25 Easy-To-Build DIY Closet Organizer Ideas for Any Closet

Thinking about upgrading a builder-grade closet? Building your own DIY custom closet is easier than you think! Get inspired with these 25 DIY closet organizer ideas.

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Closets are essential to a home, but they can get cluttered quickly and become hard to manage with all the items that need storage.

Builder-grade closets usually comprise of a shelf and a long rod that doesn’t usually lend itself to organization.

Every closet in your home functions in a different way:

  • A primary closet shared by two people needs to be accessible to both.
  • A walk-in closet can be disorganized and messy, requiring extra storage solutions.
  • A kid’s closet needs to be able to change as they grow.

Ditching a builder-grade closet for a custom closet can be expensive if you hire someone. Few people realize that building a custom closet is a lot easier than you would think and doesn’t even need a lot of power tools. I have built closets using only a power drill and circular saw.

Here are 25 fantastic DIY closet organizers that will inspire you to take on your custom closet makeover project.

1. DIY Reach-in Primary Closet

Got a builder-grade reach-in closet that needs organizing? DIY Custom Closets are surprisingly easy to build. Here is everything you need to know to design and build your own.

I have upgraded every bedroom closet in our home. They each have the features that work best for those using them. The latest project was the small reach-in closet in our primary bedroom. I was able to add a ton of storage and make it highly functional (and fit all of our clothes) for under $300. That’s the beauty of customizing your closet with a closet organizer.

Learn everything you need to know to build a DIY custom closet system.

2. Easy DIY Reach-in Closet Organizer

Do you need a way to organize your closet but don't want to spend too much money? Follow this DIY closet organizer tutorial to show you how to make an easy and customizable wood organizer for your clothes.

Can you build a closet with only a power drill and a pocket hole jig? Yes, you can! You don’t even need a saw. There is a service called Shelf Help that helps you design the closet and sends you plywood cuts to your needs. It is already edge-banded too, so all you have to do is put it together.

Full tutorial to build a custom closet here.

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3. DIY Closet Organizer with Drawers

How to build a DIY custom closet from scratch using only 2 power tools! This is an easy beginner woodworking project. #anikasdiylife

Built with just three simple power tools, I upgraded my son’s reach-in closet using sheets of plywood. You’ll need a circular saw, a power drill, and an optional miter saw to complete this. It’s a beginner-friendly DIY project that will upgrade a closet from builder-grade to custom.

Get the plans and tutorial here.

4. DIY Craft Closet Organizer

Craft closet built-in organizer with shelves and drawers

Craft rooms need storage solutions, and I decided to remove the doors and turn the closet into an area to keep all my craft supplies. This closet makeover is easy to do, and you can customize it for the size of your closet.

I used a shelf pin jig to create adjustable shelves to accommodate whatever needs to be stored now and in the future.

Free plans and tutorial here.

5. Brilliant Box Closet Organizer from Making it in the Mountains

Custom built DIY closet organizer using box shapes

This walk-in closet is packed with organization. Built with birch plywood, each box is the same size, just installed in a different direction to fit the space and storage needs. Double rods add ample space for hanging clothes.

Edge banding applied to the box fronts gives them a finished look. Installation is easy once you decide on a configuration that works for you.

Learn how to make your own brilliant box system here.

6. Closet Organizer from Scratch from Thrift Diving

walk-in closet organizer built from scratch

Built-in floor-to-ceiling DIY closet systems are ideal for large walk-in closets. Double closet rods can be hung, maximizing hanging space for pants and shirts, and single rod sections are perfect for long dresses or coats.

Maple plywood gives this custom closet organizer a high-end look. Built with pocket hole joinery, it’s sturdy and will withstand daily wear and tear.

Learn how to build your own.

7. Simple Closet Organizer from Lovely Etc.

DIY closet organizer with built-in shelves

Small closets need to be functional, too. Builder-grade shelving and hanging rods don’t always provide what you need to stay organized. This organizer project is easy to build using MDF and common boards to be customized to your needs.

Add shelves for shoes, folded clothes, and accessories. Be sure to maximize the height with a shelf on top.

See the tutorial to build your own!

8. DIY Closet with French Cleats from The Handyman’s Daughter

Closet organizer using french cleats and ikea bins

Older homes can have crazy angles and odd-shaped closets, making it hard to create an organized closet. This custom DIY closet uses French cleats to mount custom shelving to hold Ikea Trofast bins.

This closet system can be taken down easily and reconfigured to grow with your child.

Learn how to build your own.

9. Kid’s Closet Organizer from Houseful of Handmade

DIY closet organizer with hanging drawers

As your child grows, their closet needs to grow with them. This closet now features a simple cabinet with drawers and an open shelf that splits the closet and allows for two separate hanging sections.

Plywood and 1X2s are all you need to build this yourself. Made with pocket hole joinery, it’s sturdy and built to last.

See how to build it yourself.

10. DIY Closet Bin Organizer from Lemon Thistle

kids closet with Ikea bin organizer

Simple is best when you have younger kids, and maximizing the space in a small closet with Ikea bins is a great idea.

Built-in shelving cubbies hold bins that can be labeled for each type of clothing, and a double hanging bar adds plenty of hanging space for little clothes.

See how to set up your own organized kid’s closet here.

11. DIY Walk-In Closet System from DIY Danielle

DIY walk-in closet system with bench seating

A walk-in closet can be a blank slate to create the closet of your dreams. This DIY closet organizer is built from plywood using basic tools. It features single and double hanging rods and shelves. You can even add seating if you have the space!

For under $200 you can do this beginner-friendly DIY project.

12. Customized Store-Bought System from A Beautiful Mess

DIY custom closet with shelves

Not ready to build a closet organizer? You can customize a store-bought closet system to fit your needs and space. It doesn’t have to be put together exactly like the instructions tell you.

Change the placement of the hanging rods, add extra shelves, or add drawers. Set the closet system up so that it’s functional for you!

Learn how to customize a store-bought closet system here.

13. Small Closet Organizer from Our Home Made Easy

Small DIY closet organizer for little girl's room

Turn a small catch-all closet into an organized, functional space with adjustable shelving. You can add as many shelves as you need and configure them for your needs.

The adjustable racking is screwed into wall studs, making it sturdy and durable. Each shelf has an integrated hanging bar for space-saving efficiency. This system even leaves enough room for a dresser unit!

See how to make your own here.

14. Kids Closet Organizer from Lemon Thistle

DIY closet organizer with drawers and shelves

When kids share a room, you have to have storage solutions that work. This shared kids’ closet organizer does it all. It’s amazing how much you can put in a closet with just drawers and shelves.

Drawers and shelves with bins for clothing. There’s space for toys and a hanging rod for items that need to be hung up. Everything is within reach of each child.

Learn how this closet organizing system works.

15. DIY Closet System from Kaleidoscope Living

Walk-in closet DIY closet system

This walk-in closet is packed with so much organization; you don’t need a professional to install it! It can accommodate a large wardrobe, shoes, and accessories all in one place. The shelving components go to the ceiling to maximize every inch of space.

See all the details of this custom closet organizer here.

16. Primary Closet Organizer from Jen Woodhouse

Custom closet organizer

Customize a closet with a sloping ceiling to accommodate your wardrobe. The upper and lower units are perfect for hanging pants and shirts, and the unit built-in to the sloping wall is a great place for shoes. Every inch of space is utilized for convenience. I love the arched top shelves to store purses and bags!

See all the details of this custom closet here.

17. DIY Custom Closet Cabinets from Woodshop Diaries

DIY custom closet cabinets

Who wouldn’t love to have this amazing walk-in closet?! It features drawers, shelves, and hanging rods. It’s the ultimate DIY closet organizer made using cabinet-grade plywood and a few basic tools.

See all the details and get the plans here.

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18. Master Closet Organizer from Lemon Thistle

Master closet with shelves and drawers

One of the great things about DIYing your closet organizer is that you can set it up any way you want. This master closet features shelves, drawers, and hanging bars down low for easy access. As a bonus, with drawers in the closet, you’ll have more space in your bedroom!

See all the details here.

19. Small Closet Makeover from RemodelaCasa

Kids closet organizer with drawers and inset storage

It can be hard to configure a closet organizer to get the best use of the space. How do you work with the corners and not end up with dead space that isn’t usable?

Built-in recessed shelving is added to use up every inch of space in the small closet. Drawers, shelves, and sections for hanging rods finish out the design. Trim and molding complete the look of this custom closet organizer.

See all the details to do it yourself here.

20. DIY Divided Built-In Closet from A Beautiful Mess

Reach-in DIY closet organizer

Who has more clothes, you or your spouse? There is no rule that each side has to have equal space. Building a DIY closet organizer allows you to make each section any size it needs to be.

A divider keeps each person’s clothes from creeping onto the other side. It will keep everyone happy, trust me!

See all the details for this closet divider project here.

21. Ikea Nordli Small Closet Hack from Love Create Celebrate

Ikea Nordli in a small closet

Kids don’t always need hanging space in their closets. The most efficient use of space in a young child’s closet is with drawers. You can fit more in a closet with drawers, and your child can access what they need easier.

This closet organizer project was done using two Ikea Nordli units. Each unit was built-in, and shelves were added above for extra storage.

See all the details here.

22. Cheap and Easy Closet Organizer from Lovely Etc.

closet with shelf cubbies and hanging rod above

DIY cubby shelving is the perfect solution for a small bedroom with a small closet. You only need MDF, 1X2s, and basic tools to build your own.

Use fabric and plastic bins for clothing and baskets for toys. A hanging rod above can be utilized for coats and jackets.

See the details here.

23. Gaming Closet Organizer from Addicted 2 DIY

closet with buit-in gaming desk

Customize your teen’s closet with a gaming organizer. There will still be room for clothes and shoes, but you can free up space in their bedroom by setting up their gaming system in the closet. When they aren’t playing, shut the doors to hide it away.

See the details here.

24. Utility Closet Organizer from Young House Love

storage and shelving in a utility closet

This DIY closet organizer project idea adds storage and function to a once unusable utility closet. A freestanding cabinet and shelving make all the difference in this small closet!

See the project here.

25. DIY Entryway Closet Organizer from Lemon Thistle

organized entryway closet with shelves and hanging rod

Closet organizers aren’t just for bedroom closets. Tame the chaos in your entryway closet with this DIY closet organizer project.

No more shoes in a pile at the bottom of the closet with shelves that keep them all organized and accessible. There’s a hanging rod for coats and shelves for seasonal items you need as you head out the door.

See the details to makeover your entryway closet here.

In the end, making your very own custom closet is a fun and doable project. These DIY ideas show that creating a unique storage space isn’t as complicated as it seems.

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