DIY Industrial Style Cake Stand – In Easy 3 Steps

This DIY industrial style cake stand fits right in with any decor. Make your own cake stand with this quick and easy tutorial.This DIY industrial style cake stand fits right in with any decor. Make your own cake stand with this quick and easy tutorial.

Making your own DIY industrial style cake stand is super easy and today I have Kelly from North Country Nest showing you exactly how to do it! I am knee deep in fixing up a few rooms in our house so we can stop living out of suitcases and Kelly was gracious enough to agree to share a fun tutorial with you! Here is Kelly –
Hello, new friends!

My name is Kelly and I blog over at North Country Nest. My fiance, Brett, and I are tackling our first fixer upper, sharing our renovation updates, DIY projects and home decor ideas. I am so excited to be hopping over to Anika’s space today and sharing with you a DIY industrial style cake stand.

You see, industrial – the piping and dark wood – is the first style that Brett and I have completely agreed on.

I tend to go towards the lighter, farmhouse style and he likes the more traditional look. Then we discovered industrial decor, realized we both agreed on something and haven’t looked back since 🙂

This industrial style cake stand is so easy to make and incorporates my favorite material to work with – galvanized piping. If you’re impartial to piping too, be sure to check out the industrial table and curtain rod we’ve made.

DIY Industrial Style Cake Stand

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Supplies Needed for the DIY Style Cake Stand –

How to Make an Industrial Style Cake Stand

Step 1:  Start with the wood slab and using your antiquing wax and brush, make small circles in the to use dark antiquing wax After the entire piece is covered in wax, wipe it off going with the grain.Use dark antiquing wax to make an industrial cake stand

Step 2: After waiting at least thirty minutes, repeat the circular motions with the liming wax and antiquing brush. Instead of covering the entire piece, I went in rows – the liming wax spreads more than the antique wax, so you don’t have to use quite as much.How to use liming waxAgain, after covering the entire piece, wipe it off in the direction of the grain.
Creating a custom finish using liming wax and antiquing wax

Step 3:  Once the top is dried, screw the flange and pipe together. Then screw it to the center of the bottom of the circular board.How to make an industrial cake stand

Then secure the other flange to the pipe. Make your own industrial cake stand with pipes and a circular board

Tip: if you’re planning on using this cake stand for actual cake, you should think about adding a non-toxic sealant to protect food from the antique and liming wax.
And that, my new friends, is it!How to make your own industrial cake stand - 3 easy steps!

All our best,

About Kelly and Brett

North County Nest is a home renovation, DIY and home décor blog. Our goal is to inspire others to tackle their own home improvement projects and show that it’s possible to have a beautiful home while knee deep in drywall and sawdust.

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  1. This page made realized that A cake stand doesn’t have to be boring and still. With your idea, even on non occassion, the cake stand can also be used as decor.Just add a fabulous piece on top and there it is, still stands out.

    1. Kelly did a wonderful job with this!

  2. Whoa, I love the industrial look! It looks like it might tip a bit, I think I am going to put a larger flange on the bottom.

    1. Yes, a larger flange would work great!

  3. Hey Anika, congrats on the post. I know Kelly’s and Brett’s blog, I’ve recently commented on their blog, they did a great job with the renovation.

    This is a really nice DIY job, congrats Kelly, it really looks amazing. My wife, she would loooove to have one of these. I’ve recently broke her cake stand accidentely, it was all glass, very cute … perhaps if I do this one for her, I might be forgiven 🙂

    Great post guys, thanks for sharing!

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