30 Simple and Amazing 2×4 Wood Projects

2×4 wood projects are simple, inexpensive, and look great! These amazing 2×4 project ideas are perfect for every skill level- beginner woodworkers looking for a basic project or experienced woodworkers.

woman holding a 2x4 board in a workshop

Some of the most popular projects on my website and out on the web are built using 2×4 boards.

2×4 boards are also called construction lumber since they are used in construction projects but can also be used for lots of smaller projects as well.

Why Use 2×4 Boards?

2×4 projects are definitely popular. There are three reasons for that –

  1. 2 x 4 boards are affordable (or they used to be until March 2021).
  2. They are very versatile – they can be used for all types of projects, from construction to furniture.
  3. They are really sturdy – they are very strong making them a great choice for various projects.

I have picked 27 of my favorite projects to share with you.

These range from large furniture to simple tables, decor ideas from 2×4 scrap wood, and even some fun play food for kids!

Whether you are an experienced woodworker looking for your next favorite 2×4 project or a beginner looking to get your feet wet with simple woodworking project ideas, you are sure to find something to inspire you.

Easy 2×4 Furniture Ideas

1. DIY Upholstered X-bench Using 2 X 4 Boards from Anika’s DIY Life  

I can't believe how easy it is to make this bench! And it is so pretty! They have full step by step instructions on building and upholstering

Or another version of the above bench for indoor/ outdoor use. 

DIY 2x4 x-leg bench outdoors on the grass.

This bench is a simple project built with only three boards (or a few more for the outdoor version), but its unique look instantly draws attention. Don’t let the angles intimidate you. It is easy to build as well.

2. DIY Outdoor Dining Table from Anika’s DIY Life

The outdoor table in patio with 4 chairs

You can’t go wrong with a simple DIY dining table for the patio. This one is easy to build using a miter saw, pocket hole jig, and power drill, seats 4, and is great for small patios. It is the perfect spot to spend summer evenings enjoying family meals!

3. X-leg console table from Anika’s DIY Life

Easy DIY X-leg console table with plans!

This console table is a spin-off of the 2×4 bench and uses a few 2×6 boards, which can be easily replaced with 2×4 boards if you want to use them exclusively. It creates a great entryway table with both storage and style!

4. DIY Toddler bench from Anika’s DIY Life

Yellow DIY kids bench in green room with pillow and books.

This little bench for toddlers is a quick and easy project that can probably be built out of 2×4 scraps if you have enough!

5. DIY Outdoor Bench from DIY Candy

Chunky bench built from 2x4 boards

Save big money by making this William Sonoma inspired outdoor bench! All of the 2X4s that make up this bench are put together without using any nails or screws. It’s the perfect beginner woodworking project.

6. Bistro Table Building Plans from The Shabby Creek Cottage

White Bistro table made from 2x4 wood with blue chairs

This cute little table is made entirely from 2X4s and can be made in about an hour. It’s perfect for decks, patios, or porches. What a great little table to sit and enjoy your morning coffee!

7. Farmhouse Industrial End Table Cart from Infarrantly Creative

Industrial cart side table made from 2x4 wood

Metal accents and wheels make this industrial style end table perfect for any room in your house. You could probably make this table using 2X4 scraps and it would hardly cost you any money to make!

8. Potting Bench Plans from Refresh Restyle

Potting bench made from 2x4 wood

Make this potting bench using 2x4s and stain it for a rustic look or paint it for a more finished look. Either way, you can make this great piece in just an afternoon!

9. Build A Farmhouse Bench from The Creative Mom

White and brown DIY Farmhouse bench made from 2x4 wood on green grass

This 2×4 bench can be used inside or out. It makes a great entryway bench, use it at the dining room table or outside on your deck or patio. Coming in at 76 inches long, it easily seats four people.

10. Rustic Farmhouse Table from The Purple Hydrangea

Unfinished farmhouse dining table made from 2x4 boards

Keep the cost of building this farmhouse table low by using framing studs for the legs, add 2x4s for the top and you have the perfect farmhouse outdoor dining table.

11. DIY Console Table 2x4s from A Turtle’s Life for me

decorated console table made from 2x4 wood in entryway

This console table is built almost entirely of scrap 2x4s. A belt sander was used to make the old wood look like new and a palm sander was used to round the edges. It’s the perfect rustic farmhouse style console table.

12. Outdoor 2×4 table from Small Home Soul

Simple blue outdoor side table made from 2x4 wood

This side table made from 2x4s is built to last and the color is one of my favorites! It’s perfect for your deck, patio or porch and is a great beginner woodworking project.

13. DIY Wooden Coffee Table from A Beautiful Mess

2x4 coffee table made from 2x4 wood with hairpin legs

Layer 2x4s and add hairpin legs to make this unique style coffee table. It really will be the focal point of the room.

14. Vintage Industrial Cart Inspired Craft Table from Deeply Southern Home

dark brown craft table cart made from 2x4 wood

This industrial style craft table made from 2x4s is perfect for extra storage and you can wheel it out of the way when it’s not in use.

15. ‘X’ Entryway Table from The Project Lady 

entryway console table with X-legs in an entryway.

An entryway table with X detail is always on my radar. It’s one of my favorite details to add to furniture. You can put this together using biscuit joiners or pocket holes.

16. DIY Barstools using 2×4 from Sawdust Sisters

white DIY barstools made from 2x4 wood on grass

You can make two of these bar stools out of just four boards! Make them in an afternoon and use for extra seating wherever you need it.

17. Build your own Outdoor Sofa and Loveseat from The Handyman’s Daughter

DIY Outdoor sofa and loveseat using 2x4 boards

2x4s are perfect to use for building outdoor furniture and you can customize this outdoor sofa and loveseat to fit your space.

18. DIY Farmhouse Bench for Small Tables from The Handyman’s daughter

small white DIY farmhouse bench using 2x4 boards

Make this small farmhouse bench out of 2x4s to easily slide under the table and out of the way when not in use.

19. 2×4 Console Table from Her Tool Belt

2x4 console table

This Modera style inspired console table is the fraction of the price when you DIY it. Check out the cool design detail of the supports!

20. 2X4 Plant Stand from Girl Just DIY

Plant stand made from 2X4 boards

A five shelf plant stand is a great addition to any space! This plant stand made from 2x4s is an easy beginner DIY project.

21. Rolling Workbench from DIY Huntress

rolling workbench made from 2X4 boards

When you have a small workshop it’s important for workspaces to be mobile. This workbench made from 2x4s can be rolled out of the way when you need space for bigger projects.

22. Garage Storage Shelves from The Handyman’s Daughter

garage shelves made from 2X4 boards

Make garage shelves and clean up that messy garage with these easy storage shelves made from 2x4s.

Quick 2×4 Scrap Wood Projects

As promised, here are some super fun and easy beginner woodworking ideas to use up the piles of 2×4 scrap wood. Some of these are just adorable like the play food or the test tube vase!

23. DIY Ring Toss Game by Anika’s FIY Life

DIY Ring toss game and rings on the grass

I whipped up this traditional carnival game in a couple of hours and it is already a great hit with the kids! The best part? When you are done with it, you can simply dismantle it and put in a box!

24. Rustic Lanterns Using 2x4s from Diva of DIY

DIY Lantern made from 2x4 wood

Lanterns are the perfect home decor accent indoors or out. What a great way to use up those scrap 2x4s!

25. DIY Phone Charging Station from Homemade by Carmona

Phone on a phone stand made from a 2x4 board

A Restoration Hardware inspired phone charging station is a great beginner woodworking project and it makes a great gift!

26. Floral Centerpiece With Tulips from Infarrantly Creative

Square floral centerpiece with test tubes and tulips

2x4s and miniature test tubes are used to make this unique centerpiece for your table.

27. DIY Hexagon Planter Out Of 2×4 Scrap Wood from Jen Woodhouse

Little hexagonal planter made from 2x4 wood

Can you believe this little planter is made from 2×4 scrap wood? Hexagons are all the rage right now and can be made to look as high end as you wan them to with just a little bit of paint.

28. 2×4 Pipe Industrial Kitchen Phone Station Shelf from Funky Junk Interiors

Industrial shelf made from 2x4 wood and pipes at the kitchen window

Corral kitchen counter clutter with this great DIY phone shelf made from reclaimed 2x4s. The pipes and stencil give this a great industrial look.

29. DIY 2×4 Play Food from Jaime Costiglio  

Play food - cake and pastries made from 2x4 wood

Believe it or not, you can make food from 2x4s. What child wouldn’t love their own custom play food?

30. DIY Bird Feeder & Plant Atrium from Atta Girl Says

Bird feeder and planter made from 2x4 wood

Add a cute piece of outdoor decor to your space that doubles as a bird feeder.

31. DIY Outdoor Chair From Anika’s DIY Life

DIY Outdoor chair build using 2x4 in backyard

Built using five 2×4 boards, this is a beginner-friendly project! Build a chair to match your outdoor dining table or make one for your patio!

Aren’t all of these inspiring! Which is your favorite? Which one will you create?!

Have you made any projects with 2×4 wood? I would love to see!

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