IKEA Moppe Hacks: 18 Unique Ideas You Need to See!

17 Inspiring and unique Ikea Moppe hacks you can’t miss! Ikea Moppe mini drawers are the perfect organization solution. See how you can make them your own!

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Collage of Ikea Moppe hacks with text overlay

The Ikea Moppe is one of the most loved Ikea products!

Why? Here is a list of reasons –

  • It has 6 storage compartments in various sizes making it super useful for organization.
  • It is very reasonably priced
  • It is made from birch plywood which can be stained or painted

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Where to Find IKEA Moppe

Of course, the first place is Ikea. However, due to its extreme popularity, it is often out of stock.

I suggest checking the Ikea website before heading there. Otherwise, you might end up making the trip only to find an empty display! I have been there done that!

You can also find Ikea Moppe on Amazon here, although it is a lot pricier.

IKEA Moppe Alternative

I myself was a victim of it and after stalking he Ikea website for months, I finally gave in and got myself a Moppe wannabe.

So here is my wannabe Ikea Moppe hack – with chalk-style paint and silver mirror tape.Ikea Moppe Alternative painted with tape on table with pom poms

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The Ikea Moppe is back in stock and I am excited to have gotten a couple in my hands.

You can expect a few hacks coming your way soon!

If you have ever wondered how you could add your unique touch to an Ikea Moppe, get ready for these Ikea Moppe Hack ideas!

DIY IKEA Moppe Hack Ideas

IKEA Moppe Makeover Using Contact Paper

Contact paper is one of the best ways to add pattern to anything!

And this Ikea Moppe makeover  is no exception!

I love how it looks like inlaid marble! Ikea Moppe with marble and rose gold geometrical pattern.

How to Paint IKEA Moppe

The easiest way to give an Ikea Moppe a makeover is to simply paint it!

The choice of colors is endless.

Use painters tape and you can create gorgeous patterns too!

Or get artsy and paint cute designs.Collage of painted Ikea Moppe hacks

Amazing Painted IKEA Moppe Hacks:

Collage of simple Painted Ikea Moppe hacks

Easy Painted IKEA Moppe Ideas

How to Stain IKEA Moppe

Staining an Ikea Moppe is another quick way to add personality.

The Ikea Moppe takes stain incredibly well!

Add a few pulls or card file labels to add a rustic farmhouse vibe.

Collage of 2 stained Ikea Moppe hacks

Easy Ikea Moppe makeovers using stain: 

Patterned IKEA Moppe Hacks

When simple paint or stain is not enough, add pattern and texture using paper.

Also, decoupage is a great way to use your favorite scrapbook paper.

Or you could also use wallpaper or contact paper!Collage of 3 Ikea Moppe hacks using decoupaged patterned paper

Decoupaged Ikea Moppe hacks –  

IKEA Moppe Planter Hacks

Yes, that’s right!

Turn Ikea Moppe into a mini garden! It makes really pretty decor!

Just take out the plants and water them in the sink anytime!

2 Ikea Moppe turned into planters

Ikea Moppe turned planter 

Out of the Box IKEA Moppe Hack Ideas –

When you want to take the Ikea Moppe a step further, add legs, fancy pulls or even string art!

These ideas will definitely inspire you!2 unique Ikea Moppe hacks

So, which one is your favorite?

Have you hacked an Ikea Moppe? I would love to see! Share it on Instagram and tag me @anikasdiylife or leave it in the comments below!

Happy creating!

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