10 DIY Hammock Stand Ideas With Plans

Create the perfect spot to unwind and relax with these easy DIY Hammock stand ideas – including plans, instructions, and even video tutorials.

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If you think about the perfect relaxation spot, a hammock almost always comes to mind. You can:

  • read a book
  • Feel the warmth of the sun on your face
  • look at the clouds and ponder your beautiful life
  • take a nap
  • eat a snack (if you are like my kids)

When I think of our beach vacations, it almost always has to involve a hammock. Listening to the ocean and taking a nap while lightly swinging between the palm trees is absolute heaven!

What do you do if you don’t have two trees close enough to hang a hammock?

Enter the hammock stand.

But the prices of hammock stands are absolutely crazy ridiculous!

This is why you build a hammock stand!

Easy DIY Hammock Stands

I have you covered with 10 easy DIY hammock stands that you can build.

They all come with plans so you can simply follow them and have the hammock stand ready within a weekend!

1. Easy DIY Hammock Stand Using 3 Tools

hammock stand made from redwood 4x4 boards in lawn with colorful hammock

You can make this DIY hammock stand using just three tools and a few 4x4s!

It has just three basic parts – the base, the uprights, and the braces.

In fact, with the plans, you can make this in just an afternoon and be relaxing in it the same night!

I used redwood for this build because it is one of nature’s strongest materials and resists warping and splitting and is naturally rot-resistant.

3-years later, it is still standing in my backyard and used and loved like it was the first day!


2. DIY Outdoor Hammock Stand from Woodshop Diaries

Woman sitting on hammock on deck with pergola

This is an outdoor hammock stand and so much more!

It holds a 9′ hammock and also doubles as a:

  • A pergola
  • A floating deck
  • Planters /side tables

It’s the perfect relaxation area for your outdoor living space.

Built using treated lumber, this area will withstand the elements.


3. DIY Hammock Chair Stand from Houseful of Handmade

two hammock chair stands with blue and white striped hammock chairs

I love these DIY hammock chair stands! You can use them on a porch or deck, on a patio, or even out in the yard. With their own pergola tops, they even offer shade where you might not have any.

Made using treated 4x4s, the A-frame design is stabilized using braces in the middle and the pergola top helps add weight to keep it on the ground as enjoy the hammock chair.

Simply unclip the chairs from the frame when you aren’t using them to keep them nice and clean.


4. DIY Wooden Hammock Stand from Charleston Crafted

woman laying in DIY hammock stand

Building a permanent hammock stand is a great option for creating a relaxing lounging space in your yard.

This hammock stand is built with 4×4 posts buried in holes in the ground and filled with concrete.

The pergola is built on top using 2×6 and 2×4 treated wood to create shade for this DIY pergola stand.

Be sure to measure your hammock before building so you know large to make yours.


5. Adjustable Hammock Stand From Woodbrew

Do you already have a hammock? Not sure what size to build your stand? This adjustable hammock stand is built in two separate sides and has a 4×4 extender that fits in between the two sides to make it as long or as short as you need it to be.

6. Pergola Hammock Stand from Jen Woodhouse

pergola hammock stand idea set up under a tree

Talk about a dual-purpose hammock stand! You can relax during the day in the shade of this pergola hammock stand, then at night enjoy family movie night as it turns into an outdoor movie screen!

This DIY hammock stand is anchored with 6×6 posts in concrete. 2×12 boards make the pergola and it is definitely a statement piece for your outdoor living space and will hold a 2-person hammock.

I don’t know which feature of this hammock stand is the best, the pergola, the bottle opener, the amazing hardware, or the projector screen you can pull down for family movie night?


7. DIY Hammock Stand from Place of My Taste

dark stained DIY hammock stand with pillows and macrame fringed hammock

You can build this DIY hammock stand in just a few hours and be relaxing in it in no time. The simple design is built using 4x4s with half-lap cuts to make the base.

The hammock has wooden rods to keep it open all the time (unlike mine) and easy to get into.

Check out that cute boho macrame fringe that was added to the sides of the hammock! I could see myself relaxing among the pillows on this DIY hammock stand every day.

8. Inexpensive DIY Hammock Stand from Kelly Leigh Creates

Wooden hammock stand in garden

This DIY hammock stand costs around $40 to make. That’s a fraction of the price it would cost to buy one like this and you can build it in just an afternoon.

Deciding how low you want your hammock to hang is key to figuring out whether you will set up the angles or your stand.

Although similar in look to the previous one, this hammock stand uses 2x4s for the construction and the feet on each end are attached underneath. Easy simple cuts make this a great beginner project for your outdoor living space.

9. Pallet Hammock Stand via The Instructables

Hammock stand made with pallet boards in lawn with white hammock

Here is a great option for building your own hammock holder out of reclaimed material. Pallet planks are used in the construction of this DIY hammock stand.

Corner brackets are used to attach the braces and the feet to the base to keep it nice and sturdy. I like the rustic look of this hammock stand and I like even more that it is made out of reclaimed material!

10. Plywood Hammock Stand From Cottage Coach

This DIY hammock stand is made using a single sheet of plywood. Yes, you read that right! A single sheet is all you need to build this modern hammock stand. The design of this one is so fun, I can see myself rocking away after beating the kids to it.

It is one of the more complicated builds in this list of DIY hammock stand ideas, but if you’re experienced in woodworking and you follow along with the video you should be able to build your own.

I did a little research, AKA going down the internet rabbit hole, and you can find more details of this build in the October 2021 issue of Cottage Life.

There you have it!

Which one will you build?

I can’t wait to see!

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