Easy DIY Scrap Wood Organization

Any woodworker – small or big knows how scrap wood organization can become a problem. One minute you are creating a beautiful piece and when you look up you find yourself surrounded by a pile of scrap wood!

I had the exact situation. I didn’t even realize my scrap pile grew so much!I totally lost track what size and pieces I had in there! I had to get it under control before starting out on the next build. Here is what I came up with in about 45 minutes.

Make this scrap wood organizer using scrap wood! step by step tutorial

This doesn’t look like much but you will see the big improvement when I show you the before picture!

Why I needed a scrap wood organizer! Come see how I made one using scrap wood!

See how bad the situation was… and yes, there is my pile of picture frames in the mix there as well! It is so much better now and the best part is that I used only wood from my scrap pile to make this!!! Can’t beat that!

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Materials Needed for Scrap Wood Organization –

How to make the DIY scrap wood organizer-

Step 1- Start with the 1 x 12 board. Cut 2 pieces to the length you need for the organizer. I had a 66″ board. So I cut it to 33″ each. I had bought this for a project and it sat in the garage for a few months. When I got to it it was warped like crazy!! See what I mean. I have been trying to figure out what to do with and this was the perfect opportunity because it does not beed to be perfect.

Use a warped board to create scrap wood organization!

Step 2 – Figure out the width you need for your organizer. I used  11.5″ just because I had a 1x 8 of that size and I wanted to have a wider board for the front to store the little pieces of scrap wood. Rest of the boards are a mix of left over scraps including 3/4″ plywood. I spaced them evenly at 11″ each.

Making a DIY scrap wood organizer with scrap wood...
Attaching dividers to make a DIY scrap wood organizer

Step 3 – Make the appropriate pocket holes and attach the divider boards on to the 1″ x 12″ at the given spacings. See how warped the bottom board is, you can see that the dividers are not straight. But we don’t care because it is just going to be used for scrap wood storage.

Step 4 – Attach the other board on the other side. I tried my best to align the divider boards, but it was no big deal if they didn’t align perfectly because of the warp.

Making an easy DIY scrap wood organizer using scrap wood

Step 5 – I attached a few 1/4″ plywood and hardboard I had left over in various sizes to create the bottom of the organizer. I attached them with screws and finish nails.

That’s it! We have the organizer ready!

Super Easy scrap wood organizer. If you generate scrap wood... this is for you!

I took this opportunity to also sort out all the junk treasures I had accumulated in that area. And now, look at this corner! I can see all the scrap wood I have and it didn’t cost me a cent! I store tiny cuts in the front bin. Anything under 2 feet in the middle bin and all the longer boards in the third bin. This will really make my life so much easier! The wider boards and plywood are stored in the back.

Make this scrap wood organizer using scrap wood! step by step tutorial

Here is a closer view of the dividers.

Organize all that scrap wood with this easy DIY scrap wood organizer
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Make an easy scrap wood organizer to clear up that messy garage in 45 minutes! And use up scrap wood too! Step by step tutorial.

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  1. You are really rocking those power tools Anika, this is a great way to have all that scrap wood organized! Love it! I wish I had a spot to DIY, our place is so small… and btw. I almost didn’t recognize the site, your new header is awesome!

    1. Thanks Katrin! Your prijects are so beautiful! Yes it was about time I changed the name of the blog 🙂

  2. What a fabulous project! I think I will have to build one so my husband will be happy with the mess I keep making in the garage! LOL!

    Thank you so much for sharing your clever project over at Waste Not Wednesday!

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