DIY Phone Stand for Desk – Using Scrap Wood

Learn how to make a DIY phone stand with space to add a quote or photograph using scrap wood. It’s a great DIY gift idea and the perfect desk accessory.

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Gray DIY phone holder with a quote in clip and phone with text overlay

When Father’s Day was just around the corner, I asked my daughter what she wanted to give daddy.

She said, “something to keep his phone on.”

With more brainstorming, we decided we wanted to make something for his desk.

This DIY phone holder is what we came up with. DIY phone stand in gray with phone charging, an inspirational quote, pens and a little plant on a desk

It holds up your phone even while it’s charging and you can add a quote or picture next to it.

What is cuter than seeing your kids’  faces every time you glance at the phone – which we all know happens a lot 😉close up view of the DIY phone stand on a desk

The best part!

You guessed it! It is that it is made from scrap wood and the only thing I had to buy was the clip for holding the picture.

DIY Phone Stand

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Materials Needed for DIY Phone Holder and Photo Display –

Easy scrap wood project idea | phone and photo stand

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DIY Phone Stand and Picture Holder Plans

Grab a copy of the updated printable plans to build this DIY phone stand by clicking the button below.


How to Make a DIY Phone Stand –

UPDATE: I made a new version of this DIY phone holder with some improvements. Be sure to download the plans for the updated version by clicking the button above.

Step by Step Tutorial for the DIY Phone Holder

Step 1 – Attach back support 

  • Start with the 5″ long 1″ x 2″ board for the back support.
  • Make pocket holes and attached it 1″ from the bottom of the 1″ x 12″ using wood glue and 1¼”pocket hole screws.

Note – If you do not have a Kreg Jig, you could simply use countersink wood screws from the front and fill the holes. Or you could even use a brad nailer and attach using finish nails.How to make a DIY phone and photo stand | easy scrap wood project idea

Step 2 – Attach the Phone Rest

  • Attach the two 1″ x 2″ for the phone rest on the front using wood glue and 1 ¼” spax screws from the back. HERE
  • Keep a spacing of 1″ between them to allow for the charging cord to go through. Since the screws were on the back, I didn’t bother to countersink them.Making a phone and photo holder | easy scrap wood project idea

Step 3 – Finish the Phone Stand

  • Lightly sand your piece and finish it using your choice of stain or paint.

I used weathered grey stain followed by a whitewash with thinned white paint.How to make a phone and photo holder

Step 4 – Add interest (optional)

To add some interest to the piece, I drew imperfect lines to create a “framed” look for the photograph using a silver poster paint pen.

You could write a message or paint patterns…DIY Phone and photo holder | Father's Day gift idea

Step 5 – Add a clip.

That’s it!

The DIY phone stand and photo display ready!

Add your favorite picture or an inspirational quote to have at your desk!DIY phone stand in gray with phone charging, an inspirational quote, pens and a little plant on a desk

A few months later, I decided to re-design this project and make an updated version. The back stand is a designed differently and it a little bit more stable. DIY phone holder in brown with phone charging, an inspirational quote, pens and a little plant on a desk

Get the plans for the updated DIY cell phone holder by clicking on the button below.


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  3. It’s really creative and simple! Functional and cute! A gift that every DAD would LOVE to show off at their office…yeah, my kid made that for me…(proud dad).

    1. Thank you Debbie! I now need to make one for my desk too… because who else will make it 😉

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