31 Adorable DIY Kids Room Ideas

DIY kids room ideas to inspire you to create a fun and adorable space! See Budget-friendly kids room decor ideas, DIY kids room furniture, paint and more!

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Transforming a kids room into a place for imagination to soar is almost more fun than being the kid who gets to experience the room 🙂

Don’t tell my kids I said that 😉

There are SO many things you can do to decorate a kids room – paint the walls, build fun and colorful furniture, organization, and even art!

And most importantly, if you DIY it, you can do it all on a budget without spending a bazillion dollars on fancy brands!

DIY Kids Room Ideas

DIY Kids Furniture Ideas

Handmade kids furniture has a special place in my heart.

It is how I got started in the word of DIY and woodworking and it is also how I discovered the entire world of blogs!

Over the years I have not just given colorful life to Ikea pieces and old furniture but also designed and built so many fun pieces!

DIY furniture for kids room

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Building furniture for kids is one of my favorite things!

Below are some of the projects I have built over time.

Printable plans for all of these are available too! Check out each post for more details!

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Fun kids furniture makeovers

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Taking a simple Ikea or yardsale finds and turning them into fun and functional pieces for kids is always a lot of fun!

Below are all my furniture makeover projects that add lots of fun colors to a kids room!


DIY Organizing Projects for Kids Rooms

Kids rooms come with organizing challenges too.

Everything needs to be accessible by the littles, look pretty and have a perfect spot for it too.

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Fun DIY Kids Room Decor Ideas

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Decor ideas for kids rooms can some in so many ways. Of course, it depends on the theme of the room.

I have created a bunch of fun and colorful decorations for the kids room including painting accent walls and canvas art!


More Project Ideas for Kids Rooms

What’s your favorite idea?

What kind of room did you have growing up? Did you have a theme?

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