Experts Agree – Don’t Make These 12 Remodeling Mistakes

Remodeling can be equally exciting and stressful, and there are many things to consider when starting a renovation. Get the most out of your renovation by avoiding these remodeling mistakes.

1. Not Setting a Realistic Budget

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Budgeting for a renovation is an essential first step in creating your dream space. Consider the financial and time costs when creating your budget; not making a realistic budget that accounts for emergencies can leave you in a situation that you are not prepared for.

2. Ignoring Permit Requirements

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Not all home renovations require permits but don’t take the risk of losing tens of thousands in value by skipping this crucial step. Ignoring permit requirements could result in the potential loss of resale value in your home and months of red tape trying to rectify the permits after the fact. Check your city and county permit requirements before making any major renovations.

3. Not Hiring Qualified Professionals

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It is tempting to skip the professionals trying to save a buck, but are you prepared for any emergencies that might pop up? A general contractor has the benefit of relationships with professionals in various trades that will benefit your renovation. Skipping hiring a qualified professional could mean spending thousands more correcting errors that could have been avoided.

4. Skipping Planning

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Renovations take a lot of time and could put a large amount of stress on anyone. Skipping the planning stage could lead to costly mistakes and long delays, increasing the time and stress on the homeowner. Planning helps to keep your remodel on schedule and budget.

5. Choosing the Wrong Materials

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Choosing the right materials for the remodel is paramount to the longevity of the results. Choosing the wrong materials based on looks or price could mean having to repeat the process in a much quicker timeframe. Make sure to research the materials you select, and think about the function and traffic these spaces will have post-remodel.

6. Ignoring Neighborhood Norms

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Ignoring neighborhood norms during renovation can negatively affect you if you choose to sell your home later. Although you want your home to be unique, if the results of your renovation make your home significantly different from the neighboring houses, you may have made a costly mistake.

7. Not Checking with the HOA

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I’m sure we all feel the same about HOA restrictions, and remodeling with HOA guidelines can sound daunting. However, it could become costly if you do not consult your HOA before renovating. Remodeling without HOA approval could mean fines and being forced to redo a project, doubling your expenditure.

8. Not Considering Resale Value/ Over-improving

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When completing a costly renovation, the home’s resale value must be considered. Not considering the resale value and potentially over-improving the property means money may not be recouped when it is time to sell.

9. Underestimating the Timeline

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Underestimating the timeline of a remodel can be detrimental financially and cause further delays. Remodeling is a process, and major remodels are done in stages. Getting the timeline wrong could mean delaying work on different aspects and potentially losing key professionals contracted to complete the remodel.

10. Overlooking Hidden Costs

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Hidden costs arise whenever you begin a remodel. Whether mold in the bathroom, damaged electrical, or structural damage, it can cause quite a hit to your budget. Don’t let hidden costs bite you in the you-know-where. Always keep padding in your budget and be prepared when they arise.

11. Ignoring Functionality

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It’s tempting to go for what looks the prettiest when doing a remodel, but it is essential to keep in mind how a space will be used. Ignoring functionality to focus on the pretty finishes will leave you with a space that doesn’t serve your daily needs.

12. Changing Plans Midway

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Making changes to your remodel midway can cost a great deal. Many items in a remodel need to be ordered, and making changes can mean further delays on your project. If you have already ordered materials, you could be forced to accrue further costs.

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