$100 Kids Rental Bathroom Makeover – The Reveal!

A $100 Kids rental bathroom makeover! The best part is everything is temporary and removable and uses only 2 tiny nail holes to the walls! 

A fun and colorful Kids rental bathroom makeover. Everything in here is removable!

It is time for the final reveal! The $100 rental bathroom makeover is done!

If you have no idea what I am talking about – My blogging besties and I challenged us to makeover a room for under $100. We call this the “champagne room on Kool Aid budget challenge”. In addition to the $100 budget, I had a special requirement for everything to be temporary and removable without making too many holes in the walls.

See the inspiration board for this bathroom makeover

Guess what… I made exactly tiny 2 holes. That’s it! Take a look at how the bathroom turned out! I didn’t even replace the countertop!!

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Details of the kid’s rental bathroom makeover –

The color scheme was set when I found the perfect chevron rug at Walmart!Perfect bath rug for kids bathroom makeover

The shower curtain hooks are also a part of the multi chevron collection and are just the right amount of color to hold the pretty white shower curtain that we inherited from the previous owners. perfect kids bathroom makeover with colorful shower hooks

The little window got a DIY wood valance to cover up the old pink blinds (which I could not for the life of me figure out how to take off without leaving behind large holes). This is the only place I used two tiny nails to hold up the valence. Check out the full tutorial! 

Updating the globe light fixture –Super easy wood valence and basket lamp shade for kids bathroom makeover.

For the lampshade, I used a wire basket. I tried to take off the dome from the light but the light was too bright and the light socket looked unfinished. So, I just left it on there. Check out the entire tutorial on how I made the wire basket lampshade.

Contact Paper Countertop Makeover

Let’s talk about that counter! I covered it in marble contact paper!

You saw peek of when I was working on it in my Facebook Live video.  Check out the full details on the counter transformation using Contact paper. Oh and new knobs for the cabinets!Rental bathroom makeover for kids. Everything is temporary and removable!

UPDATE: See what they look like 10 months later

One more look at the counters because I am totally in love with them…Contact paper to cover up old ugly bathroom counter

How to frame a bathroom mirror –

The mirror got a white frame too. I followed a tutorial on framing the mirrors by my favorite bloggers. The mirror is huge so I put some bathroom subway art in a spray painted dollar store frame. I found the free printable art online a few years ago sorry I don’t have the source for you.Frame a rental bathroom mirror and add fun art

Updating an old towel bar –

Now let’s talk about the other wall and the towel bar. This is my favorite project in this space. Guess what, there is not a single new hole in the wall! More details on how I built this shelf and towel hooks with a full tutorial are here. The free printables are coming soon too!!DIY Towel hooks and floating shelf for kids rental bathroom makeover.

My kids are so excited that they have their initials and can now hang up the towel by themselves!towel hooks for kids bathroom makeover

Cost breakdown and source list –

Grand total – $101.03.

So, I am $1.03 over budget… I blame it on all the many 3M command strips I had to use to hold the frame in place.

The best part of the entire makeover was when my son walked into the bathroom and said “I love the new counter and see there is a shelf for all my toys :)” Seriously… a 2-year-old noticed the counter!!! Well, he will be 3 in two weeks… but I refuse to acknowledge that. Why is he growing up so fast! And then he asked me why I put a basket on the light…. Ummm… because it looks nice…

Apartment decorating | Rental Kids Bathroom makeover!! under $100 and everything is temporary and removable. Only 2 little nail holes!

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Did you enjoy this rental bathroom makeover?

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  1. This is seriously impressive. That marble contact paper looks like the real thing! Well done.

    1. Hi Katy! Yes, I am still amazed at how awesome that contact paper is. It even fooled the landlord 🙂

  2. Anika, I am in complete agreement with all the praise for this room. Very clever! I am curious as to how long the contact paper will last in, not only a bathroom, but a kids’ bathroom. My experience is that it is not the most durable of surfaces. Did you protect it with some sort of coating? I hope so because this room is unreal in how much creativity went into it and it would be a shame if you worked that hard and it didn’t last out your lease! Absolutely one of my favorite bathroom makeovers ever! Great job!

    1. Hi Fayelen, Thank you! I did not add any coating on top and it lasted really well. We left the place about 11 months after the makeover and I took the contact paper off. I have an update on the countertops – https://www.anikasdiylife.com/marble-contact-paper-countertop-10-months-later/
      I also took the contact paper off live on Facebook. There is a link to that video in the above post too.

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