39 Easy DIY Kids Table and Chair Ideas You Can Build!

Easy DIY kids table and chair set ideas with woodworking plans for you to build for homework, art, or play – no matter your skill level!

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Kids love having their own space for creating, playing, and doing homework, and building them one with your own hands brings a certain sense of satisfaction.

DIY Kids table and chair sets are pretty close to my heart. It was the very first thing I ever built!

It is what sparked this amazing and crazy journey into woodworking and creating that I am so thankful for!

It is so fun to get creative with the kids’ table and chair sets – not just with colors and design but also in functionality!

I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas for you to be able to build a table and chair for the little one in your life. Each of these has woodworking plans available and are beginner-friendly too!

Take a look at these handmade kids’ table and chair ideas to get your own inspiration flowing or just follow the available tutorials and plans!!!

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DIY Kids Table and Chair Ideas

1. Easy DIY Kids Table with Chairs

White DIY kids table and chair with colorful stripes in back yard

This table is where it all started. It was the first piece of furniture I ever built and is still very close to my heart! I made it with plans from Ana White with a modification to make the legs of the table a bit shorter.

Then of course I had to add some colorful detail to the finished kid’s table design with painted stripes. I also figured out how to build the chair using my favorite pocket hole jig! Full woodworking plans for the DIY chair are available for you!


2. Angled Leg DIY Kids Table

DIY angled leg kids table and chair in patio

I love this modern-style kid’s table! It’s simple to build and can be used indoors or out. The frame of this table is made by attaching the legs to the aprons using pocket holes and the top is made by gluing boards together instead of using plywood.

You can use this kid’s table indoors or out, just take care of the finishing touches by applying an outdoor stain and sealer if using it outside.


I also have the plans available for that little cute angled leg DIY chair.

3. DIY Kids Table With Storage 

DIY kids table idea with hidden storage

This DIY kids table is great for school-aged children to use as a place to do homework. The hinged top lifts up to store away clutter using a toybox lid support to hold the weight and keep it from slamming shut on little fingers.

The top and table base of this kid’s table is made from a sheet of plywood. Just fill the nail holes with wood filler and then paint or stain in the color of your choice. You could add edge banding to the top for a more finished look. Get the plans and build your own!

I also created a couple of other versions. There were two with art paper roll holders and one with a removable art paper roll holder. Be sure to take a look at them!


4. Convertible Toddler Table and Chair Set

DIY convertible toddler table and chair set with books and crayons

This DIY toddler table and chair set is the perfect Montessori weaning table and can be used in so many configurations. 27 to be exact! Your toddler will love this and you will love watching them learn to be independent.

You can make this table and chair set using only wood glue and finish nails, or you can use dowel joinery to reinforce the joints. I didn’t use pocket holes for this build because they would be visible since this can be used in all sorts of configurations.


5. DIY Water Table

DIY water table in balcony

Make a simple and sturdy sensory table for your toddler with this easy and simple design that can be used as a sand and water table. Made with pocket hole joinery, this project goes together super easy. Be sure to sand down all the edges with fine grit sandpaper to remove any rough spots or splintery edges.

The table can hold two bins and you can fill them both with water, great for keeping kids occupied on a hot summer day, or fill one with water and one with sand, or both with sand. Your kids will have a ball with this DIY kids table.


6. DIY Lego Table with Storage for Small Spaces

Lego storage cart with sides open.

Give those legos a whole new life and home with this DIY lego table with storage. This table is great for a kid’s room that is short on space.

It is mobile and can be moved anywhere, the sides can be folded away for easy storage, and the shelves provide plenty of room for storing all the legos.

Built with plywood and dimensional lumber, this project is made using basic tools. All you need is a miter saw, a circular saw, a sander, a pocket hole jig, and a power drill.



DIY Craft Tables for Kids

7. DIY Kids Craft Table from Making Joy and Pretty Things

DIY kids table for crafting with storage on the end

Inspire creativity with this awesome kid’s table! Built to keep all the things kids need to draw and make crafts, you child will love having one of these in their room and you will love having a place to store all the stuff.

This table is made with pine wood boards, the tabletop is a pine craft board cut to size with a pine apron. Round dowels are used for the paper roll and book holder. This durable table is built to last and provide hours of entertainment.


8. DIY Kids Art Center Work Table from Jaime Costiglio

kids art table with stools and shelving for storage

Love the super simple and functional art center for hours of fun! This simple design is easy to make and the little chairs are just so cute!

Perfect for kids aged 2-6, this kid’s art table has a large work surface and plenty of storage room on the shelves. It can be built in a weekend with basic tools and will cost you under $100!


9. Simple Kids Craft Table from Pretty Handy Girl

DIY kids table for crafts painted white

Using plywood for the tabletop, 1x4s for the table aprons and 2x2s for the legs, the components for this kid’s table are easy to put together using wood glue and pocket hole screws.

Finish the edges of the plywood top with edge banding and be sure to use several light coats of paint if you are painting your kid’s table.


10. Kids Farmhouse Craft Table from Jen Woodhouse

Kid's table idea for crafting farmhouse style with turned legs and natural wood tabletop

This cute small table has all the farmhouse charm of your adult-sized version and the kids will love working on crafts if they have one of these. It would even make a great kid’s table for the holidays if you add a few more chairs!

Made from real wood, the work surface is larger than your standard play table and there’s even storage for art supplies. I won’t tell you where, you’ll have to go check out the complete post to find out.


11. DIY Kid’s Art Table from Charleston Crafted

DIY kids craft table with caddies for most used supplies

You can make this DIY kid’s art table using just one sheet of 3/4″ plywood, making it an extremely budget-friendly project.

The shelves of this kid’s table are designed to hold bins for storage and there is even room on top for caddies to hold all the most used supplies at the ready for art time. Be sure to add a coat of sealer to protect the table from wet crafts or clean up.


12. Convertible Kids Craft Table from Reality Daydream

Two single kids craft tables made into one big craft table with four chairs

I love this design! Made from Birch plywood, it’s a project that is a bit more advanced, but if you’ willing to take it on you will love how it turns out!

The tables can be separated for individual use or put together for group activities. Four kiddos can be seated comfortably at this DIY kid’s table for hours of creativity.


13. DIY Whiteboard Drawing Table For Kids from DIY Inspired

DIY kids table with a whiteboard on the table top with storage for markers

Drawing on the table is always fun!!! This whiteboard table is such a fun idea! Fun to draw on and easy to clean up and have ready for the next time. It’s the perfect size for a 3-5 year old to stand and draw, but you can customize it to any size you need.

It’s lightweight so it can easily be moved to anywhere in your home. The whiteboard is magnetic so you can use magnets to hold paper in place to draw if you want to.


14. DIY Minecraft Crafting Table from Keeping It Simple Crafts

DIY kids table painted with a minecraft pattern

If you’ve got kids obsessed with Minecraft, you know this is the perfect table for them! Painted in a Minecraft theme, they will be inspired to be creative.

The simple design of this kid’s table is easy to build using one 4×4 board a one sheet of melamine board or plywood. This table can be made using basic tools and is a great project for a beginner woodworker.


DIY Kids Activity Tables

15. DIY 4-in-1 Activity Table from Addicted 2 DIY

DIY kid's table with plans activity table with chalkboard top and storage

A kid’s table that provides more than just one activity to keep them busy is what this DIY kid’s table is all about. It has a chalkboard table top great for drawing or playing with toy train tracks or race cars. A roll of paper can be pulled up for drawing with a pencil, crayons, or markers. You can also flip it over and they can build with legos.

This kids table is made using birch veneer plywood and pocket hole joinery for good quality stable construction. Stretchers support the tabletop and can be taken apart easily to allow for moving of storing.



16. DIY Lego Table with Storage from By Brittany Goldwyn

DIY lego table with storage

This DIY lego table with storage is also multi-use and can be flipped around to be turned into an art table with a paper dispenser. The angled legs give a modern look to this activity table that your child will love to use.

The frame of this kid’s table is cut and assembled to allow space for plastic storage bins to sit right in the frame under the top. One side of the top has lego mats and the other side is smooth for drawing.


17. Easy DIY Kids Activity Table from Sugar and Cloth

round kid's table with table base storage

This kids activity table is great for drawing, painting, or playing games. 1×6 boards are used to make the legs and tabletop base so that the surface is nice and sturdy.

As an added bonus add storage to the base of this kids table with two Ikea Moppe mini storage chests. They are just the right size to store away all the things your child needs for creating.


18. DIY Sand and Water Table from Jen Woodhouse

kids DIY sand and water table with the lid open and storage rack underneath

Playing with this DIY sand and water table will provide hours of entertainment, then simply close the lid and your child can use the chalkboard lid as a play table or just to draw.

You can build this kid’s table using plywood and the lumber of your choice. Pocket hole screws and exterior wood screws are used to put it together for sturdy construction that will hold up to the outdoor elements.


19. Modern Play Table with Storage from Ana White

kids play table with storage on each end

This easy-to-build kid’s activity table has a large play surface, and storage on each end for crayons, markers, or even legos. The plans also include an optional paper roll.

Made with 1x4s and a sheet of plywood, it’s easy to construct using wood glue and pocket hole screws. This is a great beginner woodworking project that you can make in a weekend.


20. Space Saving DIY Train Table from Cherished Bliss

A kid’s table that is big enough to build small train sets, but small enough to not take over your space is what you will get if you build this activity table. The cube underneath is on wheels and can be rolled out for storage.

You can build this table with just a few basic tools. It’s an easy beginner project and the details of this build really customize it for your child. I just love the the bear design on the front of the storage base.


21. DIY Lego Table Plans from Rogue Engineer

kids square table with lego mat and storage in the center

This easy DIY kid’s activity table is great for building those lego creations! There is plenty of building space and even a storage area in the middle to store the legos.

Built using the cut list in the plans, this table is put together using pocket hole joinery and is built to last. Stain or paint it in the color of your choice.


22. Modern Train / Activity Table from Annabode

Kids activity table with storage underneath

This kid’s activity table is easy to build and can be customized to any size you need. It’s perfect for drawing or playing and the I love the rolling storage underneath.

If you don’t have the means to cut plywood, you can have the pieces cut at the store where you buy it. This project can be made with basic woodworking tools for a table your kids will love to play at.



DIY Kids Tables for Outdoors

23. Kids Modern Picnic Table from Lovely Indeed

DIY kids picnic table with attached bench seating

This kid’s picnic table is awesome! Its original design can seat up to six kiddos. You will need four 2x4s and one 2×2 to make this kids table with benches for your little ones.

This project is more advanced than the others, but the step-by-step tutorial walks you through the cuts for the accurate measurements needed to create this unique kids table.


24. Kid’s Picnic Table from Making Manzanita

side view of kid's picnic table

Made from cedar 2x4s, you can build this kid’s table for under $100! It’s an adorable version of the usual adult version. Pocket hole joinery makes this project sturdy and it will last for years to come.

Instead of not being able to reach the tabletop or the ground, they will be able to eat without fear of falling off the bench seating with this design.


25. DIY Kid’s Outdoor Table from Cherished Bliss

kids table for outdoors with benches

This easy DIY kid’s outdoor table is made with just four tools. Pocket hole joinery is used for sturdy construction that will last for a long time.

You can make this easy DIY project using cedar or redwood, both are great choices for outdoor use. Be sure to seal with polyurethane for added protection against the elements.


26. Nautical Kids Picnic Table from Houseful of Handmade

Boat shaped picnic table for kids

This unique design for a kids picnic table is made for bigger kids, the nautical theme makes eating outside fun for the whole family. Since it’s made for bigger kids, adults can sit at it comfortably too.

The porthole on each end is cut using a jigsaw and the table is put together using glue, pocket holes, and wood screws for sturdy construction.


27. DIY Kids Picnic Table  from Love And Renovations

kids outdoor picnic table with white design painted top and attached benches

This easy project makes the perfect place for the kids to hang out in the backyard. I am totally digging the geometric painted table top too! How unexpected and fun!

Built using 2x4s this project is a great beginner build that you can do in a weekend. Get creative and add any design to the top of your kid’s table that you want for a great addition to your backyard!


28. DIY Composite Toddler Picnic Table from Rogue Engineer

DIY picnic table for kids using composite decking for the top and benches

This little DIY picnic table for kids is built using composite deck boards and is absolutely perfect for the outdoors!

It’s the perfect size for kids and looks like the full-size version of the classic picnic table. The composite deck boards on top and on the bench seats will resist the elements for a table that will last forever.


30. DIY Playroom Kids table by Shanty-2-Chic

Large kids table with bench seats for eight

This is the ultimate kid’s play table! It can be built in an afternoon for under $100! The rolling seating cubes have storage in them for all the stuff and there are even plans available to build those too!

This easy beginner woodworking project is assembled using pocket hole joinery for a table that can accommodate eight kids and that will last for years to come.



31. Simple Kid’s Table And Chair Set from Her Toolbelt

KIds table and four chairs with top and chair seats painted in primary colors

This table and chair set can be made from scrap wood if you have enough, but you can also buy the wood needed listed in the cut list for the plans.

This simple construction for this set can be done with just a miter saw a drill and a sander. The table slides open for hidden storage underneath perfect for legos, toy cars, or other small toys.


32. DIY Modern Kid’s Table from Love Create Celebrate

kids table made from scrap plywood

Build this modern kid’s table using scrap plywood. The plywood design looks like butcher block and the modern legs make this table the perfect place for kids to color, read, or play games.

You can use scrap plywood or if you don’t have enough you can build this kid’s table from a 4×8 plywood sheet. Stain in the color of your choice and protect with polyacrylic for a finish that will last.


33. Kids Play Table with Chairs from Woodshop Diaries

kids table with chairs with storage shelf underneath

The table height of this kid’s table is 24″, the perfect height for toddlers to schools age children. It can easily be modified for older children too. The plans for this kid’s table also include the matching chairs.

Perfect for a playroom, it’s also small enough to fit in the corner of your living room or family room or even in your child’s bedroom. The storage shelf underneath is a great place to store toys or coloring books and crayons.


34. Easiest DIY Kid’s Table from Angela Marie Made

Easy DIY kid's table with plans painted blue

Making this DIY kid’s table is an easy beginner woodworking project using pocket holes. It’s similar in style to my outdoor dining table, but kid-sized.

The top for this easy DIY table is made using an edge glued project panel with aprons attached using pocket holes. Paint it in any color you choose to match your decor.


35. House Play Table from Ana White

kid's play table with storage and easel top

This house shaped play table features an agled desktop for drawing and you can turn it around for storage or a flat surface for playing.

The frame is built using 2x2s and 1x2s and the two play surfaces are made from plywood. Pocket hole joinery is used to build this DIY kids table that will inspire their creativity.


36. DIY Kid’s Nesting Table from Woodshop Diaries

DIY kid's table with three nesting cube benches

This inventive kid’s table design features a sturdy kid size table with four benches that do double duty as storage. It’s perfect for doing homework, coloring, or playing with friends.

You can make this kid’s table with a sheet of plywood some boards and just four tools. It’s an easy beginner build that you can make in a weekend.


37. DIY Tree Trunk And Toadstools Table from DIY Inspired

Kids table and chairs shaped like toadstools painted red with polka dots

How cute is this little table and chairs?! With its cute little stools and chalkboard top, your child will get hours of entertainment from this kids table and chairs.

Made from three tree trunk pieces, MDF is used for the tabletop and chair tops. This easy DIY project can be made in a day and ready for play after the paint is done drying.


38. DIY Farmhouse Kids Table from Our Handcrafted Life

DIY kid's table with farmhouse style and matching bench

Making your own DIY kid’s table can be a huge saving. This cute farmhouse-style table blends with cottage-style decor and is a much better option than a plastic table that won’t last.

Stretchers join the table legs to make the frame for this easy DIY project and the bench is made the same way, just smaller.


39. Wall Mounted Drop Down Table from Rain on a Hot Tin Roof

Great for small spaces, this DIY kids table mounts on the wall, has storage, and can be closed up out of the way when not in use.

You only need a circular saw and a drill to make this easy DIY table for kids. It’s simple construction from plywood and a 1×8 board can be built in a day. Paint in the color of your choice to match your child’s room!



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