25 Easy DIY 2×4 Outdoor Furniture Plans for Your Summer

These hand-picked, easy-to-build DIY 2×4 outdoor furniture plans will help spruce up your outdoor space in no time.

collage of outdoor projects using 2x4s


2x4s are one of the next things from hobby builders! They are reasonably priced and are super sturdy!

They can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture but they especially look great as outdoor furniture because of their chunky looks.

Here are 25 easy to build outdoor furniture ideas using 2x4s that you can build this weekend and spruce up your outdoor space!

Grab the plans and your tools and get ready to have a fun time building!

Can 2x4s Be Used Outside?

Absolutely! 2x4s are great to use for building outdoor projects because they are sturdy and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

What Type of 2x4s Should I Use for Outdoor Furniture?

Cedar or Redwood is the best choice to use for outdoor furniture as they are naturally moisture and insect-resistant.

If the furniture is going to be under a cover patio, regular 2x4s work perfectly for many years. I have had some furniture for almost 8 years.

However, you could use pressure-treated 2x4s for your outdoor project. Treated wood isn’t desirable to pesky wood bees so your project will be safe from the destruction they can cause. When using pressure-treated 2x4s, be sure to wear a mask while cutting because of all the harmful chemicals.

How to Build Outdoor Furniture With 2x4s?

There are many different ways you can build outdoor furniture with 2x4s. You can use pocket holes, dowel joinery like I did with my outdoor chair, or even half-lap joints like I did with my DIY Hammock Stand.

You want to be sure to use exterior screws because they will not rust and be sure to use wood glue meant for exterior use.

How to Finish Outdoor 2×4 Furniture?

You want to make sure your outdoor furniture is moisture resistant. To do that you can use polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer.

See how to paint outdoor furniture here.

One of my favorite go-to methods is to use waterproofing deck stain. They are available in many colors and can also be custom-made. Plus, they are waterproof!

When painting or staining your project you still want to add a top coat of sealer to protect the finish.

2×4 Outdoor Furniture Projects

1. Simple Outdoor Dining Table

The outdoor table in patio with 4 chairs

There is nothing better than enjoying a family meal or game night outdoors. When you have a small patio or deck area, having a place to do either of those things can be difficult. This simple outdoor dining table is sturdy and strong and measures just 35″x35″.

It’s perfect for small outdoor living spaces, but can easily be modified to make it longer or wider. It’s an easy beginner DIY outdoor woodworking project that will give you hours of enjoyment with family and friends!


2. Easy DIY 2×4 Outdoor Chair

Learn how to build an easy DIY 2x4 chair with simple joinery, easy-to-follow plans, a step-by-step tutorial, and a video. Perfect outdoor dining chair or patio chair.

I built our simple outdoor dining table several years ago and have had many people ask about a matching chair. I finally built one and now I don’t know why I waited so long! Use it alone or add 17″ cushions to make it more comfortable.

This simple DIY outdoor chair frame and seat slats are made using all 2x4s and a few different joinery techniques that even a beginner woodworker can do. Each joinery technique is super easy to do using simple tools with the plans and step-by-step instructions and video.


3. DIY Patio Table with Fire Pit

A DIY Patio table with fire pit with lid on in the patio

Chatting around the fire? Smores with the littles? Sign me up! This easy-to-build DIY patio table with fire pit is perfect for decks and patios.

It isn’t just a simple fire pit though, it’s actually a built-in portable charcoal grill so you can cook too! Made entirely with 2×4 lumber, 1 1/4″ wood screws create support for the grill and also create a ring of air insulation so that the grill never comes in contact with the wood.


4. DIY 2×4 Bench

DIY 2x4 x-leg bench outdoors on the grass.

This DIY outdoor bench is a spin-off of my popular upholstered X-leg bench and is the perfect project for a beginner woodworker.

Made using pocket hole joinery, you will only need 3 2x4x8 boards to make your own! This easy DIY outdoor 2×4 project can be made in an afternoon and is great to use on your porch, patio, or deck. It would be great to use at an outdoor dining table or even as a place to sit around the fire.


5. DIY Ring Toss Game

DIY Ring toss game and rings on the grass

The best part of summer is hanging out in the backyard and playing games with family and friends. This DIY ring toss game is perfect for backyard fun!

You can make this outdoor 2×4 project idea using scrap 2x4s from your scrap wood pile and simple tools in just a couple of hours. The best part about this outdoor game is that you can disassemble it and put it away when you’re done.


DIY 2×4 Outdoor Seating Projects

6. DIY Modern Outdoor Chair from Woodshop Diaries

2x4 outdoor project idea modern outdoor chair

This modern outdoor chair will make a great addition to your porch, patio, or deck. The frame is made with 2×4 boards and the seat is made using just one 1×6. Pocket hole joinery and wood glue make this beginner friendly project easy to build.

Except for the dowels, this outdoor 2×4 project idea is made with cedar to withstand the elements and last for years to come. The black accent of the dowels are what really make this project unique.


7. DIY Outdoor Seating with Chaise from Her Toolbelt

DIY outdoor love seat made with 2x4s with black cushions

This DIY project is a two for one. Placed together they make a great outdoor sofa with a chaise for relaxing and putting up your feat. Apart, you have a loveseat and a chair!

This 2×4 outdoor project is made from regular pine 2x4s using pocket holes to hide the screws. Seal with a good waterproofing sealant and your new outdoor seating area is ready!


8. 2×4 Modern Adirondack Chair from Ana White

Two 2x4 adirondack chairs sitting in grave.

Adirondack chairs make great patio furniture and they are even great to sit around a fire. There are lots of different versions of this outdoor chair style, but this one is uses a 1×10 board for the seat and back to make them more comfortable.

2x4s and pocket hole screws are used to make the frame, legs, and arms. Stain in the color of your choice and you will have outdoor furniture that won’t blow away in a strong wind!


9. Outdoor Sofa and Loveseat from The Handyman’s Daughter

outdoor sofa and loveseat on deck

No outdoor deck or patio is complete without an outdoor sofa. Don’t let the cost of buying one keep you from a comfortable seating area in your outdoor space, DIY outdoor sofas are easy to build!

This outdoor sofa is made entirely with 2×4 cedar boards using pocket hole joinery for super sturdy construction. You can leave them the natural cedar color or stain them in the color of your choice. The plan dimensions will accommodate 24″ cushions, but you can customize the size if you already have cushions that are smaller.


DIY 2×4 Outdoor Bench Ideas

10. DIY Chevron Cedar Bench from DIY Huntress

Outdoor bench with stained top and black painted legs

The frame and legs of this DIY outdoor bench are made from 2×4 cedar boards and the bench seat is made with 1×4 cedar boards. Pocket hole screws, wood glue, and brad nails make this bench sturdy and built to last.

The natural bench seat against the black painted legs gives this outdoor furniture project it’s modern look.


11. DIY Outdoor Bench from DIY Candy

DIY outdoor bench made with 2x4s with waterfall ends

This Williams and Sonoma inspired DIY outdoor bench is made without using any nails or screws! You will save BIG when you make this outdoor seating project yourself.

Regular untreated 2×4 pine and exterior grade construction adhesive are all you need to make this outdoor bench yourself. Make sure you have clamps for this project so you can set up the adhesive to dry for a good strong bond.


12. DIY X-Leg Bench from Sawdust Girl

Black stained outdoor bench with x-leg detail

Unlike my X-leg bench above, the legs of this bench have a framed X detail made using 2x4s. The bench top is glued together and set with clamps to dry to make the solid seat.

You can make this bench with out any fancy joinery techniques, wood screws, washers, and a drill make this an easy beginner woodworking project.


13. 2×4 Outdoor Rope Bench from At Charlotte’s House

2x4 outdoor bench with rope detail

This outdoor bench is made entirely from 2x4s. The rope detail isn’t structural and adds a cute and unique detail to this 2×4 outdoor seating project!

Pocket holes made using a Kreg Jig hide the screws and make this DIY outdoor furniture piece nice and sturdy. Add cusions and you’ll be ready to relax in your outdoor living space.


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DIY 2×4 Outdoor Planter Box Projects

14. DIY Vertical Planter from Making Joy and Pretty Things

vertical planter made from 2x4s attached to the house

This fun and unique outdoor planter is great to use for herbs or flowers in your outdoor living space. The frame is made using 2×4 structural lumber that is attached to an exterior wall in your outdoor space.

The frame is made using deck screws on a 45 degree angle instead of using a pocket hole jig making this a project you can do with basic tools.


15. 2×4 Raised Planter from Vintage Revivals

raised outdoor planter made with 2x4s

This easy beginner DIY 2×4 outdoor project idea is made in just 3 steps! Each rectangle section is attached to 4×4 posts to build this 2×4 raised planter. Cedar 2x4s are used so that it will stand up to the outside elements.

Keeping it level and attaching the rectangles correctly is key to this project, so click through for the full tutorial to make your own!


16. DIY 3 Tiered Plant Stand from Charleston Crafted

Corner plant stand on porch with flowers in teal colored pots

When you have potted outdoor plants you need somewhere to put them. This 3-tiered corner plant stand is a cheap and easy 2×4 outdoor project idea is the perfect place to sit them!

You don’t need fancy tools to make this project, you can make your cuts using a circular saw if you don’t have a miter saw. Wood glue, a drill, and screws making putting it together easy.


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17. 2×4 Potting Bench from Refresh Restyle

2x4 outdoor project idea potting bench

When you have outdoor planters, you’re going to need a place work with your plants. I’ve got you covered with this easy DIY potting bench made from 2x4s

This 2×4 outdoor project idea is easy to build using a drill and screws. No fancy joinery techniques makes this on a great beginner-friendly woodworking project. Paint or stain your potting bench in the color of your choice and you’re ready to start potting all the plants!


DIY 2×4 Outdoor Tables

18. DIY Outdoor Coffee Table from The Handyman’s Daughter

DIY 2x4 outdoor coffee table sitting in front of outdoor couch and loveseat

Every outdoor seating area needs a coffee table and this DIY 2×4 outdoor coffee table is the perfect choice. You will save a ton of money when you build this West Elm inspired coffee table yourself.

Made with 2×4 and 2×2 cedar boards its a cheap and easy project that you can build in a day. You could also make this using pine boards if it will be sheltered from the elements or you use a good quality wood sealer.


19. Outdoor Coffee Table from DIY Huntress

outdoor coffee table with concrete top half fire pit, half cooler

This 2×4 outdoor project idea is a little more advanced and incorporates concrete. The base of this outdoor coffee table is made using 2×4 cedar and the top is made from concrete, with a twist.

This DIY coffee table can be a fire pit or a cooler! It’s the perfect piece of outdoor furniture for entertaining. Check the full tutorial to build your own.


20. DIY Kid’s Picnic Table from Making Manzanita

Kid's picnic table made from 2x4s

Smaller kids can’t always reach the table top on a full-size picnic table, so why not build them one that’s just their size?

Made entirely from 2x4s, this kid-sized picnic table is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Be sure to sand the boards smooth with 150 grit sandpaper to keep your little ones from getting any splinters.


21. Square Picnic Table from Ana White

Square picnic table with seating on all four sides

Add even more seating to your outdoor dining space with this square picnic table made from 2x4s. You could seat up to eight adults with benches on all four sides. It’s easy to build and is great for smaller spaces.

The frame and aprons on this outdoor project idea are made using 2x4s while the seats and the table top are made with 2x6s. The outside boards on the seats are cut at a 45-degree angle to add a little detail to this cozy outdoor dining table.


22. DIY Outdoor Side Table from The Handyman’s Daughter

2x4 outdoor side table with built in cooler

No outdoor seating area is complete without a side table. Sitting next to an outdoor couch, your guests will have somewhere to sit their drinks when you’re entertaining.

This DIY 2×4 outdoor end table has an added feature, a built-in cooler! Great for keeping all the adult beverages on ice. You could even use it as a planter if you wanted. It’s made using cedar so it will hold up to the outside elements and moisture.


More 2×4 Outdoor Project Ideas

23. Cedar Grill Table from Jen Woodhouse

DIY grill table with grill made from cedar

A grill table with a place for your grill is a must for outdoor cooking. This DIY grill table is made from cedar and the supports and apron are made using 2x4s. 2x4s are great to use as structural support to ensure your project is good and sturdy.

The hole in the table top can be made to fit your size grill and sitting a concrete paver under it will ensure that your wood isn’t damaged from the heat of the grill.


24. Cooler Deck Box from The Awesome Orange

dark stained wood box on legs with lighter stained cutting board

A cooler deck box is a great addition to your outdoor space. Sit your cooler inside and let the party begin! It even has a cutting board to make garnishing your beverages easy.

Made entirely using 2x4s, building this outdoor project is super easy using 2 1/2″ outdoor screws and is a great beginner woodworking project. The finish on this one is done by using Shu Shugi Ban like I did with my DIY Wooden Stepstool and this DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board. You could paint or stain yours instead if you aren’t ready to try burning wood.


25. DIY Washer Toss Game from Addicted 2 DIY

Washer toss game boards made from 2x4s sitting on the grass

We love being outdoors in the summer and outdoor games are a big part of our activities. This DIY washer toss game is great for the whole family.

Two 2×4 boards and plywood is all you need to make this easy DIY 2×4 project idea. Miter joints give this project a finished look and you can get an outdoor carpet for the inside super cheap. The hardest part of this project will be making sure your boxes are square.


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