and popular projects!

A console table is a very hard-working, attention-demanding versatile piece of furniture.

They can fit any style and can range from a simple minimal design to eye-catching pieces of art.

Features of a Console Table

  • With a typical width of 16-22″, it is perfect for narrow hallways and entryways.
  • The typical height of a console table is 20-24” – about counter height which makes the top easily accessible while standing.
  • It can be a simple table with a top and 4 legs or can have a variety of features including drawers or shelves.

Uses of a Console Table

  • In the entryway – as a place to set down keys and other items. It can also have covered storage for shoes etc.
  • In a hallway – adds additional storage in a space with no storage at all.
  • In the living room – they work really well as a sofa table.
  • In the kitchen/dining room – Some console tables even have wine organizers!
  • As a room divider – its slender design can help create a visual divider in a room.
  • Purely decorative – why not?! Some console tables are just works of art and can be used to add a decor element in a room.

My favorite place for a console table is the entryway. It gives you a chance to display your personality at the entrance of your home.

All of that said, you can easily build your own console table.

I have collected 21 DIY console table plans and ideas that will guide you step by step.

DIY Console Table Ideas

1. Ballard Design Inspired DIY Console Table from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY console table based on Ballard designs.

This console table is based on a Ballard Designs design which retails for over $750! I made this with about $35 in lumber.

It might look complicated with all the angled cuts but I promise you it is super simple to build! I have the woodworking plans available for you.

Get the plans here.

2. DIY Rustic X-Leg Console Table from Anika’s DIY Life

Easy DIY X-leg console table with plans!

If you are leaning towards a more farmhouse style, this X-leg console table will work perfectly! It has bottom shelves for corraling items and the beautiful legs make it eye-catching!

Plans and tutorial here.

3. DIY Mirrored Console Table from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY mirror drawer console table in entryway

This one right here is an absolute show-stopper if I may say so myself. It still sits in my entryway and I would have it no other way!

The design is based on a $1500 version (no longer available) and used only about $120 of material. The build itself was originally inspired by Ana White and I decided to cut all those mirrors and attach them to create a very unique piece of furniture.

Plans and tutorial here.


4. Entryway Console Table from PMQ for Two

DIY console table with 2 legs to fit over basboard heater

If mid-century modern is your vibe, this console table from PMQ for 2 is for you! This slender console table is cleverly designed to camouflage the unsightly heater.

Build your own!

5. Small Console Table from Houseful of Handmade

white distressed farmhouse DIY console table with two drawers and a bottom shelf

This small distressed farmhouse-style console table will easily fit anywhere you need it in your home. The angled legs add a unique touch. Plus it has drawers!

Build your own!


6. DIY Coastal Console Table from Charleston Crafted

pale pink console table with slatted bottom shelf

This is a really simple console table to build! The blend of simple and coastal makes this the perfect console table for any space.

Build your own!

7. DIY X-Base Console Table from Woodshop Diaries

stained wood console table with X details on the sides and two shelves

Another X-leg console table that can be used in the living room or bedroom, storage for blankets, pillows, baskets, or books. It’s an easy beginner build you can do in a weekend.

Plans and tutorial here.

8. Double X Console Table from Her Toolbelt

Wooden console table with X design detail against a white tiled wall with mirror above

Can you believe this rustic console table uses only $38 in lumber?! It is the perfect beginner build and looks like a million dollars!

Tutorial and plans here.

9. Console Table with Scroll Legs from Her Toolbelt

DIY console table with S scroll columns

To make a console table fancy, all you need to do is switch up the legs! Get the look of an RH piece at a fraction of the cost. And surprisingly easy to make too!

Tutorial and plans here.

10. Grand Island Console Table from Her Toolbelt

traditional style DIY console table with drawers and slatted bottom shelf

Bring island style into your home with this console table with faux drawers. It’s the perfect size for any entryway.

Build your own!

11. 2×4 Console Table from Her Toolbelt

rustic industrial style DIY console table made with 2x4s and metal corner accents

This unique console table design is made up of 2x4s and will blow everyone’s minds! It is a beginner build – I am not kidding!

Plans and tutorial here.


12. DIY Dining Room Sideboard from Jaime Costiglio

Blue painted DIY console table with 3 drawers

This pretty blue console table makes a great dining room sideboard. It’s easy to make and doesn’t use any drawer slides.

Build your own!

13. Apothecary Console Table from Lazy Guy DIY

Green painted apothecary DIY console table

Apothecary tables are very trendy and this one has working drawers! It reminds me of a card catalog at the library, back when they had them that is.

Build your own!

14. Rustic X Console Table from Ana White

rustic style DIY console table with X details on the side and two shelves

A rustic console table with lots of storage made from 2x4s. Yes, you read that right! It’s a popular build and really easy to do.

Plans and tutorial here.

15. Farmhouse V Console Table from Handmade Haven

DIY console table with Y style accents and black painted base

A Kreg Jig pocket hole system, pocket hole screws, and wood glue are all you need to build this simple farmhouse V console table.

Tutorial and plans here.


16. Industrial Console Cart from Handmade Haven

DIY console table with wheels

A DIY console table that will fit anywhere. It is perfect for small homes and I think it will work perfectly in a kitchen too!

Tutorial and plans to build your own.

17. DIY Slim Truss Console Table from The Inspired Workshop

Super slim distressed DIY console table

This Urban Farmhouse Designs knockoff is super skinny and extra long. Perfect for your entryway or behind your sofa. What a great way to add extra storage too!

Build your own!

18. Simple Sofa Table from Jaime Costiglio

Simple DIY console table with natural wood top and white painted wood frame

Looking for a solution for a surface behind your sofa?  Need a place to put drinks or a lamp? This easy DIY console table will get the job done.

Plans and tutorial here.

19. $40 Farmhouse Console Table from Shanty 2 Chic

White painted farmhouse style DIY console table

This is the most basic beginner-friendly build! You can build this console table with just 8 2×6 boards!

Plans and tutorial here.

21. X Brace Console Table from Rogue Engineer

DIY console table with X braces

The X design support for this DIY console table is the perfect accent for this one and you can build it for just $40 in lumber!

Plans and tutorial here.

22. Farmhouse Console Table with Drawers from Abbotts at Home

console table with two drawers and a bottom shelf

Plywood and pine are used to build this DIY console table. The drawers give you extra storage space and the gold drawer pulls really pop against that paint color. It makes the perfect entryway table or you could use it in your living room or dining room.

Plans and tutorial here.

23. Faux Marble Console Table from Nourish and Nestle

DIY console table with acrylic legs and faux marble top

Add a touch of glam behind your sofa with this faux marble narrow table. It’s a high end look you can make on a budget. Paint is used to make the faux marble finish and you won’t believe how easy it is!

Full tutorial here.

24. DIY Console Table from 2x4s from A Turtles Life for Me

DIY rustic console table made using 2x4s

Made entirely from 2x4s that were repurposed from their home renovaton project, this DIY console table was almost free to build. If you have enough scrap 2x4s you can do the same or you can buy new wood for your project.

Full tutorial here.

25. DIY Waterfall Console Table from Jen Woodhouse

console table with waterfall edge

This DIY console table is fresh and modern and an easy beginner woodworking project. You can build it using off the shelf lumber and pocket hole joinery. I love the cool detail on the drawer fronts!

Get the plans and see the video here.


And there you have it.

Lots of DIY console table inspiration for you to make your own.

Which one will you build?

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She wants everyone to unlock their creative potential and experience the feeling that comes with making something. Nothing feels better better than seeing something and saying "I can make that!"

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