$100 Kids Rental Bathroom Makeover – The Before

Do you love to watch all the TV shows and pour over magazines and wonder how you would get a room looking like that on a budget? You might even be in a rental apartment or house like me where you can’t paint the walls or make structural changes! How do you achieve that look? You are in the right place! I am going to do a rental bathroom makeover with minimal nails and screws in the wall. Plus, it is all going to be temporary and easily removable. It is also my kids bathroom – which means I get to do my favorite thing – add color!

First let’s talk budget – its a whopping $100! Yes! And I am not the only one… 12 of my blogging friends are taking part in this $100 room makeover challenge. We call it “Champagne rooms on a Kool Aid budget” 😉 On September 30th, you will get to see how 12 rooms are transformed on a $100 budget.

Let’s get started with a tour of the kids bathroom!

The Rental Kids Bathroom decor today –

Come and take a look at how this rental kids bathroom will get a refresh for under $100! And everything will be temporary and removable!

It is like a long hallway with doors on two ends. It is pretty plain too. The earlier tenants left that shower curtain and I think it is pretty cute, so I just left it on (after washing it of course). I threw a red bath mat which has a twin in a different bathroom and let it be. Everything else is pretty basic and from the 60’s. Like this yellow counter top –

This vanity really needs an update! see how I did it for under $100 and it is all removable!

Or the pretty pink blinds and that light-

Kids bathroom makeover in a rental space

And this towel bar which is dented from being behind one of the doors.

How to update a towel bar without removing it

My plan for the kids bathroom makeover

  1. Frame the mirror.
  2. Change out the light – create a shade that attaches to the existing light.
  3. The towel bar issue – take it off and create a shelf and hooks to hang the towels
  4. The counter – cover with contact paper.
  5. Create a cornice for the window.
  6. Organize all the toiletries.
  7. New bath mats – something fun and colorful.
  8. Some cute art.
  9. Knobs for the cabinets

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This is a the vision of what I have in my mind…

Inspiration for kids bathroom makeover. Come check out how I did this in a rental with everything removable!

Bathroom art | Towel Rack | Framed Mirror |Chevron Bath mat | Cage lamp shade (no longer available)|Window Cornice

And I am going to be doing all of this keeping in mind that everything is going to be temporary and on a $100 budget! See the final reveal and how I did it!! 


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Check out how I will update the rental kids bathroom to look like this for $100!

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  1. Anika – do you plan to do anything with the cabinet knobs? Maybe D. Lawless will contribute some new ones?

    1. Oh yes… the cabinet knobs… I forgot to add that to the list. I plan to change them out too.. which ones depends on the budget I have left. One of the constraints of the $100 challenge is that it cannot have sponsored items. I am definitely hoping I will be able to get some good knobs.

  2. I can’t wait to see what you do with the room, esp. the towel shelf without attaching it to the wall. My daughter had that exact butterfly towel- ha ha!

    1. aha!! That’s a fun coincidence!! I just finished the towel bar today! I can’t wait to show you all how it works!

  3. Anika, I’m excited for your bathroom makeover. And especially your light, I’ve wanted to do my hall light and wanted to do a shade as well but I don’t have much clearance so it probably won’t work for me. I can’t wait to see it all!

    1. The light is actually going to be inspired by your project 😉

  4. From the looks of it, that’s a great bathroom makeover plan there Anika! Framing the mirror will really add a solid touch of presence. Plus I fully hack up getting rid of that towel rail. I’ve never been a fan of those and when bathroom refurbishing I always recommend to replace rails with hooks, since a rail can fit just a few, when hooks are way more useful especially when you share with others. Really peculiar how the final bathroom renovation will feel and look like. Cheers!

  5. You really need to do something with that bathroom as it looks terrible.

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