Top 10 DIY Projects Of 2018 – Reader Favorites!

Top 10 DIY projects from 2018! Take a look at the reader favorite projects with these easy beginner  DIY and woodworking ideas!

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2018 is coming to an end.

The close of this year marks year 3 of blogging for me and I have to admit that my journey gets better!

I treasure each and every relationship I have made – with my readers, with my peers and the brands I love!

4 years ago, I would have never imagined I would be here. Now there is no place I’d rather be.

A huge thank you to all your love and trust!

I am super excited for 2019 and I have lots of plans! I have big dreams too! Your love and support will help me achieve them and I cannot thank YOU enough!

Top 10 DIY projects of 2018

As the year comes to an end, I love looking back at which ones have been your favorite projects!

It tells me what you like and… what you didn’t like…

And it helps me make a better plan and create projects you will love!

Now let’s take a look back at the top 10 reader favorites of 2017 – in reverse order, of course, because it is always fun that way.

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I will share a bit of behind the scenes (and in some cases a few confessions) about each project too! See if your favorite made the list and tell me which one was your #1 favorite DIY project?

#10 – DIY C-table with mirror accents

This single DIY C-table has been used so much since the day it was built – for homework, eating meals, laptop work… the list goes on!

That mirror tape still looks amazing too! DIY sofa table next to a couch. Easy C-table with book on top.

#9 – Tiered end table

I decided to add stainless steel contact paper to this tiered end table to give it an industrial look and shine. It works great!

Also, I keep looking at it and wondering if I should have made some sort of hidden storage inside one of the tiers.  Might be happening soon! 🙂

Chunky Tiered end table next to couch

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#8 –  Tiered plant stand

This simple scrap wood tiered plant stand was so easy to make!  Just a few scraps and voila!

PS: one of these plants doesn’t exist anymore but the other one is going strong in spite of my neglect!   DIY tiered plant stand with 2 small plants

# 7 – DIY Outdoor towel rack

Our DIY towel rack is often filled with wet towels and swim suites and memories of all the fun times!

We can’t wait to use it again in 2019! DIY freestanding towel rack in backyard next to pool

#6 – DIY Wall Sconce

This is a project where I wonder why I didn’t tackle earlier!

The old outdated wall lamp was an eye sore and I looked at it everyday and cringed!

Now with this DIY light sconce, it is so pretty! And looks even better when turned on!  DIY wood light sconce with light turned on. How to make a light sconce

#5 – DIY Spice rack/ craft paint storage

Inspired wine racks,  I initially intended it to be a DIY spice rack... well then I realized, it is the most perfect thing for my craft paints!!

So that’s where it lives now.

But I think I need to make a wine rack too!  DIY spice rack hanging on the wall filled with craft paint bottles

#4 – 2×4 Indoor/outdoor bench

I built this indoor/outdoor bench for a school auction and it was very popular there!

Just as the upholstered X-leg bench is very very popular on my site!

No wonder this bench is popular too! DIY 2x4 bench outdoors on the grass

#3 – Small bathroom remodel

This is the only room remodel I tackled in the year.

This small bathroom remodel was quick and budget friendly even though it involved so many small projects – from staining the vanity, changing the light and the baseboard to framing the window and repainting the bathroom. Before and after comparison of the small bathroom remodel.

#2 – Mandala wall art

This is one of those projects where I started out not knowing if it would work or not!

I was trying to emulate carved wood wall decor I had seen in India.

But it worked!! I have been saying I need to make more versions of this Dremel carved wood wall art to complete a gallery wall… it is definitely on the list for 2019!
Dremel wood carving to create engraved mandala

#1 – Floating ladder shelf

This floating ladder shelf is definitely a favorite across the board!

Not just the blog, even youTube and all social media!

It is one of my favorites too and I was almost going to make simple floating shelves until I got this idea as I was cutting the lumber!! I am so glad I did! Floating ladder shelf mounted on bathroom wall with flower pot, towels and toileteries


Please do tell me!! I would LOVE to know! Is there a project you loved but it didn’t make the list? Tell me about it too!

Reader Survey 2018 (and a mini-giveaway)

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While I plan 2019 I’d love some feedback from you to help guide me in my planning and execution.

I would be so grateful if you could take the 2018 reader survey, and help me get a better idea of what you’d like to see in 2019 (and what you thought of 2018). I’ll be drawing three $20 Home Depot gift cards from those who complete it!

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Top 10 DIY projects from the past years

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    I absolutely love that you keep us (me) updated with your projects! I love everyone!! And especially since you are a woman! Like me! I get a lot of ideas from you and want to try them all–although, I take a long time to decide if I think I can do it! (as of yet, I haven’t, but I see a particular one that I WILL try to do! Ha!)
    Thank-you so much!

  2. You have so much talent my friend, I love all the things you create and share with your readers. You inspire me!

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