Canvas Craft Idea – Turn Any Printable Into Canvas Art

A canvas craft idea that shows you how to turn your favorite printables into canvas wall art. This DIY canvas art makes a perfect bedroom wall decor idea.Create canvas art using any printable. Canvas craft idea #kidsdecor DIY dinosaur art for kids room | nursery

This canvas craft idea stuck me a few days ago when I was looking for dinosaur decor for my son’s side of the colorful shared room.

I spent a long time online and in stores looking for the perfect (and affordable) dinosaur wall art.

The only ones I even remotely liked were unfortunately on dark brown backgrounds which would certainly not work with the teal wall.

And then it struck me… why don’t I quickly make dinosaurs on canvas!! Easy canvas artwork made from printables

Now if you are a good artist, you sure can simply paint them on.

But then if you are like me, this is the easiest way to create canvas art ever!!

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Materials Needed for Canvas Art From Printables –

As Always, I Also Have a Video Tutorial for You!

How to Create Your Own Canvas Craft With Printables

Step 1 – Start by cutting out the simpler lines with scissors. Cut as close as you can. How to make canvas dinosaurs

Step 2 – Use an X-acto knife for the more detailed areas. Don’t worry about being perfect. That’s the beauty of this technique… any remaining white will be camouflaged in with the white canvas background.She cuts the pretty dinosaurs to make even prettier wall art!

Step 3 – Add a light coat of mod podge to the canvas using the foam brush.

Step 4 – Place the cut out on the mod podge covered canvas and add another thin layer of mod podge over it.How to make DIY Canvas artwork from printables. canvas craft idea #kidsdecor

Step 5 – Next is a genius idea I learned from Tasha at Designer Trapped. To make it look like it is printed on canvas,  quickly flip another canvas over the wet mod podge and smooth it with your hand slightly. How to make authentic canvas prints using printables.

Then peel it back slowly to get the authentic canvas imprint! DIY Dinosaur art for kids room

Let it dry and the canvas wall art is ready! How to create canvas wall art from any printable

It was so easy and quick to make these! Plus like I said, you can do these with any printable art (that can be cut around) – not just dinosaurs!

Easy Canvas wall art idea. Convert any printable into canvas art!

Did You Enjoy This Easy DIY Canvas Wall Art Idea?

I love creating custom wall art! This huge You & Me sign hangs over our bed in the master bedroom. An easy DIY Wall art perfect for the bedroom! Layers of paint and pretty wrapping paper distressed for the most amazing effect.

My kids love this Dream Big sign made using Deco foil which was so fun to make! Kids room wall decor - nursery decor idea - colorful deco foil tutorial


So easy!! canvas craft idea| Make your own DIY Canvas wall art | Nursery decor idea | Dinosuar | Kids room

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    Great job.

  2. Anika, these are adorable! I love graphic art like this.

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