How to Keep House Cool – 8 Things You Can Do Today! (Giveaway)

9 easy tricks and tips to show you how to keep house cool while not driving your electric bill high with or without air conditioning!House in heat with sun.

These last few weeks have been the hottest around here!

I do spend a lot of time in the driveway and garage because… you know…projects. Even though I try to get started by 8 am as soon as the kids leave, about an hour in, it is usually already 90F or more…Anika working in heat

Depending on the project, I can be there all day… in sweat-soaked clothes.

But when I get back indoors and take that much-awaited shower, I don’t want to have anything to do with heat! I need a nice cool house!

Our home from the 50s isn’t too great on insulation but that is a very expensive problem to fix. Instead, small steps make it easier to keep the house cool efficiently.

Having grown up in India without air conditioning, a few of these are second nature to me. Only when the first few things start to be ineffective, does the a/c kick in. But don’t think for a minute our home is going to be hot… It is almost always at 78F of lower.

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How to keep the house cool in summer

These tricks not just help make it easy on the air conditioner to cool down the house and also help your electricity bill. I mean, who likes to pay the electric company more money than they need to?

Easy ideas to keep the house cool without air conditioning

  • Refresh and replace caulking around windows and doors – Old cracked caulking around windows and doors is the perfect way for heat to enter your home. Make sure to check and fix it up every year! Sealing a window using DAP caulking. The DAP DYNAFLEX ULTRA Advanced Exterior sealant is specifically designed for windows and doors to withstand expansion and contraction caused by sun, heat, cold, wind and rain. If you have cracks in exterior building materials including vinyl or fiber cement siding, composite or wood decks, metal doors, brick or concrete walkways, fences and garage door, try patching them with Platinum Patch advanced before they become worse with heat and sun.DAP caulking and patching material on grill table
  • Check and replace thresholds on exterior doors – The gap between the door and the floor can be a major source of a draft. Over time, with use, it can crack and disintegrate. Be sure to check and replace it as needed!
  • Close doors, blinds, and drapes – As soon as it starts to heat up in the morning, close all exterior doors, blinds and drapes. Blackout curtains work really well to block out all the heat from entering the room. It makes a huge difference in how fast the home heats up!
  • Use Ceiling fans or tower fans – Ceiling fans get a bad rap for being old-fashioned but honestly, they make a huge difference in cooling down the home. They help rotate air around the home. Even if you have air conditioning, a fan can help cool down the room much faster! Be sure to check if they are set to rotate counterclockwise! Of course, if you don’t have a ceiling fan port, tower fans can be very effective too!
  • Reduce use of heat producing appliances – Almost all appliances – stove, oven, dryer etc, radiate heat into the home… Summer is a great time to use them as little as possible. Opt for healthy cool meals… like salads and cold soups. Or take the cooking outside!

Tips to Keep the House Cool With Air Conditioning (On a Budget)

  • Annual A/C tune-up – You must get this done annually! A comprehensive cleaning of the condenser coils and making sure the coolant levels are optimum makes the air conditioner much more efficient and directly impacts your energy bill!air conditioning uint.
  • Change A/C filter regularly – We all know a dirty filter reduces the air quality. It also reduces the airflow efficiency making the air conditioner work harder to cool down the home. Be sure to check it regularly and replace it as needed. In peak season when the a/c is on over 12-15 hours a day, you might need to change it every 4-6 weeks.
  • Get a smart thermostat – Getting this smart thermostat was certainly one of the best investments we made! Plus – I can control it from my phone 🙂Smart thermostat on wall.

And finally, enjoy the cool summer evenings! Kick up your feet with a nice cool drink and enjoy the outdoors!Stainless steel cooler filled with ice and drinks

How many of the above do you already do? Any other tips you may have that have made a huge difference in keeping your home cool! Leave a comment and let me know!

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