30 Easy DIY Bench Ideas You Can Build Today!

25 Easy DIY bench ideas to inspire you. DIY Benches using 2×4, Storage benches, upholstered benches, outdoor bench and more. Great beginner projects!

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A DIY Bench makes a really great woodworking project at any level.

It is usually a straight project can be given so much personality.

Plus, they can be a part of any room indoors or outdoors!

Types of DIY Benches to Build

A few types of popular DIY bench ideas are –

  • Simple DIY bench – built with just a few boards – clean lines.
  • Hairpin leg bench – Easy to build – a few boards and hairpin legs.
  • DIY 2×4 bench – 2×4’s or structural lumber is sturdy and makes great chunky looking benches!
  • DIY upholstered bench – An upholstered top makes it ideal as an end of the bed bench!
  • DIY entryway bench with shoe storage – makes the entryway bench so much more functional
  • DIY industrial style bench – add elements of metal and you have yourself an industrial bench.
  • DIY Outdoor benches – made to withstand the weather!

All of these bench types can intermingle and give you an infinite number of DIY bench ideas!

DIY Bench Ideas

Below I have a sampling of 25 of the most amazing and easy DIY bench ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

DIY 2×4 Benches

2×4 lumber is a very popular choice for benches.

It is sturdy and weather proof. Plus, its dimensions make a great look for farmhouse and rustic type decor!

DIY 2×4 bench for indoor or outdoor by Anika’s DIY Life

This is one of my favorite and most popular projects.

DIY 2x4 x-leg bench outdoors on the grass.

The x-bench is an easy weekend woodworking project and looks amazing in any space!DIY 2x4 bench in the entryway with door open

I love how you can add character by simply adding a few angles to the 2×4’s.

Here are a few other great DIY 2×4 bench ideas – collage of 3 DIY 2x4 bench ideas

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Easy DIY Bench Ideas

Building benches doesn’t have to be complicated at all!

After all, it is one long seat and 4 legs!

So if you are a beginner woodworker, a minimalist or modern furniture kind of person, these simple ideas are perfect for you!

Collage of 4 simple DIY bench ideas.

DIY Entryway Benches With Storage

If there is one piece of functional furniture that belongs in an entryway, it is a bench.

It makes the perfect spot to sit and put your shoes on or just to drop your bag.

And an entryway bench with storage is even better! Having a place to put your shoes of keys makes for great organization!

I designed and built an entryway bench with shoe storage and a drawer.DIY entryway bench with storage styled with plant, shoes, jacket and bag.

A few other great ideas for DIY entryway benches with storage- collage of DIY entryway storage bench ideas

DIY Outdoor Benches

With the right hardware and finish, most of the above benches can be used outdoors too.

A simple bench like my 2×4 outdoor bench works great.

A few more options to build DIY outdoor benches include –collage of simple DIY outdoor benches

But here are some amazing DIY outdoor benches to take your backyard or front yard to the next level –

Collage of DIY outdoor benches.

DIY Industrial Benches

Industrial style is all the rage right now.

Adding a few metallic elements gives a simple DIY bench an instant industrial look!

I added metal chains to add personality to a simple bench built using dimensional lumber.Easy DIY industrial farmhouse bench with throw pillow

Or you can use pipes to create the frame for the bench too  like this DIY Industrial pipe bench by Charleston Crafted

Simple bench with pipe frame

DIY Upholstered Benches

Adding a simple upholstered top to a bench is a simple project and takes a basic bench and turns into luxurious seating.

I added an upholstered top using faux fur to the X-leg bench to create the perfect end of the bench bed.

collage of upholstered benches at the end of the bed

Here are a few more great ideas to make your own upholstered bench –

More Ideas to Build Your Own Wooden Bench

The possibilities are endless!

There is inspiration everywhere!

You can draw inspiration from designer brands and build your own version for a lot cheaper! collage of designer inspired DIY benches

So there you have it!

So much inspiration and so many ways to build a bench!

Which one will you build?

Anika's goal is to inspire and empower beginners with woodworking, DIY, home improvement, and home decor ideas.
She wants everyone to unlock their creative potential and experience the feeling that comes with making something. Nothing feels better better than seeing something and saying "I can make that!"

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