25 DIY Cane Furniture Ideas

Cane furniture is all the rage right now! See all the possibilities with this list of inspiring DIY Cane Furniture ideas.

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Growing up, in India, cane is very popular because it is a cheaper alternative to more expensive wood furniture. I remember it in my living room and in my grandparent’s home.

Lately, cane furniture and projects are all the rage and it takes me back to some of my fondest memories. I recently built my cane chair and it reminds me of my grandfather’s chairs every time I look at it.

As DIYers, we love taking trends, adding our spin, and making things with our own hands. Cane is a versatile material for the home because it provides a natural texture, goes with a variety of different styles, and can be left natural or painted.

What Is the Difference Between Cane and Rattan?

Cane and rattan are sometimes used interchangeably. In fact, cane comes from the rattan plant, which grows abundantly in Southeast Asia. It is one of the strongest woods, making it a great candidate for furniture and chair seats, etc. See more about the difference between cane, rattan, and wicker here.

Can You Make Your Own Cane Furniture?

Yes, you totally can! The easiest is an Ikea hack, and I have a bunch of those for you below. It is easy to replace the door or drawer front with cane to change the look completely. Alternatively, you can easily incorporate it in new builds as well. All you need is a staple gun and some water to soak it in.

How Do You Attach Cane to Furniture?

The best way to attach cane or cane webbing is to soak it in warm water for at least 30 minutes. This makes the cane expand and also a lot more flexible. Once attached and allowed to dry, it shrinks and becomes tight.

This is especially beneficial in making sure there are no wrinkles in the cane webbing.


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Where Can I Buy Cane Webbing?

Although cane webbing is not available in big box stores like Home Depot just yet, it can be purchased in many online stores. Here are a few options –

  • Franks Supply – This is a pretty great source for cane webbing. They have many sizes and styles of cane webbing.
  • Online Fabric Store – They only have 5 different cane styles but they have great prices and offers. This is where I got cane webbing for my chair project.
  • Amazon – although the selection is very limited or high priced.
  • Walmart – this is definitely a surprise! You can find cane webbing online as well.
  • Ebay
  • Etsy – There is a LOT of great choices!

DIY Cane Webbing Furniture Ideas

1. Wood Chair With Cane Webbing

wooden chair made with cane webbing

This is the chair I built recently. It is built using 2×3 boards and then cane webbing was added to the arms and back. I have the full plans available for you.

2. DIY Nightstand with Cane Webbing

Learn how to make a simple nightstand with cane webbing drawers. This project is easy to make for beginners and adds a chic touch to your room.

After making my cane chair I was just waiting for the right project to be able to use cane webbing again. This simple and chic nightstand with cane webbing detail is an easy beginner project and just look at how amazing that black and gold look together!

Built from plywood you can either use pre-made furniture legs like I did, or you can build a base with your own legs. I have the plans available for you to build your own.

3. Ottomans with Cane Webbing from Kin and Kasa

living room with two ottomans made with cane webbing

This living room is so open and bright and the cane ottomans are the perfect touch to bring the whole look together. They are an easy beginner DIY.

4. Modern Cane Sliding Door from Champagne Chaos

sliding door with cane webbing panels between the dining room and kitchen

A fresh modern take on the usual sliding barn door, this DIY modern cane sliding door is made from 1×4 boards. The cane webbing is sandwiched in between the boards on each side. I love how the cane webbing still allows light to flow through from the windows.

5. Plant Stand from Wonderwood Mom

black painted wood plant stand with cane webbing

This DIY wood plant stand has an extra special detail added using cane webbing. It is definitely one of kind and would look great anywhere you use it!

6. Rattan Console from Jaime Costiglio

small wood console with two doors with cane webbing inserts

This DIY rattan console is perfect for media equipment since you can close the door and your remotes will still work through the loose weave of these rattan panels.

7. Cane Linen Cabinet from Woodshop Diaries

Linen cabinet with drawer and doors in cane webbing panel

We could all use some extra storage and this cane linen cabinet is the perfect tall skinny cabinet to add anywhere you need extra storage!

8. DIY Cane Vanity from Crafted By The Hunts

wood bathroom vanity with cane webbing doors

Add a custom touch to your bathroom with this DIY cane vanity. The vanity is built using pine and maple boards and maple plywood. The doors have the custom touch of cane webbing that make this piece unique.

9. Rattan Storage Cabinet from Okana Creative Studio

plywood malamine cabinet with rattan webbing door fronts

Made from plywood melamine, this DIY storage cabinet is customized using rattan webbing for the door fronts. The mini hairpin legs complete the modern look of this gorgeous piece of furniture.

IKEA Hacks Using Cane Webbing

10. Ikea Storage Console from Style and Sugar

ikea hack storage console with cane webbing drawers

Extra storage is always a plus and this Ikea hack using cane webbing on the drawer fronts makes this a piece perfect for your living space. You could store toys, media, or anything else you want in this storage console.

11. DIY Cane Dresser from House on Longwood Lane

Six drawer dresser with cane webbing drawer fronts

This Ikea Tarva turned cane dresser is a project that will add a big impact to your space. I love the natural finish of the wood!

12. Ikea Ivar Makeover from September Edit

Ikea Ivar makeover using cane webbing

This Ikea Ivar hack is a great makeover to give your cabinet unique style. Cane webbing on the door fronts makes this a stand out piece.

13. Ikea Hemnes Dresser with Cane Webbing from Little House on the Corner

ikea Hemnes dresser with cane webbing drawer fronts

I love a good Ikea hack and this Hemnes dresser using cane webbing is a makeover that makes this dresser a unique piece for your bedroom.

Furniture Refresh Using Cane Webbing

14. Cane Webbing Closet Doors from Peony and Honey

bifold closet doors with cane webbing panels

Update bifold doors and add an elegant look to your bedroom by adding cane webbing to the panels. I love how unique this project is!

15. Cane Cabinet from Up To Date Interiors

ikea cabinet makeover using cane webbing on the doors

Transform a storage cabinet using cane webbing creating a focal point for any room. This easy DIY project used plastic mesh cane eliminating the need to soak it to make it more flexible.

16. Media Console Makeover from Simplicity For Designs

media console using cane webbing in the doors with woman leaning on the corner

Hide away the mess of all your media equipment using cane webbing in place of glass. This media console is perfectly updated for a farmhouse look.

17. DIY Custom Media Console from Our Home Becoming

view of a diy media console with cane webbing drawer fronts under the tv

A DIY media console is perfect for sitting underneath a television hung on the wall. The door fronts made with cane webbing allow remotes to still work without having to leave the doors open.

18. Chaulk Paint and Cane Webbing Transformation from Angela Rose Home

pink painted console with cane webbing doors.

Don’t throw away that long forgotten piece of furniture in the back of your garage! It deserves new life. Add chalk paint in your favorite color and cane webbing on the door panels, it will once again become a functional piece of furniture.

19. Cane Cabinet by Deeply Southern Home

pair of cabinets updated with cane webbing on the doors and painted blue

Turn plain cabinets into classic console tables whose style will stand the test of time by adding cane webbing to the door panels.

20. Thrifted Cabinet Makeover from Love Create Celebrate

thrifted cabinet painted white with cane webbing door panels

This thrifted cabinet was turned into a classic piece furniture using paint and cane webbing giving it a great modern look.

21. Pine Dresser Makeover from Salvaged By K. Scott

dresser makeover with dark paint and cane webbing on the front panel of the first drawer

This simple pine dresser was made over to contemporary style with dark paint and the cane webbing detail on the first drawer. I love the simplicity of this piece!

22. Cane Armoire from The Tattered Pew

armoire painted white with cane webbing on the door panels.

Give new life to an old piece of furniture with paint and cane webbing accent. The cane webbing on the doors of this armoire is just the touch it needed.

23. Cane Headboard from The House That Jack Built

canopy bed with cane webbing headboard

Customize a headboard and give it a fresh new look by adding cane webbing. It’s modern detail added to this canopy bed.

Other Small Cane Projects

24. Cane Wall Towel Rack from Our Aesthetic Abode

Wall-mounted towel rack made with cane webbing

Make your own DIY towel rack with cane webbing for a fresh up to date look in the bathroom. You could also use it in an entryway, mudroom, or laundry room.

25. Rattan Pencil Case from Delineate Your Dwelling

pencil cases made using cane webbing on flat lay

You can purchase these pencil cases already made and customize them with colorful designs and colors. I might just have to keep these for myself!

26. DIY Wall Panels from Vintage Revivals

Cane webbing wall panels behind bed

I know you will love these wall panels! The frames are made from maple wood and the whole installation gives a whole new meaning to an accent wall.

Aren’t you feeling inspired after all these creative projects?


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