12 DIY Kitchen Island Trim Ideas

Adding trim to your kitchen island is a great way to add personality and interest to your kitchen. Here are 12 ideas to inspire you!

collage of diy kitchen island makeovers with trim with text overlay


Adding trim and molding to the back of a builder-grade kitchen island or even a peninsula is a quick and easy way to elevate a kitchen. All you need are a few boards for the trim, nails, paint, and a little imagination.

What Material Can I Use as Trim?

There are many ways to add decorative trim to a plain kitchen island. You can easily kick things up a notch by using detailed molding or create patterns with the molding. The most common is to use simple 1×3 or 1×4 boards to add detail. You can also add faux feet for the added custom look! I have examples of all of these below!

How Do You Install Trim on an Island?

Typically island trim is installed using simple pin nails or finish nails. The molding doesn’t get stressed and the nails are good enough to hold it together. You could use construction adhesive if you like but if you ever decide to take the molding off, you will have a nightmare of a time getting a clean slate.

Woman attaching slats to a kitchen island with a brad nailer

To finish, you can use caulk and wood putty before painting. The simple rule is to use wood putty where wood meets wood and caulk where wood meets the wall. This will result in a nice clean professional finish.

Painting can be done with either a paint sprayer – which will need a lot of prep to cover up adjoining areas or a brush and good quality roller and paint with good leveling quality.

Trim Ideas for Kitchen Islands

To spark your imagination, I am sharing some of my favorite kitchen island makeovers using trim from across the internet with all types of styles – farmhouse to modern.

1. Modern Kitchen Island Makeover from Anika’s DIY Life

Modern slat trim on kitchen island painted dark green

This is the peninsula in my kitchen which got a makeover from a plain old back to this gorgeous modern look with a few 1×2 boards. Check out the complete tutorial.

PS: Also, check out how my my kitchen makeover is coming along!

2. Kitchen Island Update Using Geometric Trim from Crafted By The Hunts

close up of white kitchen island update using trim in a geometric pattern.

There are no rules around the pattern you can use. Like this geometric pattern using screen molding that turned a builder-grade island into a focal point!

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Island Makeover from Houseful of Handmade

close up of farmhouse kitchen island makeover using trim and table legs

If you aren’t willing to take a chance and add lots of trim, simple addition of a wider baseboard and furniture legs to make it look beautiful like a piece of furniture.

4. Island Makeover with Baseboard Molding from Inspiration for Moms

close up of kitchen island trim molding and brown bar stools

Sometimes simply adding a new wider baseboard and layering it can make all the difference in the builder-grade and custom-built look!

5. Kitchen Island with Beadboard and Trim by Remodelaholic

black kitchen island with beadboard framed with wood trim

Board and batten look with beadboard paneling is another excellent and easy way to add detail to a simple island.

6. Customize a Kitchen Island with Trim from Lost and Found

blue kitchen island with custom trim end panel

You could keep things very simple with a few 1×4 boards, simple little feet to create a custom look.


7. Custom Trim Kitchen Island Makeover from Just A Girl and Her Blog

white kitchen island with wood trim and corbels under the countertop

Craftsman style baseboard and new corbels added to this kitchen island make it the focal point of this kitchen.

8. Kitchen Island Trim from The Harper House

large kitchen island with wood X-trim panel on the end

The X-detail on this kitchen island is made with thin poplar boards to create a custom panel.

9. DIY Kitchen Island Makeover from Bitterroot DIY

dark green kitchen island with trim in kitchen with wood ceiling beam.

This was the second makeover for this kitchen island taking it from an island with a bar top second level to a modern kitchen workspace that functions much better.

10. Adding Molding to A Builder Grade Kitchen Island from Love Remodeled

small white island with trim molding and basket of fruit sitting on the countertop

Adding trim to this kitchen island was inexpensive and requires only a few simple tools.

11. Kitchen Island Makeover with Board and Batten Trim from Thrifty and Chic

kitchen island with board and batten trim painted white with black stone countertop

Board and batten is a popular architectural detail and is great to add to a kitchen island!

12. Makeover with Distressed Wood Panel Trim from Pretty Handy Girl

distressed wood panel on the side of a desk framed by wood trim

A distressed wood panel framed with trim adds rustic detail and would be a great idea for a kitchen island.


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