Top 45 Affordable Gifts for Woodworkers (Under $100)

Find the perfect gifts for the woodworkers in your life. These functional, simple, and useful gift ideas are sure to be appreciated! These make great stocking stuffers for Christmas, too!

Woman running boards through the table saw to make a groove for the shaker style doors.

Wondering what to get the carpenter in your life?

Whether they are a beginner, hobby woodworker, or a professional carpenter, whether you are looking to buy something for their birthday or a Christmas gift, here is a list of 45 of the best gift ideas for woodworkers.

All of these are tools that I use and love to have around the workshop, and I am sure they will find a great spot in their woodworking shops as well!

What Is a Good Gift for a Woodworker?

Many things in the wood shop can make life a LOT easier, and it doesn’t need to involve expensive tools. Unless you know the exact brand and/or item they want, I would advise against buying the big-ticket tools because they are usually a personal preference.

Items like clamps, jigs, gauges, rulers, drill bits, etc., are well-used and appreciated. Most of these make perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas, too!

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Gifts Under $25

1. Kreg’s Multi-Mark Multipurpose Tool

Kreg Multitool for gift ideas for woodworkers

This little multipurpose tool is AMAZING and is my favorite tool in the workshop. It makes a great stocking stuffer!

It can be used in many configurations and has many applications – spacings, angles, and transfer measurements. It even has a built-in level.

Ever since I got one of these, I have used it with pretty much every project!

2. Carpenter  pencils with printed ruler

Carpenters pencil with ruler as a gift for woodworkers

You can never have too many pencils…and these carpenter pencils work double as hard with the printed rulers!

Be sure to bundle it with the sharpener too!

3. Silicone Glue Brush Set

Silicone glue bruch kit for gift ideas for woodworking

Spreading wood glue well and evenly is an important part of building with wood.

This silicone brush set comes with a tiny glue holder, brush, and spreader, making it really handy. Clean-up is a breeze with the silicone.

4. Glue Applicator Kit

Glue bottle applicator kit for gift ideas for woodworking

This is a great upgrade to the wood glue bottle. All the glue applicator attachments make applying glue uniform, easy, and less messy in all types of applications and situations!

5. Glu-Bot Glue Dispenser

Glue-bot glue dispenser

Have you tried getting the glue out of a bottle?You have to turn it upside down and shake it until the glue reaches the nozzle.

The Glu-bot glue dispenser is absolutely brilliant! Squeeze at any angle, and the glue is out. It helps save so much time in the wood shop!

6. Quick-Read Tape Measure

Tape measure with fractions and decimals marked

A woodworker needs to deal with fractions – lots of fractions. This quick-read tape measure is absolutely life-changing! It saves time with all the basic fractions marked right there including their decimal equivalents!

7. Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic wristband Clamps as gift ideas for woodworkers

I have 2 of these and I absolutely love these magnetic wristbands!

It makes building so much easier when you don’t have to keep reaching across your project for screws!

8.  Project Blocks

KReg multipurpose project blocks on the workbench

These multipurpose project blocks can be used for many applications.

They can be used to elevate and hold a project off of a work surface without clamps. Plus, it has a non-marring tip that is perfect for holding projects while painting or staining.

9. Panel Carrier

Kreg panel carrier on workbench

This panel carrier is a game-changer!

It will help them carry and transport a full sheet of plywood (that’s a 4′ x 8′ panel which is pretty heavy) all by themselves.

Ever since I got it, I no longer dread carrying the panel from my car to the workshop or moving it around when I am alone.

10. Right-Angle Drill Attachment

Right angle drill attachment

This right-angle drill attachment is absolutely genius! It makes it super easy to get into tight spaces that typically, you wouldn’t be able to reach with your drill.

11. Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps as gift ideas for woodworkers

This pipe clamp is super affordable and the best part is that there is no restriction on the size of the clamp because they can buy the pipe that goes in it!

12. Reusable Shims

Reusable plastic shims

As a woodworker, the need to create even spacing is very important in various projects. They will find this set of reusable shims is very handy when building any project. The shims come in a set of varying sizes!

13. Marking Knife

Marking knife

If they use hand tools to make projects, they will definitely appreciate this marking knife.

It helps make markings that help make precise cuts with a saw or chisel.

The blade is double-beveled making it perfect for right and left-hand use.

14. Laser Level

laser level

Great for all types of projects – from installing pictures to cabinets, a laser level is a must-have in a woodworker’s toolbox.

If you feel like splurging, this Bosch laser level is the best one on the market.

15. Trimming Hand Planer

small trimming hand planer

You can give them a full-size hand planer if you like but this trimming hand planer is not only small enough to be a stocking stuffer but it is extremely handy in many finishing jobs.

16. Caliper

caliper for woodworking

Getting an accurate measurement of thickness of the wood boards is extremely critical to the success of woodworking projects.

This digital caliper makes it easy to get those measurements.

17. Drill Guide

woman drilling hole into edge of board using kreg drilling guide

This little drill guide is great for making accurate holes making it possible to use it as a dowel joinery or as an alternative to a drill press.

18. Scriber and Marking Kit

scribe and marking kit for woodworkers

Precise scribing and marking is extremely important to get a professional finish in projects. These scribing and marking kit has multiple colored pencils and scriber to cover all possible situations.

19. Retractable Pencil Holders

retractable pencil holder

If you ask a woodworker what they spend the most time on their workshop, they will admit, it is looking for the pencil they just put down!

These retractable clip on pencil holders are the simplest solution and they are going to love this simple yet extremely helpful gift!

20. Quick Flip

Kreg quick flip on workbench with bit out of the tool

This unique Quick Flip tool that helps you drill a countersunk hole, flip the bit, and then drive a pocket hole – without having to change out the bit.

Ever since I discovered this little handy tool, I use it every time I need to drive a screw.

Gifts Under $50

21. Grr-Ripper Go

GRR-Ripper Go

This tool will help protect their hands and fingers from cuts and injuries while working with the table saw. 

It is ready to use out of the box and helps make safe and precise cuts.

22. Fitfinder

MicroJig FitFinder

This tool is going to make their life so much easier in the workshop. It helps quickly find the half thickness of a board without the need for math!

23. Leather Apron

apron for woodworkers

Remember how woodworkers keep losing pencils?

We also keep misplacing small tools and it is imperative to have an apron with lots of pockets so we can have our most use tools handy and organized.

This leather apron is a great durable option.

24. Rip Cut Circular Saw Guide

woman cutting plywood using a circular saw on the floor

This is one of my favorite tools, too! It helps me make reproducible cuts using my circular saw quickly and accurately.

If they build any kind of furniture or cabinets, the Rip cut saw guide will be a very handy tool.

25. Quick-release bar clamp

quick release clamps for woodworking

You will never hear a woodworker complaining about having too many clamps. This one-handed trigger clamp and spreaders will definitely come in handy in any wood shop.

If you are feeling generous, be sure to check out all the other lengths as well. A variety of lengths will definitely be appreciated!


26. Small Port Vacuum Hose Kit

small port vaccum Clamps as gift ideas for woodworkers

This is a lifesaver- literally! Huge dust collection systems can be very expensive, but I love using this small port hose kit so I can connect my shop vac with my sander or BladeRunner X2 so I don’t have to breathe in any of the sawdust!

27. Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig

Cabinet hardware Jig Clamps as gift ideas for woodworkers

Every woodworker builds cabinet doors or drawers. This cabinet hardware jig makes attaching the hardware a breeze! I use it all the time!

28. Digital protractor 

digital protractor for woodworking

Why go old school when you can have a  digital protractor! It is used to measure angles between cuts of boards. I love the improved accuracy!

29. Cutting Board Kit

cutting board kit

If they are into woodworking, I bet they would love to make cutting boards – if they don’t already make them. This cutting board kit makes a great gift – for them to enjoy while making it and also once it is made!

30. Chisel Set

chisel set with wooden box

Chisels are a very integral part of woodworking – whether they are just starting out or are a professional.

This durable chisel set comes with a wooden storage box to store the chisels safely!

31. Japanese Pull Saw

A Japanese saw for woodworkers

A pull saw is an important addition to any woodworker’s workshop and gets lots of mileage. I recently got this Japanese pull saw and it is great for quick flush cuts! It is super light and the handle has a great grip!

32. Doweling Jig

self centering doweling jig

Dowels are a great woodworking joinery method and this self-centering doweling jig makes it super easy for them to assemble door frames, cabinets etc.

33.  Digital Angle Gauge

digital angle gauge

This little gadget measures angles and can be used on blades of saws  – miter saw, table saw, etc. Precision is key in setting up angles in the woodworking world.

34. KREG320 Pocket Hole System

The Kreg 320 in a box - Full review

Pocket holes are a great quick way to join wood. They may already have a larger pocket hole system, but this little Kreg 320 system packs a whole lot of bang! It makes it easier to work with larger boards. Trust me, they will love it!

Gifts Under $100

35. Set up blocks

set up blocks for woodworking

The setup blocks are perfect if they use a table saw or router. These set up blocks help set the distance of the fence and the height of blades or bits. They are much faster and more accurate than using a combined ruler.

36.  Circle Cutting Jig

Circle jig Clamps as gifts for woodworkers

This circle cutting  jig makes it super easy to cut circles with a router.

37. Ear Protection with built in Bluetooth

Bluetooth hearing protection by IsoTunes

This ear protection with bluetooth is a  great way to stream music or podcasts in the workshop and block out all the noisy tools at the same time for much-needed ear protection.

I have the IsoTunes PRO 2.0 and I love it!

There is also the new IsoTunes Free that you might absolutely love!

SPECIAL OFFER –   Use ANIKA10 for $10 off your entire order at IsoTunes!

38. GRR-RIPPER Push block 

GRR-RIPPER Clamps as gift ideas for woodworkers

Safety is most important with any power tool! This GRR-RIPPER push block protects hands while using a table saw or router.

39.  Corner clamping jig

Right angle clamp Clamps as gift ideas for woodworkers

One of the most important parts of building anything is making sure the project is square. This corner clamping jig makes it easy to get everything square. I use it all the time… especially while building drawers.

40. Switchdriver

WORX Tools switchdriver with dual bits in a workshop.

This WORX tools SwitchDriver drill/driver with dual bits is a new favorite in my shop!

It easily helps drill pilot holes and drive the screws without having to carry two drills or manually switching out the bit each time! It will make a really great addition to any woodworker’s workshop!


41. 48″ Parallel Bar Clamps

parallel bar clamps

We can never have enough clamps in the workshop. These parallel bar clamps are a must-have for any woodworker.

42. Kreg 720 Pocket Hole Jig

Kreg 720 with all the PRO package accessories on a workbench

This is my favorite pocket hole jig and is super versatile.

If they are a beginner woodworker, or they love building furniture and don’t own a pocket hole jig yet, this Kreg 720 will make a great gift!

Other Unique Gift Ideas

43.  A Subscription to The Craftsman Crate

The Craftsman Crate

Subscription boxes aregifts that keep on giving!

Keep them excited for a new gift every month with a subscription to the Craftsman Crate – they get a complete kit with real tools to make a hands-on project!

44. T-shirts to show-off their spirit

Every woodworker loves showing off their work and what they do!

Woman wearing coffee sawdust repeat t-shirt

The “I can make that” and the “Coffee and Sawdust” t-shirts are a reader favorite!

Take a look at more designs and get them T-shirts that they will love to wear and show off inside or outside the workshop!

45. Woodworker Mug

There are mugs too! AND hoodies to work in the shop on a cool day!

Coffee Sawdust repeat mug for woodworkers


More Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

This is just a little list of gift ideas for woodworkers.

If you need more ideas, be sure to check out my list of gift ideas for DIYers and Woodworkers!  I keep adding more items as I come across them, so it is always updated!

Need to buy a larger tool? Take a look at my ultimate gift guide for DIYers!

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