DIY Entryway Bench With Storage

Build a DIY entryway bench with covered storage for shoes or jackets and a drawer to stash your keys or small items. Get the full printable plans.

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DIY entryway bench with storage styled with plant, shoes, jacket and bag.

I am all for multipurpose and functional furniture!

And this DIY entryway bench is the perfect solution for any entryway…

Especially, for a small entryway.

There is shoe storage in the large storage compartment…Storing shoes in the diy entryway bench

and also a drawer to drop small items into!Dropping keys into the drawer of the DIY entryway bench

And then, there is the bench… to sit and put on your shoes… or just catch your breath when you get home!

It is an easy build which uses only 1 sheet of plywood and a couple of other boards!

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DIY Entryway Bench With Storage

Materials needed for DIY entryway bench with storage –

  • ¾” Plywood – 1 sheet – 4′ x 8′ – I used a red oak plywood.
  • 1″ x 6″ x 4′ – 1 board
  • ¼” plywood – 1 Quarter sheet – 2′ x 4′
  • Wood glue
  • Edge banding. I used exactly 2 rolls of this stuff. Learn How to Cover Plywood Edges for a professional finish.

Tools Needed to Build DIY Entryway Storage Bench –

  • Table saw or Circular saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Jig Saw
  • Pocket hole jig. I use a Kreg Jig.
  • Power Drill/Driver
  • Brad Nailer or hammer

Hardware Needed to Build the DIY Bench With Storage –

Get the Printable Plans

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schematic of DIY entryway bench with storage

How to Build the DIY Entryway Bench With Storage

All the details for the cut list and step by step instructions are available in the printable plans. Here is a video where I walk you through how to build the bench. Written step by step tutorial follows below.






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Get the Printable Plans


Instructions for Entryway Bench With Storage

Step 1 – Make all the cuts per the plansCutting plywood to make the DIY entryway shelf with storage

I cut the plywood using my circular saw and the Kreg Rip cut. I did not cut the storage lid and the drawer front until the rest of the frame was built. That way I could make sure, they fit perfectly.

Important Be sure to pay attention to the direction of grains for all the cuts so you have grain in the same direction across all pieces. 

Also, when cutting with the circular saw or Jigsaw, you always want the good side facing down so it doesn’t splinter.

Step 2 – Cut out the feetCutting out feet for easy DIY entryway storage bench!

Using the measurements shown in the plans, trace and cut out the feet using a jigsaw.

Step 3 – make all the pocket holes.

Refer to schematics in the plans for locations of pocket holes. If you have never used a Kreg Jig before, check out my How to use a Kreg Jig post to get answers to all your questions.

Step 4 – Assembly –

  • Start by assembling the three equal height sides using wood glue and pocket hole screws.Building the three sides of the DIY entryway storage bench
  • Then, attach the feet to the bottom using pocket hole screws and wood glue. You can also add a few finish nails from the side to make sure the legs are in place.attaching feet for theDIY storage bench
  • Continue by adding the remaining tall side and the panels that make up the drawer frame.Building up the rest of the DIY entryway storage bench

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Step 5 – install hinges

Rockler makes a Lid Stay Torsion Hinge JIG IT which makes it easy to install hinges. There is no need to measure and re-measure the location for the holes and the hinge. The JIGIT has markings for flush mount or overlay configurations.

Just pick the configuration and make the respective pilot holes!Making pilot holes in the lid using Lid Stay Torsion Hinge JIG IT by Rockler

I went with the flush configuration for this bench.

Once the pilot holes are in, add the Lid Stay Torsion Hinges and attached them to the box using the screws provided. Easy Peasy!Installing the Torsion hinges to the lid and frame.

Step 6 – build and install the drawer

Build the drawer using a  1″x 6″ board. I love the Corner Clamping Jig to make sure my drawer stays square.Making a drawer square using corner clamps.

Install the drawer using a 10″ drawer slide.

Step 7 – finishing touches

Apply edge banding to the raw edges of the plywood, fill in all the holes and splintered areas with wood putty. Stain in the color of your choice and seal it.Applying edge banding to the raw plywood edges.

That is it! The bench is ready!

And I love that it is so functional and has a ton of storage!

The Lid Stay Torsion Hinges make it also extremely safe because the lid opens smoothly and holds its position. So there is so danger of pinched fingers!

Vertical picture of DIY Entryway storage bench

You can get detailed plans for this DIY entryway shoe storage bench below. If you want to see other cool furniture projects for the home then head over to my Woodworking Projects page.

Get the Printable Plans

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